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Playne Review – Meditation Game

Learn to Meditate from A Video Game

Let’s check out this Playne Meditation Game Review.

It seems these days that everyone is talking about mental health, stress, and anxiety. Meditation is often suggested as a way to cope. Many people have confusion about what exactly it *is* and how exactly you go about learning to meditate properly. What if you can follow a step-by-step, beautiful, straightforward, and peaceful video game that lays out everything you need to learn meditation step by step. Playne is that video game.

Playne Review Gameplay

You start off by optionally reading through some very interesting information about meditation presented to you by your buddy the Fox. There is a story to learn here; it’s not just blah blah text. There is a little bit of a mystery like any good video game should. Then you get into some of the benefits of meditation and why you want to take this practice on and how it can benefit your life.

- Playne Review - Meditation GameWhen the game starts, it’s pretty straightforward. Playne has been designed for people who have little to no meditation experience. If you are a newbie this game is for you.  For the first round, you initially are staring at a lovely peaceful crackling fire. Your buddy the fox is off to the side and you focus on your breathing. A circle will slowly expand in and out while you breathe. There is guidance on what to do if you want it, but the main focus is to just relax and take 10 minutes for yourself to get into the idea of meditation.

The game also suggests you click your mouse button each time you have a Wandering thought but I found that to be rather distracting.  I’m not completely new to meditation, so I’m aware when I’m wandering off and can accept and tune back in. The option to not click is definitely there and you might find you like that better. I also have a wireless headset which allowed me to not sit in front of the computer and watch after a few days of doing this which I found to be much more productive. I was able to sit in the comfy chair. Depending on your setup you might find such a thing beneficial too.

If you continue to meditate at least once a day you will keep up a streak and the story will continue to evolve. Your world will also continue to grow. Trees plants and setting. If you miss a day, your streak resets but your progress does not. You are also able to set up a reminder that will pop up on your Discord or in your steam library, which I thought was a neat kind of idea, but ultimately I found setting an Alexa / Google reminder was more productive. Sometimes the reminder didn’t happen from the game.

There is also a really active Discord server full of people who are regularly doing meditation and there to support you as well. The game is still in development and you can provide feedback directly to the developer.

Playne Game Is Different Than Meditation Apps

The feedback from Playne players has been pretty impressive…..

  • 97% felt calmer and less stressed after playing Playne
  • 93% felt Playne helped them to build a daily habit of meditation
  • 97% found the meditations in Playne easy to learn and practice

That sounds like some pretty stellar peace-finding feedback to me. There are lots of different ways for you to learn how to meditate out there. It seems like a new app meditation app is launching every week.  How do you choose which one? Many have monthly subscriptions which many people who aren’t even sure if they like meditation are hesitant to try. There is no subscription to Playne. One purchase and you are good for life.  As someone who is a hardcore video game player, I found that I was attracted to the gamification aspects of Playne.  When so many of us are working, playing, and existing in the same room it becomes a good thing when you can find a way to force yourself to take that break from it all. I found the game put me in a good mindset when I would sit down to work at my at-home office desk. Instead of starting work right away, I’d take a few minutes of meditation before hunkering down each day. I made it a habit.

Final thoughts on Playne Review – Meditation Game

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