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ZombieLandHeadshotFeverVR 1 - Zombieland VR: Headshot Fever Review

Zombieland VR: Headshot Fever Review

The movie franchise comes to VR and it will be hours of zombie killing fun

Let’s get started on this Zombieland VR: Headshot Fever Review.

What is Zombieland VR: Headshot Fever?

Zombieland VR is a zombie-killing, time-race sports game. Zombies (Zees) will appear in the rooms and you will be required to shoot all of them AND do it as fast as possible. There is a time limit on every course that you will need to beat. Of course, you also need to reload, find special items, and work towards headshots.

The game explains that this is because people are bored, so they have come up with this “sport” of zombie shooting. The main goal of the game is to get enough experience from missions to get to the Zombieland Invitational.

There are a ton of different zombie shooter games in VR, so is Zombieland Headshot Fever VR going to be any different?

1230 - Zombieland VR: Headshot Fever ReviewWho Makes Zombieland VR: Headshot Fever?

Zombieland VR is developed by XR Games. These guys also made Angry Bird on Playstation VR so they have some experience with big-name brands.

Which Headset is Zombieland VR Available On?

Zombieland VR is currently available on Oculus Quest 2. The game is 1.5 GB which makes it one of the larger VR games on the Quest platform.

MetaQuestLogo - Zombieland VR: Headshot Fever Review

Zombieland VR: Headshot Fever Review Gameplay

Zombieland VR: Headshot Fever reminds me of fast-paced, rail, shooting games from the 90’s like House of the Dead or 2000’s Resident Evil – Umbrella Chronicles. This is not a bad thing, but it IS a specific style of gameplay.

Although Zombieland VR is not quite on automated rails like these games, You also don’t move in Zombieland VR with a controller. You simply look in a direction towards a blue circle, and then you teleport there.

See some stairs? Look up them and then after a few seconds, you will be at the top. This helps with motion sickness issues.

Just like Zombieland the Movies

If you’ve seen the Zombieland movies, the developer works REALLY hard at bringing that movie to life in the game.

The characters, Tallahassee, Wichita, Columbus, and Little Rock, all look and sound like they are from the movie. In fact, the voice actress for Little Rock is the same as the movie. Tallahassee’s voice is done by Woody Harrelson’s brother, Brett Harrelson. Sounds pretty similar.

1238 - Zombieland VR: Headshot Fever Review

The jokes, style, characters, and lore are all in tone with Zombieland the movie, so if you are a fan this will be a real treat. If you’ve never seen the movies, (What!? You are missing out!) you will be totally fine playing this game though.

It should go without saying, this game is NOT for children. There is graphic violence and a fair amount of offensive language in line with the films. There is a “no blood mode” under settings if that gore is not for you. I personally found it to be similar to other zombie gameplay, like Left 4 Dead with maybe a bit more splash. Nothing too out there.

Zombieland VR Tutorial

When you start Zombieland VR there is a detailed tutorial that walks you through the movement system, reloading, and Double-tap headshots. It helps set the mood and gets you in line with what’s to come in the game.

You shoot all the visible zombies on each screen, once removed, you look towards the blue teleporting mark, and move to the next screen, till the end of the course. The zombies rush at you and if they get too close to you, game over and you must restart the level.

How to get S rank on Zombieland VR

Zombieland VR is played best by memorizing the course and figuring out which zombies you need to kill first for the fastest possible time. Then you need to add in Double-taps, perks, and weapon upgrades to get the best time.

Srank - Zombieland VR: Headshot Fever Review

Double-tap Headshots are Key to Zombieland VR

Much like the movie franchise’s constant double-tap jokes, rapid headshots are really key to this game.

You need to aim for Double-tap headshots in order to get the best times. Each time you successfully do a double-tap, you trigger Adrenaline Mode.  Adrenaline mode slows down time and allows you to aim for the next Double-tap headshot, continuing the streak and staying “in the zone” by continuing to significantly slow down time.

adrenalin - Zombieland VR: Headshot Fever Review

If you panic and start rapidly shooting, without focusing on the Double-tap, you will never reach those leaderboards. You can also stay in Adrenaline mode by shooting explosives, or by using your special weapon. Mixing all these various techniques together and when you should do them, will require repetitive practice and trial and error. This is the only way to achieve S rank In Zombieland VR or get the respect needed to move up in levels.

Perks in Zombieland VR: Headshot Fever

There are also Perks that will become important in helping you achieve the best scores. Like ROCKSTEADY to reduce weapon recoil or AMMO STACK which gives you more special ammo.  Your loadout is also important as you unlock more guns and special weapons.

Practice Mode

There is also a gun range practice mode area you can go in and try shooting various targets as rapidly as possible. You can use this area to practice various guns and reload techniques.

1242 - Zombieland VR: Headshot Fever Review

Zombieland VR: Headshot Fever Multiplayer?

NoMultiplayer - Zombieland VR: Headshot Fever Review

There is unfortunately no Zombieland VR Multiplayer mode. It would be great fun to go through these levels with a partner as a co-op and take zombies out. Perhaps someday in the future.

There ARE leaderboards so you can compare the time you get on the courses with your friends and globally.

Does Zombieland VR cause motion sickness?

NoMotionSickness e1614128840883 - Zombieland VR: Headshot Fever ReviewZombieland VR uses a unique motion movement system in-game. You look in a direction and are teleported to the location. This eases motion sickness feelings because you are just “at” the location instead of physically walking or moving in the game.

Zombieland VR should not cause any motion sickness issues.

Final Thoughts On Zombieland VR Review

1245 - Zombieland VR: Headshot Fever Review

The game is pretty hard, especially for people who have never played those 90’s light-gun shooters. Expect to fail often. You will need to play levels over and over, memorizing zombie layout and trying a new pattern of shooting.

Simply plowing through the levels and even successfully killing everything will NOT allow you to progress very far in this game. You must replay levels to get the FASTEST route ON TOP OF the most accurate. This style of gameplay will not be for everyone.

There is a serious degree of replayability in this game as you will be required to go over each map level again and again to earn the respect of your companions and level up. This is not one of those 2-hour games we see so often in VR.

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