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Japan Funbox Review

There have often been times where I wonder why I can’t have nice things. Majority of the time, “nice things” means food. And in this case, that food is Japanese snacks. The Japan Funbox subscription delivers various types of popular snacks and additional items. Subscription sizes vary depending on how much you want to receive, and they also offer free shipping worldwide.

Japan Funbox –  What is It?

The company, based out of Osaka, put together a monthly delivery service that features snacks and candy ranging from fun to unusual. There are 3 types of monthly subscriptions to choose from, prices are listed in USD: Mini ($14.99), Original ($32.99), and Family ($49.99). Shipping for all subscriptions is free, and the boxes are shipped directly from Japan.

I was sent their Original sized box to try out and review. Thoughts on what I received are 110% my own.


Inside the Japan Funbox:

First Impression – Although the box was simply designed, it felt pretty hefty. Sure enough, my mind was blown at the assortment of items once it was opened. It contained a total of 21 pieces, which consisted of savory and sweet items, a DIY kit, and Anime themed merchandise. Compared to the Mini, which only contains between 5-7 items, I felt like I hit the snack jackpot. Now for the best part—eating everything! Going through all this goodness within a short amount of time was no easy feat, but trust me when I say it was totally worth it.


Japan Funbox – The Good

  • Crispy Moist Chocolate – This chocolate covered snack had a light texture. Anyone who considers them self to be a chocoholic (or in my case, a raging one), this would most likely be the first thing you reach for. I’d consider this the most decadent item from the box, and it was thoroughly enjoyed down to the last piece.
  • Hello Kitty Strawberry Pretzel – I’ve tried this in the past, and it’s similar in appearance and texture to strawberry Pocky. I easily finished this within minutes after opening it.
  • Kit Kat, Green Tea Flavor – This is actually available in the US, especially if you head to your nearest Asian supermarket. I’m a huge fan of anything green tea flavored, so this was another item from this box that was quickly devoured.
  • Melty Strawberry – This had a similar shape compared to Meltyblend candy, but not as smooth in terms of texture. Still, it was yummy.
  • Pure Gummy, Blood Orange – I liked how this gummy candy had some tartness to it and wasn’t overly chewy.
  • Puccho Stick, Melty Peach – I’m a fan of Hi-Chew, and this tasted just like it. Honestly, anything peach flavored from Japan is always amazing. This one is no exception. I’m surprised I haven’t finished the whole pack yet.
  • Sour Paper Candy, Apple Flavor – It looks and tastes just like the Sour Power belts that I used to have when I was in elementary school. Loved it!
  • One Piece Stationary Set – This box must have read my mind. I love this anime series, so it was awesome to see this set along with all the tasty items that were included. This will definitely be put to good use.
Crispy Moist ChocolateMelty Strawberry  and Pure Blood Orange Gummy


Japan Funbox – The Interesting

  • Cup Pig Noodle, Curry Flavor – I had my reservations about this initially, but it actually wasn’t too bad. The packaging is just like the instant Cup Noodles we have here in the US, except on a smaller scale. I have yet to find any instant curry flavored noodles around here.
  • Calbee Potato Happy Butter Chips – Calbee is one of my favorite chip brands and I’ve enjoyed what I’ve tried from them. However, this flavor was by far the most unique. It was both sweet and savory, which took some getting used to. But I did finish the whole bag, so obviously I approved.
  • Pokemon Karipori – When I first read that this was a bubble stick type candy, I immediately thought it would be like bubblegum. Wrong! The “bubbly” part actually comes from the fizzy sensation you feel as it slowly dissolves. Lemonade and Soda (which tastes like the popular cider Japan is known for) are the flavors that this came in.
  • Sherbet Lick, Grape Flavor – This contained a grape flavored lollipop inside a packet of grape flavored powder. Simply lick the lollipop and then dip it into the powder for a more intense flavor. That, my friends, is what I call a grape-ception!
  • Strange Gum 2 – Three separate flavored gums (lemon, strawberry, and green apple) interestingly turn into a grape flavored one when eaten together. I tried each flavor by themselves and altogether, and they were delish. I just wished the flavor could have lasted a little longer. As for the name of the item, Strange Gum 2? Someone point me in the direction of the first one…
  • Umaibo Delicious Stick, Beef Tongue, Shrimp and Mayonnaise, and Chicken Curry flavor – I’ve tried these snacks before. Think of them as over sized Cheetos puffs that come in a variety of flavors. These 3 are by far the most interesting ones I’ve had. My favorites were the Beef Tongue and Chicken Curry.


Japan Funbox – The Highly Unusual

  • Nyoki Nyoki Kokoron, Grape Flavor DIY – These do it yourself kits are always interesting to put together. Thank goodness I came across a tutorial (see video below) on how to make this candy on the subscription site. Otherwise, I would have made a not so tasty mess of it. There were actually three flavors in this kit: grape, melon, and orange. I liked the first 2 the best.


This was a strange, yet surprisingly tasty DIY.

What’s the verdict on Japan Funbox?

 If you’re new to the Japanese snack trend, are too lazy to run around to different places to find them, or simply want to try something out of the ordinary, then this is surely a subscription to consider. There’s really nothing to lose. Pricing is reasonable, you can cancel at any time, even after your first box, and again shipping is free. Free! Arigatou gozaimasu to Japan Funbox for this pheNOMenal opportunity.

Like what you see? Check out the Japan Funbox site to get more information about their subscription selection and what they’ve included in past and current boxes. Happy snacking!

I received this product in exchange for my honest review.

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