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The Light Will Lead You Home Review – Indie Game

A spooky survival horror with a good story

Let’s get started on this The Light Will Lead You Home Review.

What is The Light Will Lead You Home?

The Light Will Lead You Home is a survival horror mystery. You are Brian, a teenage boy who lives with his parents. You wake up in your house to find everyone missing, except an evil monster that is roaming the house. You must figure out what happened and try to escape. The Light Will Lead You Home costs $1.00 USD.

Who Makes The Light Will Lead You Home?

The Light Will Lead You Home is made by Lilith’s Child Games Studio. They are a small team of 2 indie developers located in Cyprus. These 2 ladies work on these games as a hobby in their free time. They have released a few other games as well.

Which Platforms is The Light Will Lead You Home On?

The Light Will Lead You Home is available on and Voxpop Games.


The Light Will Lead You Home Review Gameplay​

You start the game in your bedroom. There are many different puzzles to solve in The Light Will Lead You Home. The first order of business is to find the remote for the TV. Of course, it is not going to be sitting out in the open.

You will need to explore everything. Open all the drawers and cabinets. Explore the house. Eventually, you will get to various riddles that will appear on the TV. This part is tricky! Many of the puzzles in the game will require some out-of-the-box thinking. It certainly isn’t easy or something you will guess right away. After a few more puzzles you will be graced with the flashlight and the game will truly start.

Now there is the evil roaming monster! This tall lurking monster moves all through the house looking for you. If he gets you, you will respawn back in your bedroom. He will likely get you a lot. 🙂 You can use your flashlight to slow him down and make him disappear and it is pretty satisfying to watch the monster dissolve. If you do this too many times though, it won’t be as effective and the monster will likely get you.

A few times the monster just spawned really close to where I was standing resulting in instant death. Thankfully death is only in the other room a few steps away, but it was annoying when I killed the monster and he respawned right away and got me.  I even screamed out loud at one point when I turned around and the monster was there. You will need to keep trying things until you figure out a way to get past the monster.

Keep searching the house and solving the puzzles!

If you need some stress relief I fully recommend throwing the various vases and glass items around the house. They shatter in a very satisfying way. I thought maybe I could use them to distract the evil monster, but it didn’t seem to mind them. I still enjoyed smashing the vases and I bet you will too.

Eventually, you will figure it out and the ending is something else! I really enjoyed it.

The Light Will Lead You Home Graphics and Sound

The background music is a nice mix of dread and spooky. The overall sound is the storm outside. As you move to the various rooms the music will change. Everything is good here.

The graphics are simple. Rooms look as you expect them to look. The items you can interact with will have a white icon indicator over the top of them. Some items that you should be able to interact with you won’t be able to. For example in the kitchen half, the cabinets can open. The other half you can’t. No real reason why.

Perhaps in the future, the devs could add a simple message. “Oh, not those cabinets”. I wasn’t sure initially if this was a bug or not. It was not 🙂 Some other examples are I could grab some pillows but not others, some vases, etc.

The Light Will Lead You Home Controls

The controllers in The Light Will Lead You Home are not very complicated. You use basic movement keys. You can throw things with Right Mouse Button. As you progress in the game you will also be able to crouch with C and turn your flashlight on and off with F. Nothing too strange here and easy enough to jump right in.

Who Will Enjoy Playing The Light Will Lead You Home?

There is no official rating on The Light Will Lead You Home. There are some spooky themes, but no blood or graphic violence. I would expect it would be T for Teen. If you like indie games, survival horror, adventure games, and puzzle-solving with a good story then you will like The Light Will Lead You Home.

What Games are similar to The Light Will Lead You Home?

There is definitely a spooky feeling with this game with a creature stalking you. It reminded me of Phasmophobia (but more emphasis on puzzles) and Song Of Horror.

How long is The Light Will Lead You Home?

The entire game took me about an hour and a half to play. It is not a complicated game but the puzzles can really take some thinking to get things in the right order.

Final Thoughts On The Light Will Lead You Home Review

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