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Kiwi Design Battery Head Strap Review
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Kiwi Design Battery Head Strap Review – Compatible with Quest 2

Extra long battery life and gaming sesssions

I recently received the Kiwi Design Battery Head Strap Compatible with Quest 2 and was excited to see how the extra battery could add to my VR experience. As a devoted VR enthusiast, I often found myself frustrated with the Quest 2’s battery life, especially during extended gaming sessions. Can the Kiwi Design Battery Head Strap still be comfortable while providing that much-needed additional battery life?

1 Minute Review of the Kiwi Design Head Strap with Battery

If you are looking to replace your Quest 2 headstrap with the default one that comes with the unit, the Kiwi Design battery strap is a great choice to consider. It offers superior build quality, nice comfortable materials, easy charge access, and additional battery time. The price is reasonable compared to other ones on the market.

Kiwi Battery Head Strap

What Is in the Box?

In the box, you get the new head strap with a built-in battery, the back/top foam pad, a cleaning cloth, a cable management clip-on, an instruction manual, and safety and warranty information.

Installation – How to put a Kiwi Head Strap on an Oculus?

Installation of the unit is fast and easy. It can feel a little stressful to be popping the headset pieces off and on, but it really is no issue and can be accomplished in 6 steps.

  1. Snap the back pad bracket into the rear battery strap according to the corresponding L and R marks.IMG 20230810 161214 - Kiwi Design Battery Head Strap Review - Compatible with Quest 2
  2. Pull off the facial interface from the Quest 2 headset.IMG 20230810 164047 - Kiwi Design Battery Head Strap Review - Compatible with Quest 2
  3. Align the side straps with the arms of the headset and snap them on by applying pressure on the strap.IMG 20230810 164004 - Kiwi Design Battery Head Strap Review - Compatible with Quest 2
  4. Place the top strap through the top bracket on the Quest 2 headset and fasten.IMG 20230810 164112 - Kiwi Design Battery Head Strap Review - Compatible with Quest 2
  5. Reinsert the facial interface and snap it into the Quest 2 headset.IMG 20230810 164210 - Kiwi Design Battery Head Strap Review - Compatible with Quest 2
  6. Plug the cable from the Kiwi Battery Headstrap into the Quest 2 headset and then charge via the back or the headstrap.IMG 20230810 164218 - Kiwi Design Battery Head Strap Review - Compatible with Quest 2

You can then attach the cable management clip to the arm strap as well. Turn the back nob to adjust for your head size and adjust the top strap to fit your head. All set up to start VR gaming.

Design and Build Quality of Kiwi Design Battery Head Strap

If you have purchased any Kiwi Design product you know that from the moment you open the box, everything included is top-of-the-line quality. Even the box is thick and well-padded to make sure that your headset will arrive in style and not damaged.

IMG 20230810 160839 - Kiwi Design Battery Head Strap Review - Compatible with Quest 2

I have purchased cheaper VR head straps from Amazon and Aliexpress and many of them are cheap 3D prints that don’t quite fit things on the Quest 2 and worse yet, can frequently break after using a short time. Don’t waste your time on these cheaper headstrap versions. They are not worth it.

The Kiwi head strap is of superior quality. Everything is smooth and well-designed. The back padding is extra soft pleather-like material with a memory foam core. The top strap also has a soft memory foam padding on it to help with weight load. The knob and plastic parts are well-designed and perfectly fit on the Quest 2 without issue.

The side straps have undergone intense testing, stating over 10,000 bending cycles without breaking. After my month of usage, I can agree that grabbing by the strap or pulling it off my head has not caused any cracks or issues.

sidestraps - Kiwi Design Battery Head Strap Review - Compatible with Quest 2

There is also a hinge located on the headstrap that will allow you to till just the front part of the headset up to 52 degrees when it is on your head. This means if you need to talk to someone in your room, grab a drink, or check out where the dog and cat are, you can easily do so without removing the whole headset. A very convenient and nice feature.

How Much More Playtime and Battery Life from the Kiwi Battery Head Strap?

