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Witch It Review – Hide and Seek Multiplayer Game

Can you hide as one of the many props from the hunters till the time runs out?

Let’s get into this Witch It Review.

What Is Witch It?

Witch It is a multiplayer hide and seek game set in a very fun, magical cartoon world.

If you ever played Prop Hunt, a popular Call of Duty Modern Warfare mod, this game is the spooky version of it. One team plays as the witches, who have the ability to transform into any of the items around whimsical maps, the other team is Hunters, throwing potatoes at props around the map, as they hunt for the witches. It is a simple fun witch hiding game. All in all, it makes for short, enjoyable games of hide and seek mayhem.

Who Makes Witch It?

Witch It Is made by German developers Barrel Roll Games. Witch It is their main game.

Witch It Gameplay2020 10 26 1 - Witch It Review - Hide and Seek Multiplayer Game


Witch It Review

The game is pretty straightforward. You have a few moments to change the various spells for your witch or hunter and everyone readies up. At level 1 you only have the basic skills, but as you continue to play you will be able to change these skills around.

Then the game starts, placing you randomly on team Witches or team Hunters. As a witch, you get about 20 seconds to run around and figure out which prop you want to be, and where you want to hide. After 20 seconds, the hunters are released from their room and the potato chucking starts.

Witches don’t just hide. They also can fly, sneak, use decoys, and more. Waiting as the witch can be a bit boring when the game first starts, but not for long. Soon there will be many hunters narrowing down your location. Each witch that gets found will also turn into a hunter.

The small maps mean it won’t be long before a hunter is zoning into your hiding location. One skill many hunters use is the AOE chicken, which will show an exclamation mark when a witch is in the area.

If you are stealthy enough, you are able to move as the witch or a prop and find a different hiding area. Eventually, after roughly 3 minutes, the round will end with either all the witches caught or not. The winning team will get some bonus points in your quest to level. Each round from start to finish is about 5 minutes. There are some tutorials to watch if you want to get a bit more detail about the various game modes.

Playing as the hunter is less stressful. You can throw your AOE detect chicken and move around the map looking for the movement of props and witches. You will want to constantly chuck potatoes at absolutely everything you see.

Witch It MapsWitchitroof e1603744948894 - Witch It Review - Hide and Seek Multiplayer Game

There are many maps to play on. They are also adding more in. Each map has a theme to it and many different props for you to hide in. There are tons of maps. This is good because the same few maps over and over would get rather dull. There are official maps as well as custom-made ones from fans of the game. At the end of each round the group votes on which map is next. Some maps are much harder than others and you should remember to choose skills that match the map you are on once you get a bit more familiar with the game. Let’s continue on this witch it review.

Witch It Prop Collection

2020 10 24 9 - Witch It Review - Hide and Seek Multiplayer Game

There are tons of props on the maps, and you can try and collect them all! From the main menu, you can see all the things you have collected and still have to collect. Each time you turn into one of these props you will receive a notification that you have found another prop from this map.  A nice additional little game for the achievement people out there.

Witch It Game Modes

There are also several game modes, but during this early release, I’m sad to say not many modes besides the main “Mobifiication” were working. I did wait for a good 20 minutes and finally got to play a “Fill The Pot- FTP” mode, unfortunately, one of my team members immediately disconnected the second the game started.

This game mode is way harder, requiring you to activate each caldron and then fill it with a random requested prop, all while the hunters are still chasing you. It is a much harder game mode and I hope once the game fully launches to see more options to play it. Many of the players are also currently from the EU and HK regions too. The community is currently very helpful, and non-toxic. Even after getting caught, you are now a part of the other team with new goals,  so you don’t see many people raging out. There definitely is some strategy to the game using the various skills and finding some of the cooler hidden spots. There is also a fair amount of luck. 🙂

Craft Your Way to Cosmetics!

Each round gives you various items that you can craft into cool rare cosmetics that you can unlock for your witch and your hunter. The game also has different events depending on the season like the current Halloween Witch It event.

Witch It Review Final Thoughts

Witch it is a whimsical hide and seek game that allows you to easily pop in for a few games of enjoyable hunting in a short time. With a quick Hide and seek Witch It match game taking roughly 5 minutes to play, lots of different skills, maps, and props to play around with the game is sure to be an indie hit. Much like the Call of Duty version, this witch it prop hunt game is great fun! If you are looking for a multiplayer game you can play with your friends that lacks the rage associated with many of PVP you see today, give Witch It review a try.

Check it out on Steam right now.

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