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Rainbow Reactor Fusion Review

Rainbow Reactor Fusion VR Review

Sarcastic robot, color matching games, and a great story

Let’s get started on this Rainbow Reactor Fusion Review.

What is Rainbow Reactor Fusion?

Rainbow Reactor Fusion is a mix of two different types of games. One is a story-driven simulation video game and the other is a match 3 color ball matching game. You will explore a mysterious Rainbow Reactor factory and unlock various tools to help to clean up and repair the old factory. In between, you will be catching, throwing, and mixing colored balls to power everything back up.

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Who Makes Rainbow Reactor Fusion?

Rainbow Reactor Fusion is developed by Tunermaxx Media GmbH. They are a Germany-based developer who has worked in visual effects, games, and films since Amiga 1991 day.  Now they are working on VR games.

Rainbow Reactor Fusion is their second VR project.

Which VR Headsets is Rainbow Reactor Fusion On?

Rainbow Reactor Fusion is available on Oculus Quest 2 and will be released on Steam VR later next year.

MetaQuestLogo - Rainbow Reactor Fusion VR Review

Rainbow Reactor Fusion Review Gameplay

2569 - Rainbow Reactor Fusion VR Review

You start off meeting your new pal -Dottie – A grumpy robot! Dottie informs you that you are a relative of the late Alfred Luzian von Hoffenhasselbrock. Only you can help figure out what happened at the reactor and get things working again.

This game is really unique in the way it mixes a story mode with a classic matching arcade game. Even if you are not typically a fan of matching games, being in VR and adding in the story elements brings something new to the experience.

The robot starts you off on some simple tasks like moving up and down the elevator, turning some values, and eventually using a broom to clean up color splotches around the room. This is uniquely satisfying to clean up these messes. When the entire room is clean you will receive coins (that appear on your arm watch ) that you can use to purchase more tools or buffs to help for future matching games.

Then the main matching part of the game is introduced to you. There is a hexagon on the floor in front of you. There are various color dots in it. On each side, there is a bowling ball-type lane that drops a random colored ball down towards you. You must pick up the colored ball and throw it onto the hexagon trying to match a minimum of three of the same color.

Match 3 Games

The first matching game is pretty straightforward with only a few colors. It is a nice intro to the game. Being in VR and having to throw the balls instead of just clicking on a screen also brings a fun element to the match 3 experience.  It is much more challenging. You are also getting a little bit of a workout in as the balls come at a pretty rapid pace. You will be on your toes.

Dottie will continue to give you tasks and tools as well as increase the difficulty in the matching game. More colors, mixing colors, holes in the board, and faster balls. They also remove the ‘ball catchers’ so you need to rapidly make decisions.

If you throw a ball out of the hexagon or you let a ball drop it counts as a “strike”. You only get a certain amount of strikes and these can really add up fast. Each level will require a certain amount of ‘matches’ to move to the next task. This is much harder than it sounds. It is also very addicting. More than once I would be almost done a level, make a mistake by overthrowing a ball, have another ball rapidly fall, and I’d lose! It really sneaks up on you.

2572 - Rainbow Reactor Fusion VR Review


After you have successfully completed the matching game Dottie will give you a score. Depending on how many colored dots are left on the board you will get an increase or decrease from your total. Also how many ‘strikes’ you have left. Your score can go up or down dramatically based on these things.


You will continue to get tools, and reactors to work through as you continue to solve the mystery of the Rainbow Reactor.

Rainbow Reactor Fusion Graphics and Sound

The graphics in this are pretty good. It is a sort of cartoonish world but feels real enough. You really feel like you are in a futuristic factory. The rooms are large and you are able to explore them, using your tools to clean up the location. There are also small “museum flashback” videos kiosks that help to give you some tips and some back story.2571 - Rainbow Reactor Fusion VR Review

The music in this game is pretty great. Each matching game has a unique soundtrack. As I progressed through the story I found that there was a kind of rhythm to the balls falling and it helps if you kind of sway a bit to the music. This is not a dance game, but having some rhythm may help. They are not songs you know but it was upbeat, fun music that didn’t get repetitive.

