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Arizona Sunshine 2 Review

Arizona Sunshine 2 Review

All the co-op zombies!

Let’s get started on this Arizona Sunshine 2 review.

What Is Arizona Sunshine 2?

Vertigo GamesGet ready to immerse yourself in a post-apocalyptic world teeming with the undead in Arizona Sunshine 2. Developed by Vertigo Games, this highly anticipated sequel to the original Arizona Sunshine takes the zombie-shooting VR experience to new heights. Brace yourself for intense action, gripping storytelling, and a visceral encounter with the zombie apocalypse.

Vertigo Games has also created several other popular VR game titles including the 7th Guest, Another Fishermans Tale and After the Fall.

Which VR Headsets Can You Play Arizona Sunshine 2 On?

You can play Arizona Sunshine 2 on Steam VR, PlayStationVR, and Meta Quest.

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Arizona Sunshine 2 Gameplay: A Zombie Shooter’s Paradise

Arizona Sunshine 2 delivers an exhilarating gameplay experience that will satisfy zombie shooter enthusiasts and newcomers alike. The mechanics build upon the original’s success, offering intuitive controls and responsive gunplay in VR. Armed with an arsenal of weapons, players will face hordes of incoming zombies in various environments, from desolate deserts to claustrophobic urban spaces as you move through the campaign story with your trusty dog.

The game introduces new challenges and enemy types, keeping the gameplay fresh and engaging. The cooperative multiplayer mode allows players to team up with friends, adding a social dynamic to the zombie-slaying mayhem. Whether you prefer solo survival or cooperative carnage, Arizona Sunshine 2 offers a shooter’s paradise in VR.

The story is a typical zombie survival story where you must navigate through various locations, unlock doors, find supplies, and achieve your zombie hunting goals.

Yellow cartoon letters will appear at certain key points in the story and help direct you with what to do next. This is extremely helpful and can add a sense of tension.

Buddy, your trusty dog, is also a key highlight. You can direct this dog to take out some zombies with the B button. There is a crafting component where, at certain locations, you can make bombs and mulitoves. You simply need to select the item and then push the two things together. Kinda neat, but you can only hold one additional item (including a health item) so found myself caring less about this as gameplay went on.

Visuals and Audio: Immersive Apocalyptic Realism

Vertigo Games has spared no effort in creating a visually stunning and immersive apocalyptic world. The graphics are a testament to the advancements in VR visuals, with detailed environments, threatening zombies, and atmospheric lighting intensifying the sense of dread. There is a moment where you can pick up a cigar or cigarette, light it, and have it stay in your mouth as you play the game.


As you eat food, you bring it up to your face. There is an immersiveness here that allows you to interact with almost every item you see, including the ability to push shopping carts, throw beer bottles, and chuck tin cans into zombies’ heads. VR enhances the feeling of doom, making every encounter with the undead pulse-pounding and visceral.

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Complementing the visuals is an outstanding audio design. The haunting sounds of the zombie horde, the echoes of gunshots, and the immersive soundtrack create an atmospheric experience that pulls players deeper into the apocalyptic setting. The synergy of visuals and audio contributes to the realism and intensity of the zombie encounters.

Bugs: A Few Undead Glitches

While Arizona Sunshine 2 provides a polished experience, players might encounter occasional minor bugs. I got stuck behind some boxes momentarily, for example. These glitches, though not pervasive, can momentarily disrupt the immersion. Vertigo Games is committed to addressing player concerns through updates, ensuring a smoother and more refined experience.

Reloading guns could sometimes be tricky. You could drop ammo on the floor, and it might clip through the floor and disappear.

Standout Features: Evolving the Undead Experience

Arizona Sunshine 2 stands out for its commitment to evolving the zombie-shooting experience in VR. Introducing new gameplay elements, enhanced graphics, and cooperative multiplayer features showcase the developer’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in VR gaming. The game successfully builds upon the foundation of the original, offering a sequel that feels both familiar and refreshingly innovative.

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Multiplayer Experience: Battling the Undead Together

One of the standout features of Arizona Sunshine 2 is its cooperative multiplayer mode. There are few campaign multiplayer experiences in VR, and this is definitely a great feature. Join forces with friends to battle the undead together, sharing the thrills and challenges of the zombie apocalypse. Cooperative play adds a layer of strategy and camaraderie, turning the game into a shared adventure that zombie shooter fans will relish.

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Definitely made for a more fun experience. The narrative soundtrack that goes along with the campaign does not notice that you have more than one person playing (“We will have to do this alone, dog”), but this is a minor detail.

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There was also no explanation for what would happen during multiplayer death. You just had to wait until the other player died or progressed far enough it would seem. Some visual indicators here instead of just disappearing would help.

There is also a horde mode where you take on endless waves of zombies when you get tired of the campaign.

M For MatureWho Will Enjoy Playing Arizona Sunshine 2?

Arizona Sunshine 2 is rated M for Mature. This is not a game for kids with blood, gore, language, alcohol, and tobacco.

Arizona Sunshine 2 caters to a broad audience of VR gamers. Zombie shooter enthusiasts seeking intense and immersive action will find the game to be a thrilling experience. Fans of the original Arizona Sunshine will appreciate the series’ evolution, while the accessible yet engaging gameplay will draw in newcomers to the zombie-shooting genre.

Anyone looking for a detailed adventure shooter will enjoy this experience.

Similar VR games would be Zombieland VR, SurV1v3, and The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners.

Conclusion: Is Arizona Sunshine 2 Worth It?

Yes! Arizona Sunshine 2 is worth it. The game is a thrilling and immersive zombie odyssey that elevates the VR zombie-shooting genre to new heights.

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