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GameOfThroneTellTaleReview - Game Of Throne: A Telltale Game Review
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Game Of Throne: A Telltale Game Review

Yeah.. I’m one of those people. I read A Song of Ice and Fire well before Game Of Thrones was even a thing. I have absorbed countless books, websites and profiles about the world about ASOIAF. The more I can get the better. The same goes for a lot of you. Game Of Thrones just won 12 Emmy Awards which is more than any other single series in a single year has won. So… How does the game hold up compared to the epic presence that is set in the World of Westoros?

First things first… Nothing is going to get spoiled playing this game. Well ok yeah some of it if you have never watched any of the Game of Thrones Series. The game follows a different set of characters and a different story path than the show/books. It does magically tie in various characters from the show and use the voice acting of many of the same actors. They also look like the actors from the show. This really helps you feel like you are involved in the series and makes it super fun to play. The artwork is awesome. Vivid lush landscapes and envrioments, some from the show, some created just for here.  The background sounds are great and the voice acting matches up. You will feel a part of the world of Game of Thrones.whitehill

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I’ve played the other released 2012 Game of Thrones published by Atlus.  It also follows the story of GOT with some voice actors, in a different story line. But fighting, options, and errors will plentiful. It made the experience not very fun. That game is interesting but had serious game mechanic flaws So I was really happy to see the Telltale game being released.

Telltale games offer time sensitive choices and various prompts to determine the outcome of the story. They are “choose your own adventure” for the video game age. They are kind of awesome. You want to play the eviler side of the character? You can. You want to be noble all the time. Choose away! There will be a prompt on the screen and you will have a few moments to select your desired outcome. The series is broken down into chapters which means you have to wait a bit between episodes. More and more game companies are choosing this type of release for Adventure style

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I’ve played a few of these different Telltale games from The Walking Dead to The Wolf Among Us. I will say I found the choices in this one to matter less than previous episodes. Almost to the point of not mattering much at all.

It still is amazing to get involved in the actual story and open up yet another part of the amazing Westeros world. If you are a fan of the series and enjoy the show, why not step on into the world and try out how you would do in the Game where you Live or Die.

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Currently we are on Episode 5 with one more to go in the season pass. It’s available for 29.99$ from Gog here (af)

I was provided with a demo copy of the game to review.

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