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HappysHumbleBurgerFarm - Happy's Humble Burger Farm Review
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Happy’s Humble Burger Farm Review

Horror Cooking Sim Meets Survival Horror Adventure Game?

Let’s get started on this Happy’s Humble Burger Farm Review.

What is Happy’s Humble Burger Farm?

Happy’s Humble Burger Farm is part horror cooking simulator, part horror adventure game. It’s really a unique type of game.

You play as the latest employee of Happy’s Humble Burger Farm restaurant – E42. You will learn how to cook many different products in a very grungy restaurant that seems to have a lot of supernatural events happening.  Don’t make too many mistakes or Happy the evil cow will show up and they won’t be happy.

Head home after your shift and repeat…. But there is so so so much more to the mystery of this game. Will you figure out a way to escape this fast food-fever dream?

scythe dev logo bw - Happy's Humble Burger Farm Review

Who Makes Happy’s Humble Burger Farm?

Happy’s Humble Burger Farm is made by the developer Scythe Dev Team. They are a small dev team based in Arizona, USA. They have made several horror game experiences including Northbury Grove, Happy’s Humble Burger Barn, and more.

Which Platforms is Happy’s Humble Burger Farm On?

Happy’s Humble Burger Farm is available on Steam, Playstation, Xbox, and coming soon to Switch.

AllPlatforms - Happy's Humble Burger Farm Review

Happy’s Humble Burger Farm Review Gameplay

The game starts off with some strange Drs leaning over you with some blurred, distant conversation discussing mind control. It is not completely clear what is going on, but the sense of dread is there.

Then you start with some basic cooking simulator training. You learn how to make the basic burger.  Immediately following that you are introduced to Happy. Happy is the crazy cow who will attack and kill you if you make too many mistakes making food. You quickly realize the horror element of this game is real.

Then you start in your apartment with a request to read your Employee manual. This VERY detailed manual is quite helpful. There are lots of funny sayings, as well as many tips and tricks that will help you in Happys Humble Burger Farm. Take the time to read it!HappyTrainingManual - Happy's Humble Burger Farm Review

Then it is off to work. For the next little bit, the game is very much a cooking simulator mixed with well, horror and supernatural stuff happening everywhere. It is quite fun and challenging to learn how to make the various food items in time with minimal infractions so you don’t get a visit from Happy the Evil Cow.

As the story progresses, more challenges appear while cooking including, broken toilets, garbage to take out, and rats in the restaurant. You must deal with all these on TOP of cooking things. Get into a rhythm, and refer to the manual.

2021 12 05 22 - Happy's Humble Burger Farm Review

Eventually, just heading home before and after work seems dull. Explore the rest of the city around you and your apartment. This is when the story actually starts. The game switches from being a cooking simulator to being a horror point-and-click adventure game.

There are lots of bosses to destroy, the backstory to find out, and things to collect as you try and figure out how to end the fast-food hell you have found yourself in. The story will not progress until you start to explore. The game doesn’t really push you in this direction. It’s left up to you.chicken - Happy's Humble Burger Farm Review

That might be confusing to some people but I thought it was great. It was a real surprise to see the game morph into something completely different.

Puzzles That Work and Countless Collectables

There are quite a few puzzles in the game as you get to the Boss parts. These mostly involved wandering around to find items or doing things in the correct order and then cooking with the skills you have learned. Although they were overall quite simple, these boss battles felt challenging and enjoyable. It had the right level of “this is hard without being impossible” in this Happys Humble Burger Farm Review.

For those that enjoy collecting things, this game has SO SO MANY things to collect. There are sheets of paper located around that you can collect as well as cassette tapes that give you the various backstory. You can view these items in your apartment.

Some Glitches

In my early press preview, I found a few glitches and bugs. The developers were VERY responsive to their discord. They put out multiple patches in one day to address some of the bugs that people found. I think that is seriously worth mentioning here.

That being said there were still a few issues that were annoying. There is no inventory ‘save chest’. Various items that you purchase and place in your apartment, for example, will disappear upon your next load of the game. I also lost all items in my backpack and inventory.

At one point I made an “expensive item” in the microwave machine, and then accidentally clicked the machine with the new item in my hand again. That item was now in the machine to make a new item, with no way to remove it.

The other glitches I experienced are already corrected and removed, and by the time you play this, the above may likely be fixed too.

Graphics in Happys Humble Burger Farm

So the graphics in Happy’s Humble Burger Farm are not so great. That is on purpose. The world around you has an almost VHS level quality in all ways. The screen will frequently glitch, pixelate, and distort – especially if you get hurt. Most items in the world will have an almost 2D,  “not real” feel to them. This is all part of the gameplay experience.

You will notice that almost anything to do with the Barnyard Buds, will appear nice and crystal clear though. 😉

Happy’s Humble Burger Farm Tips and Tricks

Here are my best Happy’s Humble Burger Farm tips and tricks. Minor spoilers but not really.

  • Collect the various burger tokens and then upgrade to make your life better at the Burger Farm.
  • I found that before I hit the open sign setting up 4 hot dogs on the counter, 1 bag of fries and 1 bag of nuggies ready to go, and 2 cookies and 2 pies in the oven. After opening, get all those things starting to cook. Also, make a soda and a shake if you have the time. You will now be ready for most orders!
  • Get the backpack! Once you have a key logger you can get the backpack if you do a little exploring. This item is SO important as carrying only 4 items is a real pain!
  • Make sure you do enough at your job to have a regular supply of cash on hand. You will never know when you need a vending machine boost.
  • The game can not explain what to do next frequently. Go everywhere and click on everything.
  • You can take items off the shelf in steal and swap and sell them right away. Good for quick cash!


M For Mature

Who Will Enjoy Playing Happy’s Humble Burger Farm?

There is no official rating on Happy’s Humble Burger Farm. There are some very spooky themes, blood, graphic violence, and frightening scenes. I would expect it would be M for Mature.

If you like cooking simulators, or survival horror, adventure games, and puzzle-solving with a good story then you will like Happy’s Humble Burger Farm.

What Games are similar to Happy’s Humble Burger Farm?

This is a really hard one. I can honestly say I have never played anything quite like it. It mixes several genres of games like cooking simulators, horror, and point-and-click adventure games. There are also quite a few puzzles to solve and creatures to kill… but you kill with food.

Some similar games would be then Cooking Mama (if she was evil), The Light Will Lead You Home, and We Happy Few.

How long is Happy’s Humble Burger Farm?

The entire game took me about 15 hours for full achievements. It could be completed much sooner than that but I really took my time exploring the universe that the developers created.

There are just so many little locations to explore,  hours of TV and radio clips to listen to, and there are so many collectibles to find. Not to mention you can keep playing the cooking sim part to make more money which you will need to buy various in-game items.

Once you have completed the main game you unlock “endless mode”. This allows you to play the cooking simulator part till your heart is content.

2021 12 05 46 - Happy's Humble Burger Farm Review

Final Thoughts On Happy’s Humble Burger Farm Review – Is Happy’s Humble Burger Farm Worth It?

Yes, Happy Humble Burger Farm is TOTALLY worth it.

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