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Farming Simulator Review for Xbox360

Farming Simulator 2015 provides a realistic living experience into the life of a farmer. Start from humble beginnings and decide what kind of Farmer you want to be. Do you want to build your empire through forestry, crop farming or raise some livestock?

Farming Simulator 2015 Has some of the most realistic graphics to be seen on a screen. The simulation feels real and your point of view can often be changed from watching from a distance or sitting comfortably behind the wheel of your own harvester. The controls are sensitive and accurate allowing you to perform some of the most delicate tasks.

The Sim Technology is real world. The functionality of your equipment leave nothing to be desired. The brands are real world although some of the brands in North America are missing. Pick the best implements your budget will allow but don’t over do it because you may need to buy another piece before you know it. Keep it simple until you feel your way. On my my first outing I didn’t know the capabilities of the equipment that I had and got in over my head. So make sure you think it through from planting to harvesting and Transporting your crop to sale. Again keep in mind The bank will lend you money but there is a limit.fs15-screenshot01_en

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I went back after my first attempt to grow a corn crop and did the tutorial as I should have done in the first place. You will need to learn what implements do what job and an understanding of how they work.

My second attempt was a little more modest. After assessing the capabilities of the equipment that I started with, I decide to grow some grain as an alternative.

Then comes plowing,seeding, fertilizing, harvesting. You’ll need to keep the machines moving to turn a profit so find the lights. I found it a challenge to find my way around the map. The icons are small and the land is big and spread out. Driving around the map will eat away at profits. The icons on the map don’t provide a lot of help and the land can be hard to

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It seemed like it was dark a lot. I felt like I spent a lot of time farming during the night hours. If there was a way to fast track to the daytime that would be good.

To help you in the field you can hire some help to run your machines. I enjoyed the ability to switch from machine to machine to keep an eye on your operation. a few times I ended up lost on the map. I used the vehicle reset option to return my machines to my farm. But you’ll need to do it for every component on that machine. This trick also saves costly fuel.fs15-screenshot04_en

Wish list:

  • A little more assistance on the help menu or even an option to prompt you at least on the easier modes.
  • Better icons on the map and explanations of the significance of each facility.
  • Labels on the materials on your land for feed, seed fertilizer, fuel etc. It took some time to find each as they were needed.
  • Possibly achievements on the tutorial to encourage gamers to take this approach. Playing this game’s tutorials will go along way to encourage your success. Its kind of like an incentive to read the instructions.
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In Summary:

We’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg with this game. The Simulation seems to go after that spot in your brain that needs gratification. It quickly becomes a hard game to put down. If you’ve had a bad day maybe you should go harvest some crops and sell them for a profit.

Gotta Go, we’ve got a herd of cattle that needs milking…

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