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World of Warcraft Family Night – The Top 5 Things you Need!

The World of Warcraft family night is a special occasion, requiring the planners utmost attention and organization. Not every family has the ability to attend such an occasion. If your family is able to organize its own world of warcraft family night, this guide will walk you through some of the activities, necessities, and items you can use to create your very own world of warcraft family night.

Number 1: Food and Drinks for World of Warcraft Family Night

There is one thing we can never live without when playing video games. That is the tasty beverages and snacks that are a must when it comes to MMO’s.

For the three boys in my family, my dad, brother, and I, we all prefer sodas of some sort. However, when dad finally gets tired of the kids screaming and laughing, he may go for a more adult beverage. My brother and I, of course, have no objections. Remember, this is all my family, not yours, so all of these specific drinks are subject to change, depending on what your family likes. A lot of planning is required for your own World of Warcraft family night. And last, but most importantly, mom. Mom’s, even the ones who like to play video games, may need special drinks for them to rough through the night of intense raiding and PVP. I recommend a glass of wine, white or red, depending on the tastes of the individual mother.

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Snacks are pretty straightforward. Chips, crackers, maybe even some cheese for the wine anyone may have. However, if the family is feeling true to the World of Warcraft spirit, everyone must have World of Warcraft brand Mt. Dew, to really get into the WoW mood. And if you were planning on dinner for your own WoW family night, don’t even think about it. That dinner will begin to cook, you will start to play, and 5 hours later your house is on fire. Once a world of warcraft family night has begun, it can never stop until everyone is tired.



Number 2: Deciding What Your Family Will Do on World Of Warcraft Family Night!

Everyone is going to have their own wants as far as what to do that night. Farming, raiding, questing, leveling new characters, etc. However, for my family, doing whatever we need to do to start raiding together is a must. It’s one of the best things to do in the game, with any group. Battling giant bosses, getting cool gear, that kind of stuff. So as the world of warcraft family night leader, make sure everyone is on an even gear level, and start raiding. One of the easiest ways to do this, is PVP. Player versus player matches are an insane amount of fun for everyone, and all of the gear you gain is high enough item level for everyone to start raiding!


If your family is low level and cannot do player versus player, then doing dungeons for levels is the next best thing. However,questing is better if you have no heirlooms (Items that level with your character). Beware of the thing I like to call, the family night despair. This is when everyone starts to run off and do their own thing, and can be disastrous to the integrity of the family night. As the family night organizer, it is your responsibility to get the group together and do something everyone wants to do. If someone refuses the idea of staying together, arguing can usually make things worse, so just leave that one person out, and make them envy the fun everyone else is having.

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world of warcraft - World of Warcraft Family Night - The Top 5 Things you Need!



Number 3: Essential Items for World of Warcraft Family Night

There are plenty of items in the game that can make playing with your family more enjoyable. Only a few of these items will be covered, so look out for more fun stuff as you play the game.

First, and foremost, pet battles. Getting random cool pets around the world for everyone in the party, and battling each other, can be a lot of fun if done correctly. It’s basically a World of Warcraft version of Pokemon, that gives you surprisingly valuable items, and surplus amounts of gold. First, you should make sure everyone is together, and bring up a list of pets that are easily obtainable in whatever area you happen to be in. Once everyone has decided what they wanted, you can now go on adventuring into the wilderness, looking for all of these cool pets! Once obtained, defeating bet battle masters, and each other, is the next step.

Second, the S.E.L.F.I.E Camera! All kinds of funny pranks and pictures can be taken with this thing. You can get this at your own garrison in dreanor at level one hundred. Although screenshots are an alternative, the fact you can know when someone is taking a selfie leaves a lot of room for pranks and other fun stuff. Keep an eye out for someone in your family using one! There is also an item called the Photo B.O.M.B that, you will see, can be quite useful.

There is a surplus amount of fun stuff, mainly all of the crazy toys, too mess around with. Make sure and keep an eye out for these, to enhance your own World of Warcraft family night.

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Number 4: Color Coordination in World Of Warcraft Family Night

As a family, matching outfits, tabards, mounts, is a necessity. This goes for any sort of group in the game, but a family needs to be loud and proud with whatever garb you choose to wear. There is a way to change the look of your family’s gear, shown here. This way, you can choose whatever items you want to make your group look the cut. People have done some really creative stuff with all the different gear in the game, so taking inspiration is never a bad idea!



Number 5: Emergency Situations in World Of Warcraft Family Night!

When there is a crisis, a motivational speech is often recommended. A crisis can include ganks, failed raid bosses, or the world of warcraft family night despair. Sometimes this can anger the group, so be cautious of anyone being over the edge. Sometimes, it might even be better to stop playing altogether. This means that family night has ended, and its time to hit the hay, and plan the next family night. This is the most important rule of all. It dictates the continuation of the family night tradition. Make sure no one leaves the world of warcraft family night unhappy!

These are the essentials for your very own World of Warcraft family night. What are you waiting for, get planning!

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