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The Seventh Guest VR Review

The 7th Guest VR Review- Classic adventure game remade for spooky fun

Get your 90's video game remake on in VR

Let’s get started on this The 7th Guest VR Review.

What is The 7th Guest VR?

The 7th Guest VR is a completely remade version of the classic game that scared you in the 90s. Six guests have been welcomed to the foreboding mansion. But something sinister is at play. The wealthy recluse and toymaker, Henry Stauf, hides in the shadows, and there is a dark power here, shrouded in mysteries. Who is the 7th Guest? What does Henry want with them? And who will live to tell the tale?

How does a classic horror adventure game from the 90s hold up in VR?

Vertigo GamesWho Makes The 7th Guest VR?

Vertigo Games developed the 7th Guest VR. They are a popular VR game developer who have created several VR games like Arizona Sunshine, After the Fall, and Another Fisherman’s Tale.

Which VR Headsets Can You Play The 7th Guest VR On?

You can play The 7th Guest VR on Steam VR, PlayStationVR, and Meta Quest 2.

Steam Logo 1 - The 7th Guest VR Review- Classic adventure game remade for spooky fun PlayStation vr e1614481141175 - The 7th Guest VR Review- Classic adventure game remade for spooky fun MetaQuestLogo - The 7th Guest VR Review- Classic adventure game remade for spooky fun

The 7th Guest VR Review Gameplay

The 7th Guest first came out in 1993. For those who don’t recall the game, It was a groundbreaking adventure game that offered many unique elements to the genre. It was one of the first games to provide “realistic” looking people and “human-sounding” voices. It was so innovative and advanced that it required the use of the brand-new technology CD-ROM. No Floppy disk could handle those advanced graphics. 🙂 It also had some pretty dark and horror-filled themes that were not really seen in many games at the time. For those that played the game, it became an instant classic.

Overall, The 7th Guest is not a super well-known video game, but you don’t need to have played the original to enjoy its remade VR version.

So, what is this game all about? Henry Stauf, an eccentric toymaker, invites a group of 6 different people to his mansion for a party. The crazy cast of characters have never entirely met Stauf, but all are associated with him somehow. You will need to enter his mansion, meet his guests, and solve many different puzzles.

7th Guest VR Review

The 7th Guest VR offers a gameplay experience that pays homage to the original while embracing the unique capabilities of virtual reality. The game remains true to its roots by providing a series of intricate, mind-bending puzzles that are both challenging and rewarding. As players explore the eerie Stauf mansion, they encounter puzzles that seamlessly blend with the environment, enhancing the sense of immersion.

The VR platform elevates the puzzle-solving experience to new heights. The tactile nature of VR makes solving puzzles more interactive and engaging than ever before. You will have to physically move the pieces along the map maze, or lift an item and place it where it needs to go. Sometimes, this can be a bit tricky when picking things up, but nothing most VR players are not used to.  Whether you’re manipulating objects, deciphering cryptic clues with the spirit lantern, or unraveling the mansion’s mysteries, the VR mechanics feel natural and intuitive.

The gameplay revolves around exploring, interacting, and solving puzzles. Another major part is carrying around a spirit lantern that can be turned on with the trigger button. As you move the spirit light/flashlight around it will “bring to life the mansion in the past” and allow you to find some spooky secrets and interesting puzzle-solving fun. This works GREAT in VR.

You will also find gold coins in unique and fun spots as you explore. These coins can be used for the hint system that you access via the spirit board. You very likely will need a few hints as some of the puzzles get pretty tough.

Without spoilers, although The 7th Guest VR checks the boxes for a trip to the past, the puzzles in this version are new and unique from the original. It is not an identical playthrough or the exact same game.

The 7th Guest VR Graphics and Sound

The 7th Guest VR captures the eerie and captivating atmosphere of the original game while taking full advantage of VR technology. The graphics are a testament to the progress in gaming visuals, with richly detailed environments that draw players into the world of Stauf’s mansion. The transition to VR has enhanced the immersive experience, allowing players to explore every nook and cranny, from the grand hallways to the cryptic puzzles.

Complementing the visuals is a hauntingly beautiful audio design. The atmospheric soundtrack, eerie sound effects, and spine-tingling voice acting immerse players in a world where every creak and whisper feels palpable. The audio elements add depth to the immersive experience, making the Stauf mansion feel like a living, breathing entity.

The 7th Guest VR Bugs

I noticed no bugs on my playthrough of 7th Guest VR. There were a few bugs in previous versions but the developers squashed them before release which is awesome.

The 7th Guest VR Really Cool Stuff

The standout feature of The 7th Guest VR is its ability to breathe new life into a classic. While remaining faithful to the original, the adaptation leverages VR technology to create a nostalgic and fresh experience. The puzzles, the storytelling, and the atmosphere are all heightened in VR, providing players with a truly memorable and captivating journey.

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Besides this, I found the game to be truly immersive. I could pick up and interact with almost every single item I saw lying around. Most VR games are missing this, but this was a nice touch in an adventure game. After you picked the items up, there wasn’t much you could ACTUALLY do with them, but the ability to pick up a teacup, random bottle, or the phone receiver made for a fun time (with sometimes spooky surprises).

The 7th Guest VR Multiplayer Experience

The 7th Guest VR remains focused on delivering a solitary adventure. The game’s primary emphasis is on personal exploration and puzzle-solving. While the absence of multiplayer may disappoint those seeking a social experience, it allows players to fully immerse themselves in the eerie world of Stauf’s mansion, forging a deep connection with the story and its enigmatic puzzles.

M For MatureWho Will Enjoy Playing The 7th Guest VR?

The 7th Guest VR is rated M for Mature. It is not a game for kids. Some pretty adult concepts are presented, and “murder mystery” themes.

The 7th Guest VR is a game that will appeal to a wide range of players. Fans of the original 1993 classic will relish the opportunity to experience this beloved game in a whole new dimension. Puzzle enthusiasts will find joy in the game’s intricate and challenging puzzles. Moreover, anyone who appreciates horror, immersive storytelling, atmospheric environments, and nostalgic gaming experiences will find The 7th Guest VR a delightful and captivating adventure.

What Games are similar to The 7th Guest VR?

The 7th Guest VR resembles old-school classic point-and-click adventures like Maniac Mansion or Secret of Monkey Island ( Or you know.. the 7th guest). Similar VR Games would be Hello Puppets, Exorcist Legion VR, Affected the Manor and Wraith the Oblivion, Afterlife.

Can you play The 7th Guest VR Sitting Down?

Yes! The 7th Guest VR can be played sitting down, but you still need room to interact with various puzzles and items. You can also play it standing. You do not need ample play space or room movement.

SittingVR 1 - The 7th Guest VR Review- Classic adventure game remade for spooky funStandingVR 1 - The 7th Guest VR Review- Classic adventure game remade for spooky fun

Does The 7th Guest VR cause motion sickness?


The 7th Guest VR has in-game movement. You can adjust the settings to use teleportation, free movement, snap turning, or free motion turning. Adjust these settings if you feel any uncomfortable motion sickness feelings.

The 7th Guest VR is Comfortable for Motion Sickness and should be fine for most players when using in-game settings.

Is The 7th Guest VR Worth It? Final Thoughts On The 7th Guest VR Review.

Yes! The 7th Guest VR is Worth it.

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