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5 Best Last Shelter Survival Tips and Tricks

When you first start Last Shelter Survival, you will have a lot of questions and not a lot of answers. Let’s get that fixed by giving you a kick start over your enemies! Here are the top 5 tips and tricks for last shelter survival the zombie mobile game. 

What is the best tech upgrades in Last shelter Survival?

Putting your resources into any technology is the BEST thing you can be doing in the game. Your power level will grow much more slowly, but The power is your True Power number.  It can not be taken away from you. But what is the best one to upgrade? If you are a part of my alliance you’ve heard the lecture the second you join. The most important tech to be researching is your hospital. Say what? Screenshot 20190624 173616 com.more e1561422389129 - 5 Best Last Shelter Survival Tips and Tricks To find out just how good or bad your hospital is click on the main screen. Top power number -> Scroll down until you see Base. There will be Hospital. Above that will be Total Units. Screenshot 20190624 174612 com.more - 5 Best Last Shelter Survival Tips and TricksYou want to try and keep these two numbers as close as you possibly can. The reason for this is simple. If someone comes to attack your base, your hospital will slowly fill up. When it is maxed out, any overflow of troops will be killed. Dead. Gone. Bye. These can be LARGE numbers of units. Any of these units killed off are a complete waste of resources. Therefore, before anything else in game. Focus on the hospital! Then if you happened to get seriously attacked, you will only be healing units, not redoing the time and resources for units. Way too many big players make this mistake. It will only take one large battle to require them healing up for days. There is additional hospital tech located under  Main screen -> Middle Power Number -> Attributes -> Troops Support Base Wounded Capacity and Maxed Hospital Bonus Capacity will add additional stats to your Original Hospital number. The grind for these high numbers is a real challenge, but trust me. Get attacked a few times and you will immediately see the benefit.

What is a Class of Zones or Coz Event?

Screenshot 20190624 175038 com.more e1561421763914 - 5 Best Last Shelter Survival Tips and Tricks One of the most important events in the game will be your weekly Clash of zones event (Or Coz Event). Every week you will compete with another state for fame, glory, and sweet prizes. This is why your state will need to learn to work together as opposed to attacking each other constantly if you want to win any of the events.


Monday: Gather Resources: Use your APC’s to gather resources from the world map
Tuesday: Upgrade Buildings
Wednesday: Research Technology
Thursday: Hero Development: Recruit heroes, exchange hero medals for wisdom medals, level up the heroes, and unlock / level up skills for them. Killing Zombies will also give you hero XP here.
Friday: Train Soldiers: Use the camps to train more soldiers for your formations.
Saturday: Kill the enemies**: The two states that are competing will be able to travel to each other’s territories and battle them directly. The more enemy soldiers you kill the more points you earn for yourself and the state. You also earn points when your troops die.
Sunday: Free Development: On day 7 you are able to choose an event to take part in. It can be any of the above. By default, if you do not make a choice you will be allocated the Kill Event again. Select it via the event screen and the sparkly I on the right side. 

Check out the Whole Clash of Zone Schedule with tips for each day here:

Monday – Gathering Day Tips

Tuesday – Upgrade Building Day Tips

Wednesday – Research Technology Tips

Thursday – Hero Development Tips

Friday – Train Soldiers Tips

** NOTE (When you are doing the qualifiers, the opposing state will not be able to attack you yet, you will still just have the internal state Kill event) Which brings us to …

Screenshot 20190624 175621 com.more - 5 Best Last Shelter Survival Tips and Tricks

The 2nd Most Important Tech to upgrade – Zone Commemoration

Screenshot 20190624 174856 com.more - 5 Best Last Shelter Survival Tips and Tricks If you are just starting you may not see this on your research screen yet.  You will need to wait for the Zone qualifier events to happen before you will see it. Roughly a month of game playtime, but this varies.  Increasing your Zone Commemoration will take Courage Medals. You get some of these when you kill a new level of zombie on the map for the first time. They will occasionally drop 1 or 2 when you kill any zombie randomly. Other than that, there is NO way to buy them or any other way in the game, EXCEPT winning at Coz Events. That makes courage medals one of the rarest resources in the game.

You should be leveling this as soon as you can, and saving your courage medals for this purpose. (you also use courage medals for City Development so be careful not to use them all) You won’t be getting courage medals unless you are hitting the second and third boxes of the COZ events, but as you continue to level Zone Commemoration hitting these Coz boxes will be easier and easier if you invest in this technology. You really want to unlock Advanced Rewards, which will unlock Level 4 rewards. This is where the game resources really start to get into play. You will need to do these things each week and these rewards here will make all the difference. INVEST NOW.

Remove your not needed Buildings From the Roads to save on Electricity, Oil, Food and Water

noenergyresources - 5 Best Last Shelter Survival Tips and Tricks If you move any building in the game off the road it no longer needs electricity. You can save yourself a ton in resources if you upgrade your windmill to the max and remove all the buildings you don’t need from the roads. Buildings you can remove:

  • Bunks
  • Hospitals
  • Garages
  • Radar
  • Headquarters
  • Barracks
  • Hero Building, Wisdom Exchange, Station Management
  • Class buildings
  • Garrison & Garrison Hall
  • Training camps
  • Power Plants

If you need to use any of these buildings you can attach them back to the road. But their ‘upgraded’ functions will continue to be there regardless if you have them attached to the road or not.  Simply add the road on, upgrade, remove again. No problems. Banks use to be on this list.. they now need to be connected to the road though.

You want to keep attached:

  • All resource gathering plots
  • Banks
  • Warehouses
  • Guard tower
  • Houses

If you go to your main screen and click on the energy you will see how much you are producing under production and how much energy you are using under Consumption. Keep it in the positive and you will never have to put oil in the power plant again. Screenshot 20190624 190209 com.more 1 e1561420959596 - 5 Best Last Shelter Survival Tips and Tricks The same workaround can be done for your Ration Truck. Screenshot 20190624 200307 com.more e1561421423827 - 5 Best Last Shelter Survival Tips and Tricks Remove the Ration Truck from the road. Your money production and population will drop to about 80%. I can live with that loss most days and keep my food and water. I sell water only in the helicopter when i need money and usually have enough money to do most things.

Which class should I be in last shelter? What is the depot in last shelter?

Depending on which class you pick you will have a certain amount of protection of the resources that you have called depot protection. Farmer gives you the most, so most “How To” guides will tell you to pick farmer class in last shelter survival for early levels ( before 20). I recommend that as well. 

Where can you find your depot number?

Screenshot 20190624 191406 com.more 1 e1561422481667 - 5 Best Last Shelter Survival Tips and Tricks Going once again to the main screen and selecting one of the resources at the top. You will see a depot number as the bottom result. Mine is 1.5 million currently. In a perfect world, you want to keep the number of resources you have in hand less than the deport number. If you have any upgrades to do, top them up with item boxes. This means if anyone scouts you or attacks you, there will be 0 resources for them to take and it will show as 0 to the scout.  Try to keep this in mind so you appear less tasty to targets. You can increase your depot number by leveling your base, donating to Resource shields under alliance technology, and the depot expansion tech at the bottom of City Development. This is a worthwhile investment to keep your stuff safe. These are some helpful getting started tips for Last Shelter Survival. More to come in our series on this great mobile game!

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