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20160822 120902 1 - Bounty Hunters & Jabba's Palace Review

Bounty Hunters & Jabba’s Palace Review

Here is an unboxing and some thoughts on Bounty Hunters (shipped in May) and Jabba’s Palace (shipped last month). These are the 4th and 5th boxes from the Smuggler’s Bounty series, which is a box subscription in collaboration with Funko and Star Wars. For any fan of the franchise, this is one worth checking out.

What to expect from this subscription:

– Exclusive Star Wars merchandise delivered to your door every 2 months.

– Boxes contain merchandise with a total value of $50.

– Ships throughout the US and internationally.


Inside Bounty Hunters:


Boba Fett Pop! figure – Hands down the most popular of the Bounty Hunters, it would be a crime in itself not to include him. No lie, he looks good in his lift off stance.

Boba Fett patch – Again, his popularity stands firm in that they gave him not 1, but 2 items in this box. Note to self, decipher the language that’s on all the patches I have so far.

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Bounty Hunters tee – So far, this is the most detailed shirt featured in the Smugglers Bounty series. Very nice sketch work of various Bounty Hunters from the Star Wars movies, and it even includes descriptions of their weapons.

Bossk pin – Another pin that doesn’t disappoint. Great detail on this piece and surely one worth keeping in your collection.

IG – 88 Pop! figure – I found this to be more unique compared to other Pop! figures I’ve seen, mainly because this one doesn’t have an enlarged head. Good idea that they didn’t elaborate on that.


Inside Jabba’s Palace:


If you hadn’t guessed already, July’s box was themed around Jabba the Hutt. This contained 2 exclusive Funko items that were first released to Smuggler’s Bounty subscribers. Another thing that sets this apart from past boxes is there wasn’t a shirt included (you’ll see why in a moment), and they put in an informational card with descriptions of the items. I hope they plan on doing this with future boxes.

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Boba Fett plush – This is the first release from Funko’s brand of plush toys. Could this little guy be any cuter? I think not.

Rancor pin and Boushh patch – The patch and pin are the first items you’ll see first when opening the box(es) you receive. Apparently the Boushh on the patch is actually Princess Leia in disguise during a rescue mission.

Pop! Home Jabba mug – After seeing this, it didn’t matter anymore that they didn’t include a shirt in this box. I mean, look at it. Do I dare say Jabba looks adorable as a mug? Great place for your evening cup of blue milk, or whatever space bev suits your fancy.

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R2-D2 Jabba’s Skiff Pop! figure – This figure features a new design by Funko that will be used for future figure models of the droid. The detail on this is crazy good.

C-3PO Pop! Top – Looks like Funko is adding some accessories in addition to their apparel. This is the first Star Wars themed Pop! Top made, and it’s only available with this box.


Options for this subscription are either bi-monthly ($25 USD + tax and shipping) or yearly ($150 USD + tax and shipping). Be sure to check out the Smuggler’s Bounty website for a look at their past boxes and subscribe to their next one releasing next month, Death Star.



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