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EdgeFUllKitReviewMain - EDGE Full Kit Review by Rolling Square - Enhance Your Laptop Experience

EDGE Full Kit Review by Rolling Square – Enhance Your Laptop Experience

Add dual screens, wireless charging and webcam light to your laptop with ease.

Let’s get started on the EDGE full kit review.

Edge Full Kit Review from Rolling Square

In a world where laptops have become more popular, I’ve often wondered if there was a way to quickly and easily add a second screen to my laptop experience. What faster way to add one, than your already existing smartphone?

Enter the EDGE Full Kit. This simple kit allows you to quickly and easily add your smartphone right next to your laptop screen to help increase productivity.

One of the standout features of the EDGE Full Kit is its ability to provide hands-free phone accessibility. By securely mounting your phone or tablet next to your laptop screen, you can extend your display and have important information readily available at eye level. This setup is particularly beneficial for professionals, students, or anyone who requires quick access to multiple applications, documents, or communication tools simultaneously.

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Pieces included in the EDGE Full Kit

There are several boxes and pieces included in the kit.

Edge Mount

The first one is the EDGE Mount. This is the bread and butter of the kit. This oval mount attaches to the back of your laptop (in a spot where you choose) to allow you to mount your phone or the light that comes in the kit.

EdgeFullKitReview - EDGE Full Kit Review by Rolling Square - Enhance Your Laptop Experience

It comes with some cardboard mounting inserts, a powerful magnet to attach to your phone or tablet, some adhesives, a removal tool, as well as the mount itself.

This is pretty straightforward to use. Simply select a spot you want to attach the mount to on your laptop or tablet and add it to the back. You can then use the included cardboard cutouts to help center the magnet onto the back of your phone or tablet. I didn’t care about this being “perfectly straight” so I just kind of winged it when placing it on my phone.

The magnet attached quickly and easily to the back of my phone and I was able to have my laptop’s second screen up and running in a matter of minutes after opening the box.EDGE 24 - EDGE Full Kit Review by Rolling Square - Enhance Your Laptop Experience

Edge Wireless Charger

The Edge Wireless Charger attaches to the Edge mount and allows you to charge your device while it is showing as a second screen.

The kit comes with the Wireless charger with an attached USB cable, another magnet to stick to your phone, and some more cardboard mounting items.

The EDGE Wireless Charger in the kit adds a layer of convenience. You can effortlessly charge your phone while working without the hassle of cables or searching for an available power outlet. This feature is particularly beneficial for individuals constantly on the go or those who need to keep their devices charged during long work or study sessions.

Once again setup is pretty straightforward. Simply place the magnet on the part of your phone that allows wireless charging and you are good to go.IMG 20230603 WA0005 - EDGE Full Kit Review by Rolling Square - Enhance Your Laptop Experience

A note here, when I placed this magnet on my phone, waited the required amount of time, and then tried to attach it to the Edge wireless charger, the magnet promptly fell off the back of my phone and stuck to the magnet. I followed all the instructions so not sure why this happened or if it was a one-off.

I actually got some super glue and re-attached the magnet and then it worked, but I thought I would note it here.

EDGE Light

The final piece of the Edge Full Kit is the Edge Light.

This small disc with a removable USB-C cord can greatly brighten up your Zoom meetings or game-streaming time. The light offers 280 Lumens of brightness. There is also a button on the side that offers 3 different levels of light to find the right amount you might need.

IMG 20230503 170522 - EDGE Full Kit Review by Rolling Square - Enhance Your Laptop Experience

The EDGE Light ensures a well-lit workspace, even in dimly lit environments. This is especially useful during Zoom meetings or video calls, as it eliminates shadows and enhances your visibility on camera, contributing to a more professional and polished appearance.

You can attach it to the edge mount, but not if the wireless charger or your phone is connected.

This is a slightly odd choice that the team did not include a 2nd edge mount in the kit so that you could have both your phone and the light attached to edge mounts at the same time. If you want to utilize the kit you might want to purchase a separate mount.IMG 20230603 182445 - EDGE Full Kit Review by Rolling Square - Enhance Your Laptop Experience

Review of the Rolling SquareEdge Full Kit

Once I got passed the setup, having the option to place my phone next to my laptop became extremely useful while traveling. I found myself using different features on the phone like music, email, or even certain spreadsheets and documents.

It was also super helpful in meetings, as I was able to still see the participants of the meeting while showing a spreadsheet on my main laptop screen.

The light also makes a real difference in meetings. Even without a second edge mount, simply placing it at a spot on your desk can add the increased lighting you need for meetings in an easy way.EDGE 08 - EDGE Full Kit Review by Rolling Square - Enhance Your Laptop Experience

The wireless charger was the stand-out feature for me though. I now can quickly and easily have my phone next to my laptop being charged while I’m working. I have noticed my productivity increase significantly.

It should be noted that although I focused on a phone and laptop experience here, there is no reason you couldn’t use this with a desktop PC or tablet as well.

Final Thoughts on the Rolling Square Edge Full Kit Review

The Rolling Square EDGE Full Kit is a versatile and practical laptop accessory that brings a new level of convenience and productivity to your work and study sessions. With its mount, EDGE Full Kit allows for easy dual-screen usage, efficient multitasking, and improved information accessibility. Additionally, it includes the EDGE Light with 280 lumens and the EDGE Wireless Charger, further enhancing its utility.EDGE 19 - EDGE Full Kit Review by Rolling Square - Enhance Your Laptop Experience

Overall, the EDGE Full Kit is an exceptional laptop and desktop accessory that significantly enhances productivity, efficiency, and convenience. With its phone mount, dual-screen capability, EDGE Light, and Wireless Charger, it offers a comprehensive solution for those seeking an optimized work or study environment. Whether you’re a student, professional, or someone who frequently uses a laptop for various tasks, the EDGE Full Kit is a valuable investment that can truly transform your laptop experience.

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