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Why Shenmue Collection Deserves Your Attention

Shenmue and Shenmue 2 – Sega’s ground-breaking series is getting a remaster for the current systems, according to Eurogamer. Yu Suzuki, the father of 3D fighting games with the Virtua Fighter series, took to the RPG genre, and with some of his classics in tow as memorabilia. To many, this is yet-another-classic-getting-remastered, but for me, Shenmue was something more. More than a dead father and a son to take the revenge task. More than a martial artist undertaking the responsibility to go ahead. Or a boy becoming a man. All this during a time of the complete game with no DLCs to get inorder to achieve the full burger. As for “Will Shenmue 3 ever be released?”, we’ll get around to that.

Shenmue is a different take on a revenge plot. Instead of handing the player a map, tools, and some people to guide our hero, Shenmue gives out these tools based on the protagonist’s age. Ryo is a teenager and many things are limiting his ability to get his job done. Lan Di is bigger than he looks, and has dots scattered. Ryo has to piece these together, but this is no easy task. He has to ask for clues, wait for meetings, chase down leads.

All these things take place in the game with touches of realism: Ryo has a curfew or a time to sleep. When his Timex watch hits 10, he’ll go to bed. Literally, he’ll go back home and go to bed. He has only his feet to carry him about, meeting several strangers along the way. There are no magic spells to do this.  It’s grounded by almost the same realism as the fighting styles displayed.

Here’s Shenmue’s “Why”, not Will Shenmue 3 ever be released?

Shenmue has a time limit. Between a certain amount of time, Ryo must conquer the elements before him inorder to track down clues. There are not many fights to undertake to get loot, but there is a job. Ryo must use this job to fund his China trip and other things. A mini game to raise funds for his revenge plot. The battles do drive the plot instead of simply play as filler. There’s no spamming to level up because – guess what? There are NO levels. Ryo learns moves from various members of the game. From a spinning kick to a taichi palm strike, Ryo learns it all as he progresses through the game.

I forgot her name
One of the many characters Ryo runs into in Shenmue II

Why Shenmue Collection Deserves Your Attention

Why Shenmue Collection Deserves Your Attention
Shenmue III is shaping up to be the game Yu Suzuki will bring to the table

The Quick Time Events ( QTEs) stood out more than many games and they pulled it off. They’re bright and in your face. Sure – we’ve seen them before, but this feels like a standout for any RPG.  Quite a first for its’ time and it felt like a trendsetter. Shenmue did it first. Suzuki threw in some homages to his older project. Hang On and Space Harrier with a side of Virtual Fighter toys to boot. All these set up a callback to the yesteryear of Sega.

Why Shenmue Collection Deserves Your Attention Why Shenmue Collection Deserves Your Attention

In a world pf Battle Royale, seeing Shenmue get a well-requested resurrection, this September, ensures that companies are listening and there was a time where titles relied more on proper content than the promise of. Shenmue was about originality and the blending of two worlds. Will Shenmue 3 ever be released? answered:  Shenmue 3 will eventually be release and it will be worth the wait depending solely on its’ back story.


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