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Propagation: Paradise Hotel Review

Propagation: Paradise Hotel Review

Can you escape the Zombie filled hotel in this VR horror game?

Let’s get started on this Propagation: Paradise Hotel Review.

What is Propagation: Paradise Hotel?

Propagation: Paradise Hotel is a survival horror game. You play as Emily Diaz, a staff member at the Paradise Hotel. You will explore the dark, zombie-filled corridors, solve simple exploration puzzles, and try and make it to the roof so you can escape.

Wanadev - Propagation: Paradise Hotel ReviewWho Makes Propagation: Paradise Hotel?

Propagation: Paradise Hotel is developed by WanadevStudio. They are a developer from France. They have made a few other VR experiences including Ragnarock VR, Propagation VR, and Yucatan.

Which VR Headsets Can You Play Propagation: Paradise Hotel On?

You can play Propagation: Paradise Hotel on Steam VR, PlayStationVR, and Meta Quest 2.

Steam Logo 1 - Propagation: Paradise Hotel Review PlayStation vr e1614481141175 - Propagation: Paradise Hotel Review MetaQuestLogo - Propagation: Paradise Hotel Review

Propagation: Paradise Hotel Review Gameplay

20230505152322 1 - Propagation: Paradise Hotel Review

Propagation Paradise Hotel certainly creates a spooky survival horror atmosphere. You can tell almost immediately that the developers take a lot of influence from old-school Resident Evil. Those who appreciate that retro survival horror gaming style will feel right at home here, from the first aid spray to opening cabinets and doors to how your gun loads Paradise Hotel makes you feel the nostalgia.

You start out in a kitchen where you have been hiding out for a few days. There is a very basic tutorial for grabbing items and moving around as well as how to shoot a gun. You are then thrust into the story of the Hotel and trying to escape.

There is a detailed inventory, journal, and map screen and this is helpful to figure out what you should be focusing on next. The map will update in real-time and show which doors you have tried to access and which you still need to check out.

The journal section is also helpful in case you are not sure where you should be focusing your attention.

The Inventory screen is a typical stash bag. You will pretty regularly need to pull ammo, batteries, and antiseptic from it. Then you must place these into the gun, flashlight, or first aid spray.

20230510141932 1 - Propagation: Paradise Hotel Review

The VR controls in the game seem quite good and natural. There is a turned-on grab function by default. As you get close to a door or closed drawer and press the appropriate buttons it kind of floats into your hand and moves in a way you expect it to in real life. There are A LOT of bad or frustrating opening-door experiences in VR, so it’s nice to see that the developers got this part right.

There are a few dialog scenes, but you will mostly be looking for keys to locked doors, and collecting items like batteries and bullets.

There is also a fun little side game of collecting this purple octopus-like toy. There are 30 to find as you explore around and some are in quite hidden little spots. Just a nice little side addition.

20230517104436 1 - Propagation: Paradise Hotel Review

Propagation: Paradise Hotel Graphics and Sound

The game looks quite beautiful on Steam VR. There are lots of details and textures in your surroundings that make you feel like you are truly trying to escape a fancy old hotel. The developers did an awesome job of adding in tons of dark atmosphere to have things bounce out from behind the doors. There are so many dead bodies laying around that you will need to walk over, that it makes for a truly terrifying experience when one of them actually moves and jumps at you.

The sound design is also exceptionally well done, with a full surround sound experience that can create spooky experiences happening right behind you.

Propagation: Paradise Hotel Bugs

Perhaps the biggest “bug” is pretty early on I found that when a Zombie wakes up and starts chasing me, I simply need to return to the safe room and it will immediately disappear.

20230517155934 1 - Propagation: Paradise Hotel Review

Although I understand in principle that this is the point of a save room, it seemed weird and wrong that the zombie just immediately was gone the second I crossed that room line. Once you realize you can just run back to safety in a few minutes a lot of the spooky factor is removed from the experience.

Another thing to note, even if you kill a zombie and it’s dead and no longer attacking you, it can somehow magically return to life and start attacking you again. This is pretty frustrating as there doesn’t seem to be any particular reason that the zombie you headshot to death can attack you 10 minutes later once again.

20230510140906 1 - Propagation: Paradise Hotel Review

Propagation: Paradise Hotel Really Cool Stuff

Propagation does a really good job of creating some pretty intense and spooky moods. When the zombies start running at you they tend to get right in your face. Anything that is right in your face in VR is sure to get your fear factor up. There is also a general sense of unease and dread.

This is partly due to the amazing surround sound and partly due to the extremely dark corridors and rooms that you will navigate. Is that a chair in the distance or another zombie that will jump at you?

There is a really tense moment when zombies are coming at your from every angle and you don’t know which way they are even coming from. The sense of overwhelming dread is real as you try and shoot and punch them away. It’s a really well-done moment of VR terror.

Propagation: Paradise Hotel Multiplayer Experience

There is no multiplayer experience in Propagation Paradise Hotel at this time.

M For MatureWho Will Enjoy Playing Propagation: Paradise Hotel?

Propagation: Paradise Hotel is rated M for Mature. This game is set in a zombie apocalypse involving zombies, human corpses, and mutant monsters. It contains violence, gore, horror, and mature language, and is not recommended for players under 18.

This game has a real survival horror component and is full of job scares and intense moments.

What Games are similar to Propagation: Paradise Hotel?

Propagation: Paradise Hotel is similar to old-school Resident Evil. It even copies several of the gameplay elements from those games. Similar VR Games would be Resident Evil 4, Surv1v3, and The Exorcist VR.

How long is Propagation: Paradise Hotel?

Propagation Paradise Hotel can be completed in about 3- 4 hours. This makes it a pretty short experience and is a downside of the game. Once you feel like you are starting to get into the game, things wrap up.

Can you play Propagation: Paradise Hotel Sitting Down?

Yes! Propagation: Paradise Hotel can be played sitting down although you still need some room to grab items off your chest like the gun, first aid spray, and flashlight. You can also play it standing. You do not need a large play space or room movement.

SittingVR 1 - Propagation: Paradise Hotel ReviewStandingVR 1 - Propagation: Paradise Hotel Review

Does Propagation: Paradise Hotel cause motion sickness?


Propagation: Paradise Hotel has in-game movement. Teleportation is automatically turned on, but you also have the ability to use free-movement. They also offer instant snap turning to adjust as well. Change these settings if you feel any uncomfortable motion sickness feelings.

Propagation: Paradise Hotel is Moderate for Motion Sickness but should be fine for most players when using in-game settings.

Is Propagation: Paradise Hotel Worth It? Final Thoughts On Propagation: Paradise Hotel Review.

Yes! Propagation: Paradise Hotel is Worth it.

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