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Player Guide to Aurora Paragon New Character

Three weeks have passed and Paragon new character Aurora is an ice based character who specialization in crowd control. Her affinities are Fury and Intellect which gives her access to quite the array of cards. With a very powerful kit that allows her to be played in many roles similar to steel but is far more elusive and deadly.

Paragon New Character Abilities

Frozen Simulacrum:

Aurora jumps in the direction that you are moving at the time of the cast and leaves behind a frozen clone. This clone will take tower and minion aggro off of you but if you attack a player character afterward you will regain aggro.

Frozen Simulacrum In AirFrozen Simulacrum Clone

Glacial Charge:

Charge in a targeted direction leaving behind a trail of ice that pushes enemy aside. While doing so creates an ice shield that prevents all incoming direct damage from the same direction. This ability is one of her more unique abilities as it traverses terrain like no other ability does. It allows you to slide up tall ledges to escape while leaving behind a walkway for your team or to block off enemies trying to run or chase your teammates. Be careful as this can also get your teammates killed.

Glacial Charge FrontGlacial Charge SideGlacial Charge Back


Creates a small ring of frost around Aurora that damages and roots enemies hit by it. Note that it is a ring and not a circle so enemies right next to you will not be affected until they come into contact with it. This is your highest damaging ability and the root time as well as how long it stays does stay out does increase everytime you level up this ability. This ability is great for locking down opponents even if you don’t directly hit them. Use this in choke points to block off escapes as enemies can’t jump over it or just point it around them which forces them to fight you or take the damage and root.

HoarfrostHoarfrost Upclose


Cryoseism is Aurora’s ultimate ability in which she rises into the air and creates an ice explosion slowing enemies in the area for -300 max movement speed 1.5 seconds. After 2 seconds the affected enemies explode for damage and are stunned for one-second enemies hit by the damage have the effect applied. This Cryoseism is a great initiation ability especially player clumped up or in a minion wave as when they explosions can chain in defiantly. So abilities that pull enemies together like Gideon’s Black Hole, or Fey’s Fly Trap ability will get insane value from Cryoseism.

Cryoseism After EffectCryoseism Initial Explosion

Play Style and Position:


Play Style

Paragon new character Aurora is mutch more flexible then Serath was in terms of position as well as playstyle which is dependent on your position. On general terms, she can initiate a fight well perhaps not in the same means assay steal or rampage where they just jump into their teams from the front. As Aurora, you want to be a little bit more unexpected as your ultimate Cryoseism can be stunned before going off and your much more fragile than the other two. Now when it comes down to the laning phase play style varies slightly as it is dependent on which position you put her in.

General Tips

  • Aurora is above all focused on crowd control so look to use abilities to lock down high priority targets like ADC’s.aswaaaxdcss
  • Try not to just blow your ultimate as it is a big playmaking ability. With the potential to win team fights.
  • In the Early Game, play safe and look for opportune time to strike.
  • All of your abilities can be used as an escape, so you can get away with from almost anything as long as you time your abilities correctly
  • Hoarfrost is you strongest basic ability level it first you also don’t even need it to land to be effective. Use it to cut off escapes or just put it around a target so they have to use an escape ability to get out.



Obviously not an ADC but can be played as a Support in this lane. In the Early Game, play as would any supporting force the offlaner away from the minions to stop them from getting XP.  look for opportune times to help your team out with ganks just make sure that your ADC is ok before leaving. After the enemy, the tower has been destroyed and your level 5 this is one you can play like you normally would. but make sure to always have your ADC in mind.

Mid Lane

I would not recommend putting Paragon New Character Aurora in the mid lane as melee character aren’t that great in this lane as you have to push up to get farm and casters will punish you a lot.


The jungle is another good position to put her in as your base kit does come with an abundance of crowd control and escapes. As well as one of the best tower dive potential in the game with her Frozen Simulacrum.


Same concept as playing steel in offlane play safe till you get Cryoseism to go on the offensive with. Use your Hoarfrost as well to help protect your tower by freezing the minions right in tower range.

Paragon New Character Builds

Building Aurora is a bit more complicated compared to Serath as she can full fill a multitude of roles and positions with about 3 styles of builds. An assassin builds that’s more glass canon but deals the most damage and focuses more on terminating high priority targets like ADC’s and cCasters. The second build is more a Fighter build offering more survivability at the cost of damage, with the third being a utility build offering very little damage but offers more support type effects and survivability.

Build #1 Assassin

In this build focus on cards that give you power, critical chance, critical damage, attack speed, and life steal.

*Warning* you only need very little Attack Speed on her as her base attack speed is pretty high

Recommended early cards being Madstone Gem and Flashfire Piston for a solid amount of damage output in the early to mid game.

Player Guide to Aurora Paragon New Character Player Guide to Aurora Paragon New Character

For the Late game, cards like Spear of Rift Hunter, Blade of Agora, Siphon Shard, Windcarver Blade, and Thunder Cleaver to help with wave clear and a bit of burst damage from the active. This build is best to be used in the Offlane and Jungler as this build doesn’t really offer anything to a support and requires you to be well fed.

Build #2 Utility

For the Next two build a Health Potion can be interchanged with a Chrono-Tonic depending on your preferance in conjuction with a Healer Token for lane sustain

This build is best to be used in a Support position or in the offlane if your team’s front lane is a little lacking. Focus on cards that give you power, health, and armor as theses will help you stay alive and the damage will help keep your spells a threat. Recommended Early game cards being Madstone Gem, Guardians Ward, Thunder Cleaver and a Siphon Shard who will help with sustaining in lanes which are really helpfully for the offlane.


For Late Game, cards look for cards that provide some form benefit to your team as well as some damage and sustain to keep you relevant in a fight. Recommended Cards being Barrier of Will, Vital Tap, Guardians Ward, and Shockwave.

Build #3 Fighter

This build is a middle ground between the two with priorities being focused on damage and sustain similar to the Assassin build but really a difference in preference. Focus on cards that give power, life steal, attack speed, armor or health as this will let you take a betting before exiting a fight while still offering all of your crowd control abilities at a high amount of damage, and autos still meaning something.

Recommended Cards for the Early game being Mad Stone Gem, Flash Fire Piston, and Siphon Shard to help with lane presence.

Recommended Late Game Cards being Adamants Edge, Windcarver Blade, Vital Tap, Barrier of Will, Tuned Barrier, and Bubble Tap

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