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IMG 6983 - Kid Robot Rick and Morty Vinyl Figure

Kid Robot Rick and Morty Vinyl Figure

What a fun Rick and Morty Figure

Wubba lubbe dub dub! This is the Kid Robot Rick and Morty Vinyl Figure Medium 7″ from Adult Swim and Kid Robot.

The Rick and Morty Vinyl Figure

This figure features Rick and Morty emerging through a portal on one side and an unknown Gromflomite coming through on the other side. I’d like to think Rick and Morty are escaping from some shenanigans on Gromflom Prime. This collectible art figure is made out of high-quality vinyl. The artists didn’t skimp on the paint. It is very detailed.

Check out my video unboxing here:

The Box on the Kid Robot Rick and Morty Vinyl Figure

The box features a 2D representation of the figure on the sides. The back features the art of what I’d like to think is a successful escape. The inside features a background for when you want to display it in the box. Squanchy!

Wubba lubba dub dubs! Kidrobot has teamed up with Adult Swim again to present the Rick and Morty Medium Art Figure. This high-quality vinyl Rick and Morty art figure feature everyone’s favorite familial inter-dimensional travelers Rick and Morty, a portal and bureaucratic bug. This figure clocks in at 7 inches tall and comes in a window-front box for easy display.

  • Vinyl
  • Approx. 7″ tall

Kidrobot has been producing these schwifty Rick and Morty 7-inch vinyl figures in limited batches. The figure features a portal with Rick, Morty, and a Galactic Federation bureaucrat (Gromflomite).

Who is Kid Robot?

Kidrobot is the world’s leading designer and distributor of limited-edition art toys, trademark clothes, and lifestyle items. Kidrobot is a cutting-edge fusion of sculpture and conceptual art that serves as a creative canvas for developing street trends and pop art as well as a potent medium for today’s international fashion designers, illustrators, and painters. They are known for creating unique and interesting Custom made toys. This Rick and Morty Figure is no different.

Get schwifty and grab yours on or

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