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moira and rebecca rer2 - Resident Evil Revelations 2 Episode 1 is free on all consoles!
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Resident Evil Revelations 2 Episode 1 is free on all consoles!

Some time after its’ release, Capcom has decided to give the public Resident Evil Revelations 2’s Episode 1: Penal Colony for free on consoles PlayStation 4, X-Box One, X-Box 360, and PlayStation 3. That’s right: Resident Evil Revelations 2 Episode 1 is free on all consoles! Different from its’ predecessor, Revelations’ February 2015 entry has been split into 4 episodes.

Claire Redfield(Resident Evil 2), now a senior level operative for a counter-bioterror organization, must find a way off a – get this – bioterror island with her former comrade’s daughter, Moira, after rude interruption at a party. Returning to the roots of Code Veronica and other games in the series, Claire and Barry Burton spearhead Revelations’ two parts to the story apiece, seeing that both were already exposed to the hardships of the super-soldier-gone-undead stories of arch-corporate-enemy, Umbrella. The title also sports a co-op between both characters since one would be able to something that the other can’t. Claire can kill and use a gun. Moira can…. well… err… something outside of swearing inappropriately. Capcom’s generosity has yet to cease here, though. A digital deluxe edition has been released for 29.99, which includes 2 extra episodes alongside all the DLC from Revelations 2. Not bad for a risktaker package.

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Resident Evil‘s critically acclaimed roots started in the late 90s as a survival horror title on the 32 bit systems. Since 1997, the series went on to procure 5 sequels, remakes, a hollywood movie series that diverges HEAVY, an anime-esque CGI series of movies, and spin-offs, that either defied or stayed true to its’ original cheesy dialogue, random puzzles, creations of horror, zombies, and of course: Albert Wesker. No console was safe from Biohazard. From PlayStation to the short-lived, each console had a turn at Resident Evil’s many sequels and spin-offs. 4 started the “we can fight back” trend seen in the rest of the collection, which also ousted the fixed camera angles and pre-rendered scenes from yester-game. In its’ place, a more faster, 3rd person perspective came to be. Code Veronica told two different stories from two protagonists(Chris and Claire Redfield) near simultaneously instead of locking players into either decisions of a male or female protagonist who will eventually meet the other before the final battle. All this from an accident at a mansion.

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Resident Evil 3 was personally a smash because of the Nemesis’ constant pursuit – something not brought into a Resident Evil. A mechanic that hasn’t really been exposed to gaming at the time. Though Capcom used the same idea for its’ Jurassic survival horror title, Dino Crisis, nothing was scarier than having the lights off and playing RE, knowing that in each room you visited: there was a high chance of not being alone to survive it. Revelations 2 is a follow-up to the 2012 3DS game produced by Capcom.

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With an X-Box Live account, the discounts are coming in hot if one gets the 25% before November 24th and 40% on the Season Pass. Definitely a good time to try Resident Evil: Revelations 2 out.

Make sure you do it, in the dark at night, though. Way …more …scarier.

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