The Kiwi Battery Headstrap includes a 6,400mAh battery that will extend your Quest 2 playtime by anywhere from 2.5 – 5 hours depending on usage.

You also get the ability to charge the headset from the back headstrap battery instead of the side port on the Quest 2.

How Comfortable is it?

This headstrap is COMFORTABLE.

oculus quest 2 head strap with battery 5 - Kiwi Design Battery Head Strap Review - Compatible with Quest 2

I had frequently seen users posting online about how the battery at the back offers weight balance to the heavy front Quest 2 unit, but I didn’t think it would matter all that much. After using the Kiwi head strap for a month, I can definitely say I enjoy less weight pulling on the front of my face while using this strap.

IMG 20230810 164241 - Kiwi Design Battery Head Strap Review - Compatible with Quest 2

The padded top strap also helps with longer gaming sessions by reducing the pressure of the unit on the top of your head.

How Do You Change a Kiwi Battery Strap?

Charging the battery In the Kiwi Battery Strap is easy and done by plugging in a USB-C cable into the top of the headset.  This will change both the battery AND your Quest 2 headset, starting by changing the Quest 2 headset first.

IMG 20230810 164227 - Kiwi Design Battery Head Strap Review - Compatible with Quest 2

This is a helpful feature of the headstrap. Some users have reported issues with their charging ports on the Quest 2 which is caused by jiggling and loosening the Quest 2 charging port. The Kiwi headstrap allows you to change just the strap point instead. You can also tell how much battery life the head strap has without having to put the head strap on.

Kiwi Battery Head Strap Review Price and Value

Buy On Amazon
KIWI design Comfort Battery Head Strap Compatible with Quest 2
2,600 Reviews
KIWI design Comfort Battery Head Strap Compatible with Quest 2
  • Luxurious Comfort: KIWI design battery head strap features soft and thick cushions on the top and back, along with a perfectly counterweighted battery pack and ergonomic design, providing unparalleled comfort while wearing
  • Simultaneous Charging: With our plug-and-charge design battery elite strap, you can hassle-freely charge both the headset and battery strap simultaneously with a single cable, saving time and effort. It ensures your headset is always ready to go and perfect for frequent VR users. NOTE: NOT Compatible with our RGB Vertical Charging Stand
  • Safety-First Battery: Built-in 6400mAh industrial-rank high-energy-density battery, which is certified for safety and works with enhanced efficiency. Get an additional 2.5-5 hours of VR time (depending on the apps) when fully charged
  • Improved Side Straps: Our VR headset has a durable and sturdy eco-friendly polymer side strap that can bend up to 10,000 times. And a 52° adjustable hinge design allows for effortless wearing and taking off by flipping up the headset
  • It's important to make sure the battery cable is securely plugged into your headset until a reassuring click sound. Normally the indicator LEDs should turn on once the cable is plugged in place

The price of the Kiwi Battery Head Strap can fluctuate but is generally around $79 USD. There are lots of different replacement head straps on the market including Meta’s Official head strap with a battery (we do not recommend) that costs $119USD. There are also lots of cheap, poorly designed-knockoffs that you will likely regret buying.

You can also purchase this battery headstrap with our WOGS 5% coupon directly from Kiwi Design if you don’t like using Amazon here.

The build quality, increased playtime, and sleek design of the Kiwi Battery HeadStrap are worth the additional price compared to the other units on the market.

Final Thoughts on Kiwi Battery Strap Review. Is the Kiwi Strap worth it?

Yes, this Kiwi headstrap with battery is totally worth it!

We received this product for free to review, but thoughts as always, are our own.
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I have the Kiwi headstrap and it is very comfortable. I am having an issue with actually using the battery in the strap. I have it plugged into the Quest 2 side port but when the headset battery gets low the battery on the headstrap doesn’t kick in and I have to charge the headset. Don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I have tried pushing the plug in as much as I can. I read somewhere you have to push it in pretty hard but no luck. Can anyone offer any suggestions?


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