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Streetfighter - Street Fighter V's DLC Roster's cat's out the bag
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Street Fighter V’s DLC Roster’s cat’s out the bag

According to SRK, Street Fighter V’s DLC Roster’s cat’s out the bag. Alongside several player rankings, and tournament events in the Capcom Pro Tour, shows a list of many reveals for the first round to be additions to DLC:

  • Fan/Fun: a new character presumably.
  • Alex – Street Fighter III’s protagonist and current background character. Hasn’t had an appearance in playable rosters since Tatsunoko vs Capcom.
  • Guile – Charlie’s mentee and has been looking for him since Street Fighter II/Alpha 2. This would be the second game the two have both been a part of, as fighters, together.
  • Ibuki – Street Fighter III’s ninja. She’s had some extra appearances, including Street Fighter IV. Not to be killjoy, but I was hoping she’d sit this one out.
  • Balrog – a.k.a. Mi…. nevermind. A member of the Shadoloo big 4 and ex-champion. Fitting he’d make an appearance since Vega is confirmed.
  • Juri – Street Fighter IV character who’s practically switching sides at the drop of a hat. Not really a choice on my account.
  • Urien – Street Fighter III’s henchman of the Illuminati. According the Nash, Urien does have something to do with Charlie’s new form.
Here Comes A New Background Character In Street Fighter V

All on the beta audio files. This looks like a familiar situation for Capcom. Next to the mysterious last new character(speculation being a character named Zen), there’s alot to be said about the post launch DLCs. 6 of them, with 3 of them from Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter III series. Fan/Fun could possibly be the last launch character to come as the last new character. As the week went on, even character alternative colors were brought out from the hack leak. While not as cool as Ultimate MVC 3, some of the alternatives are quite cool so far. Hear the roster for yourself… which was taken down recently. I don’t blame Capcom: those hackers have done this before.

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Outside of that, there will be more stress tests to follow for Capcom’s fighter. Themes for each character have also been unleashed by producer Tomoaki Ayano. All with the familiar items from their original scores. Birdie’s seems to be my favorite next to Karin’s.

While the fisticuffs haven’t officially started, twitchers like Maximillian are already on the jump with gameplay vids of the next fighter. With a couple of months to go before the big launch, Ono has a couple of other announcements to drop on the unsuspecting Fighting Game community as the Pro Tour rolls on. GameStart 2015 will have Ayano and Ono to discuss some things with the game an hour away from the final matches of Capcom Pro Tours Asia tonight. Which could also mean something, too.

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Street Fighter V is still coming to PS 4 and PC on February 16, 2016 as a bit of an exclusive with cross console play. As to the nature of how V will progress, when it comes to console exclusivity, that is still probably up to time itself. As to where V fits in the continuity, 4-3 is probably the best guess. Only Square and Capcom can deduce this.

Is this really the first year’s DLC roster?

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