Rainbow Reactor Fusion Arcade Mode

Although the story mode is the real heart of this game, there is also the ability to use Arcade mode. These options allow you to practice and focus just on the matching game with a variety of play styles.2602 - Rainbow Reactor Fusion VR Review

Continuous Mode

You start at level 1 and play as long as you can until you fail, trying for the best score.

Single Shift

Pick one specific reactor and practice it. You will likely need to use this section in order to progress in the story mode.

Rainbow Reactor Fusion Multiplayer Experience

There is no direct multiplayer experience in Rainbow Reactor Fusion. There is a leaderboard but you can not invite your friend and play against them in real-time.

Party Mode in Rainbow Reactor Fusion

There is a Party Mode in Rainbow Reactor Fusion. If you have one VR headset and you want to play against your friends in your house, boot up party mode. You will enter your names and be able to play against each other back to back switching the headset. A nice little extra included.

PartyMode - Rainbow Reactor Fusion VR Review

EforEveryone - Rainbow Reactor Fusion VR Review

Who Will Enjoy Playing Rainbow Reactor Fusion?

Rainbow Reactor Fusion is rated E for Everyone. There is a bit of sarcastic humor from the robot, but no blood or violence. Young and senior players will enjoy this. People who are new to VR could pick this game up and start playing very quickly, although the game gets tricky as your progress in levels.

What Games are similar to Rainbow Reactor Fusion?

Rainbow Reactor Fusion is similar to the very popular genre of match 3 games many people play on their smartphones like – Bejeweled, Candy Crush, and even Tetris. Similar VR Games would be Puzzle Bobble VR and Job Simulator.

How long is Rainbow Reactor Fusion VR?

These match games can get pretty tricky. You will need to practice and get into a flow with them in order to not miss too many balls. You can not progress in the storyline until you beat a reactor. There are 9 reactors in the game as well as many ‘other’ tasks like cleaning floors, finding batteries, etc. Many hours of gameplay here.

Besides the story mode, there is an arcade mode that allows you to just play the matching part for endless play.

Can you play Rainbow Reactor Fusion Sitting Down?

Yes! Rainbow Reactor Fusion can be played sitting down. There is an option in the setting menu that helps with height if you wish to play sitting. You may need to adjust a bit when reaching for inventory items on your belt.  You can also play it standing. You do not need a large play space or room movement.

SittingVR - Rainbow Reactor Fusion VR ReviewStandingVR - Rainbow Reactor Fusion VR Review

Elliptical - Rainbow Reactor Fusion VR Review

Can you work out with Rainbow Reactor Fusion? Is Rainbow Reactor Fusion a Fitness Game?

If you play this standing, you will be picking up balls and slightly throwing them. This happens at a pretty rapid pace. It won’t be a hard-core cardio workout, but you are certainly doing more than sitting on the couch smashing buttons. You will also be destroying boxes, turning screws, sweeping floors, and doing other repetitive motion tasks.

After playing continuous mode my fitness watch stated I was burning about 104 calories which is similar to you playing a game of catch or the lower end of ellipticals.

Does Rainbow Reactor Fusion cause motion sickness?

NoMotionSickness e1614128840883 - Rainbow Reactor Fusion VR ReviewYou play Rainbow Reactor Fusion with a small amount of in-game movement. They offer the choice of which stick you would like to walk with as well as choosing the speed. You can also choose teleportation with a small pink ball that appears on the ground. The game only offers snap turning.2600 - Rainbow Reactor Fusion VR Review

If you adjust and use the various teleportation settings Rainbow Reactor Fusion should not cause any motion sickness issues.

Final Thoughts On Rainbow Reactor Fusion Review

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