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10 best VR games for seniors and elderly

10 Best VR Games for Seniors and Elderly

Seniors love VR with many different game choices available

What are the 10 best VR games for seniors and elderly? What are the best Quest 2 games for seniors?

Lots of elderly and seniors really enjoy VR. Their needs might be slightly different when it comes to gameplay, especially when starting out.

VR Senior Care - 10 Best VR Games for Seniors and Elderly

Most senior players want a VR game that is easy to use, allows them to play with family and friends, and allows them to use their minds while getting a small amount of physical activity too.

We will explore some of the more popular choices, as well as links to full detailed reviews so you can explore which are the best Virtual Reality games for elderly players. These are in no particular order and all are great choices to explore for seniors.

Update – We continue to add additional Senior-friendly VR games to this piece as we review them, so remember to check back!

  1. Real VR Fishing

    Real VR Fishing is very realistic, fishing in your VR headset. It is currently one of the most popular games available on the Oculus Quest 2. You explore your beautiful cabin, visit amazing locations and catch fish. Each fish brings your close to unlocking more equipment and locations. There is also a very popular multiplayer portion of the game.

    Why This is a great VR game for Seniors: It is fishing! Even if you are not a big fishing person in real life, VR fishing offers a lot of relaxing benefits for seniors. There are also very easy-to-use controls. Multiplayer is popular and this is a great game to play with grandkids.

    Check out the Full Review here –

  2. Walk About Mini Golf

    Walkabout Mini Golf ReviewWalkabout Mini Golf VR takes all the parts you love about real-life mini-golf and brings it to you in VR. The game boasts about accurate physics, lots of courses, and tons of multiplayer fun.

    Why This is a great VR game for Seniors: Mini golf is fun for all ages. The whimsical settings make for an enjoyable time. Controls are super easy. Multiplayer is extremely popular and is another great choice to play with family members or grandkids.

    Check out the Full Review here –

  3. Shores of Loci

    Shores Of Loci Review
    Shores of Loci is an extremely beautiful and relaxing 3D puzzle game. You will be required to turn, flip and move the 3d cities and landscape pieces to solve a beautiful puzzle that comes to life.

    Why This is a Great game for Seniors: Shores of Loci is one of the more beautiful experiences on Quest 2. It also is extremely relaxing. Doing 3D puzzles is also great for getting your brain thinking and working in ways it normally doesn’t. All of these things combine to make it one heck of a great game for someone looking for something a bit more calming in VR.

    Check out the Full Review here –

  4. Spacefolk City spacefolk city review 2895 - 10 Best VR Games for Seniors and Elderly

    Spacefolk city is a fun and casual take on city-building simulation games. You create a colorful and funky city that is floating in space and filled with buildings, funny decorations, and your little Spacefolk citizens. Try and make them happy and complete the goals of each level to advance.

    Why This is a great VR game for Seniors: Spacefolk city is a whimsical city-building game. The controls are a little more complicated on this game than other games on this list, but once mastered Spacefolk City can allow for endless hours of creating colorful and fun cities of space folk while using your brain.

    Check out the Full Review here –

  5. Nature Treks VR Review

    NatureTreksVRReview - 10 Best VR Games for Seniors and ElderlyNature Treks VR is a VR experience that allows you to visit multiple amazing worlds and explore beautiful locations and animals. Hop into Green Meadows. A bright relaxing spring meadow and play with some deer, birds, and bunnies.

    Why This is a great VR game for Seniors: This is a truly beautiful and relaxing VR experience. The controls are straightforward. There is no goals or scores to achieve, just a relaxing enjoyable experience.

    Check out the Full Review here –

  6. Guided Tai Chi VR Review

    Guided Tai Chi VR ReviewGuided Tai Chi is a relaxing and different way to work out. Tai chi is sometimes called “shadowboxing”. It is a type of Chinese martial art that has many benefits including defense training, health benefits, and mediation. It is a great way to reduce stress and increase flexibility and balance.

    Why This is a great VR game for Seniors: Tai chi is a gentle exercise that helps seniors improve balance and prevent falls. It consists of making slow, graceful movements while breathing deeply. VR Tai Chi offers these same benefits in beautiful locations.

    Check out the Full Review here –

  7. Puzzle Bobble 3D Vacation Odyssey

    PuzzleBobbleVRReview - 10 Best VR Games for Seniors and Elderly
    Puzzle Bobble 3D Vacation Odyssey takes the old-school bubble-popping duo from Bubble Bobble, hands you a bubble cannon that you use as a sort of bow, and then you take aim to pop those bubbles!

    Why This is a great VR game for Seniors: Puzzle Bobble 3D is a familiar match 3 game concept. Shoot your bow to match up and pop bubbles. This is a great mental workout while also getting a small amount of physical activity in.

    Check out the Full Review here –

  8. Beat Saber

    Beat Saber Review

    Beat Saber is a VR rhythm game where you slash cubes as they float toward you in time to the music. Although the concept is pretty simple it can take a while to master the game and beat those higher levels.

    Why This is a great VR game for Seniors: Beat Saber is usually the first game most people play when they get a VR headset. It’s also the first game most people show someone else in VR. It’s a simple enough concept that most people can pick it up and play, while still getting the experience of VR. It is also a great way to get moving, you won’t realize you are working out till you take the headset off and are sweating. All of these things make it popular with seniors. Some may not enjoy the music though.

    Check out the Full Review here –

  9. Wander

    WanderVR - 10 Best VR Games for Seniors and Elderly
    Wander VR allows you to wander the world openly through the magic of VR. From the comfort of your living room you can teleport almost anywhere in the world – whether you wish to walk across the London Bridge, stroll the gardens of the Taj Mahal, or witness the enormity of the Great Pyramids of Egypt – unlimited exploration awaits!

    Why This is a great VR game for Seniors: For those seniors who still want to explore the world even though they may no longer feel they can, Wander allows you to explore the planet with a few button clicks. Visit inside museums, famous landmarks, or where you grew up easily.

  10. First Steps

    first Steps - 10 Best VR Games for Seniors and Elderly
    Take your first steps in VR and get to know your controllers in this short experience that showcases the power of Oculus.

    Why This is a great VR game for Seniors: This is a helpful starting point for anyone who is new to VR to get used to the controllers and being in a virtual world. There are a few fun toys to interact with at the end of the experience like paper airplanes and bouncy balls. If the senior in your life wants to try VR, start here. It’s free! Best VR games for elderly players.

  11. Almost any game….

    It should of course be said that after getting a little familiar with the VR headset, pretty much ANY game available can be enjoyed by seniors and elderly players.

    It can take a bit to get familiar with controls and the virtual environment, but once comfortable many seniors have zero issues using VR to play or experience any VR game. Explore many of the countless genres of games available in VR from shooters to solving puzzles to painting.  Check out over 100 VR games we have reviewed on World Of Geek Stuff here.


Final Thoughts on 10 Best VR Games for Seniors and Elderly

There are lots of great games for seniors to play and enjoy on the Oculus Quest 2. We have listed our 10 Best VR Games for Seniors and Elderly here to get started, but as mentioned, almost any VR game can be played by seniors once they are comfortable.

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