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Free Basketball Games – 3on3 Basketball and Freestyle 2 Review

Let's check out these two baseketball games

Searching for some free basketball games but can’t find any?

Let’s face it, we are in an age of gaming where there are tons of free games constantly being developed out there. Indie gaming has become a more popular thing and with constant releases of many video games in many different genres. Free games are a great method to start your gaming success though.

Free Basketball Games

Most free games now include micro-transactions. This has been a catching trend for today’s common games – a free game to play,  but they include micro-transaction purchases in-game which usually unlocks some features to assist you in playing the game. The company then gets paid at the same time which helps improve its products.

What I happened to come across recently and have been fully entertained with are these two games known as 3 on 3 Freestyle and Freestyle 2.

3on3 Freestyle Basketball is one of the many free basketball games that was developed by the company Joycity and is a replicate of their previous product that is popular on steam is known as freestyle2. Freestyle 2 is the predecessor game to 3on3 that was developed by the same company Joycity (gamekiss in North America) JoyCity, focuses mostly on sports games with a little more ingenuity than most common free basketball games making it one of its kind.

Free Basketball Games

Freestyle 2 Basketball

Many of you are not into sports games and hey I get it! I myself rarely to almost never, play sports games. If any, I play racing games if that counts. Nevertheless, this one is different and this one might make you change your decision quickly. What’s even more awesome? The game is completely free and who doesn’t love free games? Even if they are free basketball games it never hurts to take a look am I right? So Freestyle 2 is a free-to-play game in the Steam Store and it is easy as a one-click download and start. You don’t even need to make a login or account – Steam will provide this for you. This game has lots to offer and is very versatile on the avatar which makes it seem less of a real sports game like NBA or 2k. Freestyle 2 is its’ own thing so let us get down to a quick summary of the game shall we?


The possibilities are limitless in this game there are so many characters to choose from and where you can lead to in the game is completely up to you. The ability to change the look, their class, skills, freestyle moves, etc is to your imagination. The Shop included in the game is so vast that if you really get addicted to the game you might end up throwing some cash to get the desired look and character you wish for. Of course, there are free characters and options plus you do have a chance to earn the characters and clothing you desire just by playing the game a lot. I will not get into classes or characters in this blog as there are just too many to fit in here. Going to have to check it out yourself!

FS2 Characters - Free Basketball Games - 3on3 Basketball and Freestyle 2 Review

The Shop

This shop has pretty much everything to make your avatar aka baller be anything you want it to be. The shop includes tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories, little toys, and etc. All these can boost your characters’ stats as well. Outfits are updated monthly from what I have noticed and the majority can be earned freely through playing the game and using the points from multiple matches. Below is just a teaser of the possibilities using my character.

Menus, Stats, Everything

This game can be very complex regarding attributes and leveling; but if you do take the time to play the tutorial and read up on what the game says during menus and character development it can be quite beneficial. The menu is quite large compared to many other sports games out there. Including inventory, and shops you can easily get lost in but it is quite fun to explore. Sometimes you do get free things just for entering certain pages in the menus so check everything out. To show this game is quite not like your regular basketball game I will point out the stats menu also known as attributes. Attributes can affect your game dramatically and as like many role-playing games; once you insert a point to level a certain stat/skill there is no going back unless you pay money to get a reset but who wants to do that haha… each attribute needs to be understood depending on the character you choose and what role you play. Furthermore there are some other screenshots of the in-game menus.



There is a lot that is offered gameplay wise in this game you can choose between facing A.I or actually facing people online. Usually, sometimes you just want that relaxing game alone; but why do that when you can break legs in the court! The options are pretty much A.I Match, 1v1, and 3v3. I recommend playing the 3v3 mode to get the full experience of the game. This game is mostly team based as it requires you to work and sync with your teammates to score higher than the opposite team.

In conclusion to this review on freestyle 2, I recommend this game for those who have steam and focus mostly gaming on the PC. It’s free to play and there is no hassle but just owning a steam account and downloading the game. Give it a try you never know this might be the first sports game you ever played in your life and actually like. Below are some gameplay screenshots to give you a little feel of what it is…. Enjoy!

Free Basketball Games

3on3 Freestyle

Free Basketball Games

What I happened to come across recently and have been fully entertained by is a game known as 3 on 3 freestyle for the PS4. This game was developed by the company joy city and is a replicate of their previous product that is popular on steam is known as freestyle2 as mentioned above. The difference of this game is quite a bountiful amount of changes from their predecessor. Not only is this a console base game; but this game has a different game play system compared to the previous one. Further ado let us start explaining what 3on3 really is!

3on3 is not your typical basketball game and does not resemble any other free basketball games and doesn’t replicate NBA 2k’s or lives at any points. This is a full blown animated basketball game that has the kinks of freestyle street baller game style. With an abundant cast of 15 characters in the beta to choose and lead your name to victory this game offers what most basketball games do not offer and that is character ingenuity. Each character has a name to themselves and a set skill that only they can dish to the court. Ranging from multiple positions/classes as some of us will say each role has a huge importance in every match.

Characters and Classes

Shooting Guard - Free Basketball Games - 3on3 Basketball and Freestyle 2 Review

We Have shooting guards (SG) which focuses on making the ball in pretty much the DPS, they are best at shooting 3 pointers and making balls into secure wins.

Small Forward - Free Basketball Games - 3on3 Basketball and Freestyle 2 Review

Small Forward (SF) is the well-balanced class that can shoot a mixture of 2 points and 3 points while having the ability to control the court here and there with rebounds and points. Best for making the secured 2 point shot and reliable to have handle some steals and rebounds from time to time.

Power Forwards - Free Basketball Games - 3on3 Basketball and Freestyle 2 Review

(PF) known as the power forward is the offensive front line like an off tank that can handle the ball near the rim and dunk when the time needs be. They can block shots and dunks and sometimes get rebounds.

Centers - Free Basketball Games - 3on3 Basketball and Freestyle 2 Review

(C) for center is the role where the rim is your court, you are the tank and you can rebound the ball and protect your team from failing shots or from getting people to make shots under your rim.

Point Guard - Free Basketball Games - 3on3 Basketball and Freestyle 2 Review

Last will be the (PG) known as the point guard their role is as of a thief or rouge type that can control the ball’s playing field. With steals, handles, passes and control of the ball to be passed to the right teammate at the right time, they can change the game instantly when done right.

Character Devlopment - Free Basketball Games - 3on3 Basketball and Freestyle 2 Review

Increasing the levels of your characters and the growth of their skills can increase the likelihood of you winning more games. Growth in this game is not as complex and all over the place compared to freestyle2 and this reason alone is why I prefer 3on3 over freestyle2. The fact that everyone is balanced and cannot exceed over someone else with other things such as buying clothing with attributes, buying equipment cards, etc is a huge win. The growth system is purely focused on leveling up the character and that is it. Sure there are items to buy in the store but none of it will give you an edge thus making this completely balanced and more based on skill than freestyle 2. Below is some gameplay I recorded to give you a quick glance of the game and what it can offer. Music provided from freestyle 2 and the gameplay is 3on3 enjoy!

The game is team based as many other games online are now and your characters and teammates will determine the outcome. Each class will supply the chance to achieve victory if properly played to what your teammates are. Study each of the classes and see what you wish to provide on the court. I have been playing this for a few so far and for a beta, this is nicely done. Games last about 5 to 7 minutes tops and the rules of basketball are there and hints will be given to give a better understanding.

MVP - Free Basketball Games - 3on3 Basketball and Freestyle 2 Review

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