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Japan Funbox Review

Rhia Reyes
There have often been times where I wonder why I can’t have nice things. Majority of the time, “nice things” means food. And in this case, that food is Japanese snacks. The Japan Funbox subscription delivers various types of popular snacks and additional items. Subscription sizes vary depending on how much you want to receive, and they also offer free shipping worldwide. Japan Funbox –  What is It? The company, based out of Osaka, put......

My Experience With Japan Crate

Rhia Reyes
I had been eyeing this Japan Crate box subscription for a while, but never jumped on it until recently. I love Japanese snacks, so once I found out that Japan Crate was offering free shipping within the US, I really had nothing to lose. There are 3 types of Japan crates to choose from: Mini, Original, and Premium. I decided to start small with the Mini crate.   Per their website, the Mini Crate......
Video Games

Shenmue 1 and 2 have a chance of re-release, Sega Says

Kevin Kelly
You read that right. For many of you who did and know exactly what I’m referring to: you’re probably like me, jumping up and down because of this news. Sega might bring back its’ classic DreamCast title, Shenmue, and its’ sequel back from the graveyard pile inorder for us to get back up to speed on protagonist Ryo’s quest for revenge, according to the article. A quest that has started nearly 2 decades ago in......