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10BestFreeVrGamesOnMetaQuest2 - 10 Best Free VR Games for Meta Quest 2

10 Best Free VR Games for Meta Quest 2

Download these free games to get started with your Oculus Quest 2

What are the 10 best free VR games for Meta Quest 2? What are the best free VR Quest 2 games?

When you first get your Quest 2, you are eager to jump in and experience some things, but you will quickly notice that many of the Oculus Quest 2 games come with a price tag. Many games will cost $20 or more and although this is pretty cheap compared to a PC, XBOX, or Playstation game, it can be helpful to try out some free VR game experiences first to get an idea of how things work. We will go over some of the best free VR games on Meta Quest 2 that you can get.

MetaQuest2Lifestyle2 - 10 Best Free VR Games for Meta Quest 2

We will explore some of the more popular choices, as well as links to full detailed reviews so you can explore which are the best free Virtual Reality games. Many of these games are not in the “official Meta Quest 2” store but are still in the Meta Quest 2 app lab section. This simply means Meta hasn’t fully approved the game for release in the store yet.

These free VR games are in no particular order and all are great choices to explore when you are first starting out.

  1. Pavlov Shack

    Pavlov VR
    If you like 1st person shooters or games like Counter-Strike then Pavlov Shack is a pretty similar experience on the Meta Quest 2. You can play deathmatch or co-op mode. There is a paid version of this game for PCVR simply called Pavlov, which offers custom maps, bots, and scopes but Pavlov Shack is more than fun enough to scratch your gaming FPS itch.

    Why This is a great free VR game: First-person shooters are a favorite of many PC and console gamers, so they will naturally want to see what the VR headset brings to this genre. If you haven’t played an FPS before, you may find yourself dying a lot or getting frustrated. It’s better to learn if this is the type of game you like for free, before spending money on it.

    Meta Quest 2 Link:

  2. VR Chat

    What is VRChat?VR Chat is a kind of different experience on this list. Users have created hundreds of thousands of VR worlds for you to explore. There is everything from VR Beer pong to Chuck E Cheese to VR Mario kart to Spooky horror adventure games, and it is all for free.

    Why This is a great free VR game: VR chat is a multiplayer experience with on average over 20k players playing at any given time. It can be confusing for many new users so check out our getting started guide so you are not overwhelmed and dismiss this game as “full of children” after logging in. You’ll be missing out on one of the best VR experiences to date.

    Check out the full VR Chat Review here:
    Meta Quest 2 Link:

  3. Elixir

    Elixir VR LogoElixir VR is a short magical free VR experience where you take the role of a witch’s apprentice and cast various spells. This game is best played by turning on hand tracking and putting the controllers down. It’s a fun and interactive experience that gets you familiar with VR while having some spooky magic fun.

    Why This is a great free VR game: Elixir VR offers great use of hand tracking. You will move around in your VR playspace and have some pretty neat effects happen to your hands. It’s a cute experience.
    Meta Quest 2 Link:

  4. Pokerstars VR

    Pokestars VR logoPokerstars VR is the most popular fun free gambling app on Quest 2. Play with your chips and cards just like you would in real life. There are also various props and toys you can make appear at your table to keep things fun and interesting. There are also slots, blackjack, besides poker too.

    Why This is a great free VR game: Although there is no way to cash out your winnings anywhere, in any VR game, Pokerstars VR gives you an authentic VR casino experience otherwise. There are tons of fun locations.
    Meta Quest 2 Link:

  5. Echo VR
    EchoVr - 10 Best Free VR Games for Meta Quest 2

    Echo VR is ultimate frisbee in no-gravity space. 4v4 multiplayer games usually cost money, but in this instance, you get to take on the other team for free.

    Why This is a great free VR game: No matter the time of day there will always be people playing Echo VR.  Echo VR is one of the most popular games on Oculus Quest 2.
    Meta Quest 2 Link:

  6. Liminal

    Liminal VR Logo
    Liminal VR is a different kind of experience in VR. Every week you will get access to new experiences that are designed to make you feel certain things. Relax with a guided meditation, listen to beautiful rain, fight robots or launch into space. There are currently over 60 experiences available.

    Why This is a great free VR game: Your new VR headset has a lot of uses besides simply playing games. Checking out Liminal will give you an idea of some of the other experiences you can explore in VR.
    Meta Quest 2 Link:

  7. Bait!

    Bait! VR Logo

    Bait! is a totally free fishing game. Even if you are not a fan of fishing in real life, VR fishing brings something new to the table. Many people find fishing in VR without all the mess, quite relaxing.  In Bait! you help your new boss catch rare fish for the aquarium where you work.

    Why This is a great free VR game: Bait! VR is one of the more complete games on this list. There are 4 lakes for you to explore and fish, stores to explore, countless fish to catch, and locals to meet.
    Meta Quest 2 Link:

  8. Kizuna AI – Touch the Beat!

    Kizuna AI - Touch the Beat! Logo
    You are an audience member at a Kizuna AI concert. Hit the notes as they fly towards you with your wands in time to the music. The game and music are in Japanese, and Chinese but you can switch to English.

    Why This is a great free VR game: There are tons of rhythm and dance-type games available on the Meta Quest 2, but they all come with a price tag. Kizuna AI allows you to try the rhythm genre out to see if you like it. There are only a few songs for free though.

    Meta Quest 2 Link:

  9. Horizon Worlds

    Horizon Worlds Logo
    Horizon Worlds is Facebook’s version of a user-created content world. They have put a lot of money into Horizon Worlds, so you can also catch music concerts, sporting events, and film experiences. You can also try your hand out at creating a world in VR all for free. Side note: Only certain parts of the world have access to Horizon Worlds and then it’s a gradual roll out, if you see ‘coming soon’ next to yours, you could check out Rec-room, Alt-Space, or VR chat instead until it’s unlocked for you

    Why This is a great free VR game: Horizon Worlds is a great way to explore Multiplayer User Created worlds. There are countless things to do here from karaoke, to paintball, to nightclubs.
    Meta Quest 2 Link:

  10. We Are One

    WeAreOneLogo - 10 Best Free VR Games for Meta Quest 2
    We Are One is another great App Labs game. We Are One is a puzzle shooter game where you make clones of yourself and play with time loops. This game has a unique and fun art style.

    Why This is a great free VR game: We Are One is a very nicely put together Puzzle/Shooter/Time Loop game. You will need to think outside the box, use all your plant goodness to take down the greasy machines.
    Meta Quest 2 Link:

  11. Bonus Best Free VR Games

    There are several Demo versions of full games available from the Oculus Quest 2 store. These will give you a short intro to the game to see if it is something you are interested in.

    Some of the more popular demos are:

    You can also enter “demo” or “free” in the Meta Quest 2 store to see if any new demos or free games have been added.

Free Games Means More Kids and Trolls

It also should be mentioned here that free VR games will have a high number of younger players, inexperienced players, and trolls – especially for multiplayer games. If you “don’t want to play with children” you should probably check out the countless paid games available in the Meta Quest 2 store.

10 best free VR games for Meta Quest 2

Final Thoughts on 10 Best Free VR Games on Meta Quest 2

These are some of the best free VR games to enjoy on your Meta Quest 2. These games listed above should give you a good idea of the types of games you enjoy as well as which games might be interesting to you to explore in Virtual Reality. Enjoy the free Vr games!

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