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Resident Evil 7 and The Reasons to Buy It

Resident Evil 7

In late January there was a  new release in the Resident Evil franchise –  Resident Evil 7. Some people were wild about it, but some people didn’t prioritize on getting this release.  Some of the past games left a foul taste for many fans of the series. Resident Evil 7 can change your mind completely though, with a new story and Playstation VR capability, this game can be an all new experience. If you have never heard of Resident Evil or never knew much about the franchise – don’t panic! This installment is completely fresh and there is no need to go into the history of “the Raccoon City’s incident” to get the plot of this latest horror game. Everything about this game will thrill newcomers and veterans alike, bringing them into this new fun,part of the series.

Resident Evil 7 Teaser: Beginning Hour_20160614122506

There has been a large amount of pause in the Resident Evil Franchise as the last release was years ago (2012) with  Resident Evil 6.  Side games released from Capcom since then, have included missing stories like Revelations(2012) and Revelations 2( 2015)  which have helped to sustain the franchise. In my opinion though, these did no justice to the series. It is just a fun cooperative action movie game.  That brings us to Resident Evil 7, where they have developed a new completely new story. The events in this plot happen years after Resident Evil 6. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (which is what Resident Evil 7 is called in Japan) has revived the franchise once again. In this blog, I will explain the who, what, where, when, and why in this series while showing some gameplay and what to look forward in this new heck of a game. I will also point some basic understanding to get a gist of what is going on and what exactly is Resident Evil 7.

Who are we in Resident Evil 7?

We play as a  regular civilian named Ethan Winters who’s wife has been missing for many years. He was recently given a tape with information regarding her whereabouts. As any loving man who’s wife has been missing for the past three years, he goes out to find her. The mystery starts to evolve as we find out that Mia was doing more than just nanny work.  Why she was missing was a whole other story that soon Ethan will learn and regret ever coming to where she was. At the Bakers nothing is normal and everything is a mystery, journeying through the unknown horror –  only fear and the will to live will drive you to escape this nightmare.


What is Going On in Resident Evil 7?

Since this is a Resident Evil game, as all in the franchise do, it likely involves chemicals or a virus that infects the body and exposes people to abnormal mutations. There are also usually Bio Organic Weapon or  B.O.W’s.  I do not wish to give any spoilers but that can lead to more information regarding what’s going on in the game. Ethan is unaware of any of this, but soon will learn the mystery behind it all. Completing this game will give some satisfying results and explanations to the mystery of the plot at hand.

Resident Evil 7

Where is Resident Evil 7 Happening?

We are playing as Ethan Winters who is drawn by a mysterious message from Mia his wife to a plantation located in Dulvey, Louisiana. Since his wife was missing for so many years with no information known, Ethan was tired of waiting and headed there himself.  He finally ends up at the Baker’s Residence where all the answers will soon be revealed.

Resident Evil 7

When is Resident Evil 7?

Resident Evil 7 is in Louisiana four years after Resident Evil 6’s incident. Located inside the Baker’s Residence and later leading to more areas . The “Incident of Raccoon City” has long passed and phenomena such as the outbreak of the zombies have ceased.  Not many know of the experiments that came out of Raccoon City. The time frame of this whole incident takes about a full two days according to my game play. There are more dates that lead to the importance of this plot but again no spoilers.

Resident Evil 7 and The Reasons to Buy It


Why are we doing this in Resident Evil 7?

The whole incident is later explained but initially this was all out of the Ethan’s love for his missing wife. Curiosity does kill the cat and boy this takes it to a whole new level. Upon arrival, you are trapped in this forsaken house with so many questions unanswered and what could have caused such chaos between these people. The ultimate “Why” is quite a surprise – You will enjoy the ending and piecing the mystery together.

Resident Evil 7 and The Reasons to Buy It

Resident Evil 7 Gameplay Review:

First off – Want to know what its like? Check out 5 minutes of  actual Resident Evil 7  Gameplay I made using my playthrough and turned it into a nice teaser trailer for you all to enjoy.  (Some minor spoilers in there)

Upon picking up Resident Evil 7 I was a bit more skeptical of this game, because like many others, the previous ones made me lose hope in the series. The lack of horror, suspense, and dread while trying to survive just has not been their in previous releases. Many of the past games felt like I was watching action movies or the horrid Resident Evil Live movies and boy I can’t stomach that any longer. With Revelations barely keeping me involved I was losing hope and then – Resident Evil 7 changed that. The story is its own and does not involve any of the previous characters. This provides a vast amount of plot opportunities that can lead this game to wherever you wish it to go and Capcom did exactly that. No more 3rd person! We are now in a first person view and also completely clueless – which creates the horror feel right away. The ability to only see what’s in front of you will keep you on edge and get you turning and carefully exploring around,  just to play it safe.

Resident Evil 7 Jump Scares

Will something sneak up behind you? (Which happened so many times in my case) or will you stumble upon a scenario without even seeing it coming?  Jump scares will happen…. A lot. I must say this is exactly what I missed in Resident Evil. That dread feeling when you walk down each hallway not knowing what can happen, or will I be able to fend myself against the enemy with what I have in my inventory. The game can get you lost at some points so paying attention and making sure you catch minor details of the area you are in is key to further succeeding. From the beginning to the end the whole objective of the game is to survive and get out and that is the true Resident Evil feeling we all know and love.

Resident Evil 7 and The Reasons to Buy It

Resident Evil 7 Controls

Regarding the Controls and Playability of the game.  it runs smoothly. Quite like many first-person shooters the game has that feel but with its own uniqueness of healing items and key items usages. The character is quite slow I will admit and do wish you can move just a little faster than normal. I know that was done purposely; to give you a challenge to see if you can escape from some enemies or not. Movement is a little stiff at times. Getting cornered is a common probability when facing enemies giving you that despair feeling when that happens. The controls and character playability go hand and hand and I overall I couldn’t complain with Capcom’s decisions.

Resident Evil 7 Final Thoughts

If you are into horror games and thirst for a good scare, without impossible challenges,  Resident Evil 7 is the game for you. Even if you have never played any of the resident evil games, not to worry. The latest input to this wonderful franchise is completely new and fresh to help any newcomer finally experience what it means to survive in fear. I recommend this game and score it as below after completing it last night. So head out and pick up a copy.  See if you can survive living with the Bakers!

Resident Evil 7 and The Reasons to Buy It


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