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Much A-don’t About Street Fighter V’s Laura Matsuda reveal

Winding down to the last few character reveals of latest PC/PS4 Street Fighter sequel, Street Fighter V, and there’s already drama. No: Chun Li and Cammy aren’t going at it yet again. This is 2010s: the two made up since Super. We’re talking about Street Fighter V. The last few additions, to Street Fighter V, were a bit more warm-received compared to this weekend’s cold twitter reaction from SF V’s Ono to a leak from a certain gaming publication.

You see this woman grabbing Ryu in Famitsu’s leaked shots? That’s Laura Matsuda, the next reveal who was meant to be showing face at the Brazil Game Show. Actually, she was there. Life-size-statue “Laura Matsuda” there. Perfect timing with the new Rio stage in the background.

Apparently, she was revealed earlier by Famitsu, who was meant to just show the coming of V’s Zangief, the bear-wrastling Street Fighter vet, who’s probably been in almost every sequel since 2(minus the 3 series). According to Eventhubs, Laura practices Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Back to SFV’s executive producer Yoshinori Ono having some choice words to say about this via his twitter account:

“I have been stabbed from behind..However I’m thinking about working hard on @EGSmexico @BrasilGameShow NY comic-con.Plz get out of my way…”

Alot of plans are going into this new title. Each release of Street Fighter V information seems to have a expected windows for the characters. For Famitsu, one of the most respected Japanese game sources, to jump the gun was not the best move for the Laura Matsuda reveal. Especially not approved by Ono himself or Capcom for that matter. Back to Laura, though:

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With a bit of spark in her step, Laura’s got a projectile and several quick command throws holds to spread the gospel of the Matsuda Jiu-Jitsu style around the world. According to, there is speculation that she IS Sean’s older sister. I don’t REALLY see the resemblance, though. Laura’s normals haven’t been brought out a lot yet, but her super seems to put herself more into our green friend’s corner. Her V-Trigger, Spark Show, gets the stun damage attached to everything Laura throws out. Some of the normals seen did strike a resemblance to Capoeira. Next to C. Viper and Juri’s presence in IV, Laura might be a decent matchup against the two femme fatales here in Street Fighter V. T It’s good to see a new art and possible influences, from other sources, come to life in the Street Fighter series.

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sfv_character_art_-_lauraAs to how and why she’s “electric”? guess we’ll find out soon enough in Spring 2016. Lucky NYCC visitors get to try her out, alongside the current reveals, this weekend. Cross platform play between PC and PS4, new fighters, and sadly not abusing the intense 3 decade roster. We’re looking at about 100+ characters licensed and/or unlicensed by Capcom and UDON Comics. Not to mention Arika’s 90s stint trilogy EX series. Then again, I COULD BE MISTAKEN!

The last few reveals, for Street Fighter V, have been mostly from the Alpha pile when it came to returns, which kind of throws Street Fighter V into more of the post Alpha 3 pile. History does show that timing to what’s canon and not happens in the Street Fighter series. Alpha 23 brought back the entire Super Street Fighter 2 roster. Anything can happen, and those who aren’t specified as “dead” usually have a tendency to re-appear into the fisticuffs. Take Gen, the assassin who’s pretty much meant to be dead now – comes back in IV! Yet, Charlie’s new control device(also shown in the new UDON feature “The Life and Death(s) of Charlie Nash” hardcover Street Fighter V tie-in) might give away a bit more of a hint to something else that Street Fighter fans are more familiar with, which would put this game more inline with New Generation‘s narrative. Still, if the reveal cycle shows a pattern, perhaps we’ll be seeing someone “illuminus” pretty soon in Street Fighter V.

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That being said, I’ll just fire up III: Double Impact on my DreamCast and envy all you lucky ComiCon goers touching Street Fighter V now.

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