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ParagonSerathburn - How to Improve Your Serath Paragon Gameplay
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How to Improve Your Serath Paragon Gameplay

Serath is the newest character added to Epic Games Paragon Game, she’s labeled as a Melee Carry with the affinity of Order and Corruption. among the community though there has been quite a bit of confusion about her role in the game, don’t worry I’m here to help you improve your Paragon gameplay experience. Before we get into that let’s go over her kit and how to play her.

Serath Paragon Gameplay  Abilities

Heaven’s Fury: 

Serath hovers in place and slashes each opponent in the targeted zone once, during this effect Serath is immune to all damage and crowd control. There is a 0.2-second delay between each attack so the more enemy’s you hit the longer you’re immune. Make sure to focus on leveling this up first as the cooldown is cut in half every time you level it up.


Serath attacks in a small cone in front of her slowing enemies and dealing considerable damage. Use this in conjunction with your auto attack as by the time you cast this you’ll be able to auto once again.


Serath Rises into the air and quickly descends to the targeted location dealing damage. This is going to be your primary means of escaping and chasing people running away from however in the middle of a fight don’t be afraid to use it to avoid being hit as well as dealing damage.


Serath unleashes her dark side weakening enemy hit by the initial explosion, enemies hit by your basic abilities cause them to burn and reapplies weakness. Enemies who are burning take more damage from your auto attacks. Try to weave your abilities with your auto attacks during this to maximize damage.

Weakened Mechanic:

Serath has a new mechanic built into her ultimate ability called weakened. Enemies hit by your basic abilities while in your ultimate ability Heresy, deal reduced damage.

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Position/Play Style

Now, this is my reasoning and thought processes going into this you can play Serath where you want to, but this is the optimal way to play her.

Play Style:

As it goes for normal carries she doesn’t have a strong early game her damage is OK but not as good as saying fighters and casters who’s early damage is quite a lot, and on top of that her cooldowns on her abilities are quite long. In the beginning as your most important ability Heaven’s Fury is a twenty-four-second cooldown at level one. So, in general, it’s best to play conservatively as her in the beginning so that you don’t fall behind on her. Focus on farming experience and Card Points, and gank when needed. This is when your Paragon gameplay is going to be important to how well you’ll do with Serath when fighting timing is everything fighting a one on one against says, Feng Mao, time your Heaven’s Fury or Ascend to avoid his ultimate. Same idea for team fights uses your abilities to minimize the amount of damage you receive and maximize the amount of damage you deal.
Not a Safe Lane Hero:

Now, this is where the thing gets a little confusing for a lot of the community, and their Paragon gameplay suffers. So let us start off with this statement Serath is not a Good Solo Carry which means it’s not a good for her to be in the safe lane. the reasoning for this is as follows in the safe lane you want to besieging the enemy tower and Serath can not siege and this is just a general thing in the mid and late game the carry or ranger is your teams sieger which means they can safely attack an enemy tower as well as the people defending it.

ParagonSafe - How to Improve Your Serath Paragon Gameplay
Safe Lane

Not a Support:

This is kind of self-explanatory as she doesn’t have much to offer the ADC in terms of support. Supports also get the least amount of experience and card points out of all the roles so that’s not really good for her either.

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Not a Mid Laner: 

Mid Lane is the most action-oriented position in the game. So as a Mid Laner, you have to be able to dominate your lane, and most of the time Serath is not going to be able to do this against a caster like Howitzer, Gideon, or Gadget. They’ll mess you up and out push you out of the lane, now you may be thinking well “she has an ability that makes her invulnerable to Gideon meteor and Howitzer rocket how would she lose.” Well, Johnny, that is true that a well-timed Heaven’s Fury would help, but Heaven’s Fury has a twenty-four-second cooldown at level one so you’re not going to be using that ability to often enough.

ParagonMid - How to Improve Your Serath Paragon Gameplay
Mid Lane


As stated above as a Serath you want to play conservatively in the early game as this is your weakest point in the match, however, she does have a bit of burst damage and some crowd control. This isn’t her most optimal role but it can work in the hands of a skilled player it can work out as Jungler does have the potential to get out of control.



This may come as a shocker to some but Serath is a good Offlaner actually it’s her best position. In the Offlane you play passively just trying to defend your tower, which is great for her because she already does this in other lanes. On top that offlane levels up the fastest out of all the other position because you spend so much time solo laning, that you’ll be level five before your opponents. At that point you can start to roam and kill people, it’s the same philosophy as playing steel you can’t do much until you get your ult. In Serath’s case, you also need around twenty Card Points to really start hurting the enemy team which if you play it right in the offlane, that isn’t hard to pull off.

ParagonOff - How to Improve Your Serath Paragon Gameplay

Building Serath

Stats to Improve your Paragon Gameplay are Power, Life Steal, Critical Chance, Attack Speed, and Critical Damage. Reasons for is that she scales very well with these stats and you’ll need the life steal to stay alive in a fight. Remember that Heaven’s Fury makes you invulnerable to damage and benefits from effects like Life Steal.
Early Game: 

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Focus on small six drop cards like Windcarver blades, Void Steel Dagger, and Wirling Wand with Minor Strikes, Minor Cast, and Minor Kinetic. This will keep you competitive throughout the early game as well as pay off in the mid game

Mid Game:

Pick up your late game Life Steal Card as this is crucial to keeping yourself alive throughout fights. Recommended cards would be Thirst Fang or Curse of the Leech, with three point upgrades like Drain and Greater Drain. Once you finish this card start to transition into your late game cards.

Late Game:

By this point, you’ll want all of your early game cards gone and have your you deck finished. As it’s important to try and stay ahead or at least on par with everyone else in the game. Focus on cards that provide Power, Critical Chance, and Critical Damage. Recommend Cards would Blade of Agora, Spear of the Rift Hunter, and Rift Magus Septer with upgrades like Major Cast, Cast, Major Strike, Strike, Major Wound, and Wound. By this time you’ll be a force to be reckoned with and how well you play will in Paragon gameplay experience.

The Rap-Up on Serath Paragon Gameplay:

Serath is a strong character in the hands of a skilled a player. There is a lot of outplay potential built into her kit but her weakest point is her early game which is why its best to play safe, farm up some points before you start getting aggressive. Once you do know your limits as well as your enemies, time your abilities to take the least amount of damage from your appointment as possible. As well as deal the most amount of damage as possible and hopefully, this guide was helpful in improving your Paragon gameplay experience with Serath. Serath Paragon Gameplay!

ParagonSerath - How to Improve Your Serath Paragon Gameplay



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