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Zelda E3 11am SCRN07.bmp - 5 Games I'm Looking forward to In 2017
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5 Games I’m Looking forward to In 2017

2016 was a ride for gamers last year. Some pills were hard to swallow, such as a 10 year development time to procure a detachment from a high-grossing series: Final Fantasy XV, to a promise of missed deliverables that gave a bit a weird feeling to the series. No Man’s Sky was the next up to bat, with a great amount of loss. There was a bit of a recovery point that was the foundation for NMS, which showed face months afterwards, but fans were already dropping out. Street Fighter V aimed for its’ competitive audience and then, adding a downloadable storyline to compensate for the lack thereof. Simply, this last year was far from enough for gaming. Here are the 5 games I’m looking forward to in 2017!

2017 is here, so I’ll just give you the goods on what I can’t wait to button tap or mash this year.

Zelda E3 11am SCRN07.bmp - 5 Games I'm Looking forward to In 2017

5/. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Nintendo Switch is around the corner. We all know what’s coming. Almost as if Nintendo was taking from its’ SNES days: Switch will be seeing a Zelda on the year of the first titles. Visually, it’s incredible. Concept-wise: it sounds phenomenal and exciting. Gameplay wise: it’s enticing. Link taking an open world form with cookery and crafting in tow. Link’s trip to Hyrule has changed to a near futuristic level, but still, BOTW retains the charm of yester-year’s Zelda. There’s voice talent, too. Real voices. Regardless of the differences, the Switch will have the optimal experience compared to its’ predecessor. Both games will be coming in March.

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4/. Red Dead Redemption IIRed Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar Games kept things civil when Ubisoft tried to play a dangerous game with Watch Dogs and Grand Theft Auto V comparisons in the past. Of course, Ubisoft lost a no-contest battle against the mega title. Even my driving instructor wanted to discuss the appeal of GTA when it descended. Waiting years until a product is finished compared to yearly chapters of a series was a smart move. Considered the GTA with horses, Red Dead took us for a ride in fictional America. Revolvers blazing, bounty hunting, and everything down with whisky, Redemption told a story well and had the gameplay to prove it. Can’t wait to see where Rockstar Games takes the sequel in September.


Final Fantasy XII: Zodiac Age3/. Final Fantasy XII: Zodiac Age

A redeeming point for myself, who is currently undertaking Final Fantasy Tactics, and have been enthralled by Ivalice since its’ Game Boy Advance conception. FFXII was the beginning of the new system mechanics that Square Enix was attepting with. Yasumi Matsuno, of Tactics Ogre and Ogre Battle’s Quest fame, produced the first on the helms of the first trip, which has received critical acclaim. I’m oblivious to those who claim that this was the pinnacle of Final Fantasy, so I’ll go into Zodiac Age expecting what I need to… even if I already own the Special Edition Final Fantasy XII with the special case and DVD.

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2/. Mass Effect AndromediaMass Effect Andromeda!

The Reapers crapped on our galaxy in Mass Effect 3, having several stories in and out of the universe wrapped up to a point. Andromedia throws the protagonists to the wolves of an unknown galaxy, which could be the very end of the ME series in terms of trilogies. Unlike the new Gears saga, its’ good to have a one shot deal. Personally, I was hoping to see the Normandy undertake other missions or even an adaptation of Anderson’s exploits or even the rise of the pro-human concern – Cereberus, yet these were dashed to the wind for now on the gaming front.


ryo shenmue3 can talk - 5 Games I'm Looking forward to In 2017
Ryo can talk.

1/. Shenume III

Yu Suzuki, king of the Sega AM2 hill and Virtua Fighter’s daddy, took the rights to build Shemnue’s final chapter that left alot of people hanging for nearly a decade. DreamCast and X-Box owners rejoice. Ryo’s story will be coming to the final conclusion(or not) and has become a reality. Even though the paygates are standard, I have sought some sort of close to the 80s setting title that the Virtua Fighter creator concocted. The only kickstarter that actually mattered in 2015 next to Pebble. Well, the game kickstarter, moreless. The visuals look great, and while this was probably the only thing we’ve seen, the other scenes have done some justice. No Forklift action yet. I’m anticipating the next screens and a trailer to sport the violence we all need to subscribe to. My college-self depends on Shenmue’s conclusion this December.

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Honorable mention:

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Capcom looked to Resident Evil 4 to map out how the rest of the series will lead. A very Gears-of-War approach, which ruined some of its’ other members of the series family. RE7 has redeemed the series. Resuscitation of the senses for survival horror fans, from the praise it has been given. Notice the name: Biohazard. Capcom split the names up since 1998, but to see both American and Japanese names together? That intrigues me. Resident Evil is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and X-Box One.

Resident Evil 7 and The Reasons to Buy It

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Resident Evil Revelations 2 Episode 1 is free on all consoles!

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