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spacefolk city review spacefolkcityre - Spacefolk City Review

Spacefolk City Review

Build tiny, cute cities and make your citizens happy!

Let’s get started on this Spacefolk City Review.

What is A Spacefolk City?

Spacefolk city is a fun and casual take on city-building simulation games. You create a colorful and funky city that is floating in space and filled with buildings, funny decorations, and your little Spacefolk citizens. Try and make them happy and complete the goals of each level to advance.

Who Makes Spacefolk City?

spacefolk city review moonmode logo 1 - Spacefolk City ReviewSpacefolk City is created by Moon Mode. This is a 3 person dev team from various locations around Europe. They have been working in VR since 2013. Some previous projects they were a part of are Down the Rabbit Hole and Paper Valley.

Which VR Headsets is Spacefolk City On?

You can play Spacefolk City on Oculus Quest 2. It will be coming to Steam VR shortly.

Steam Logo 1 - Spacefolk City Review MetaQuestLogo - Spacefolk City Review

Spacefolk City Tutorial

Spacefolk City starts off with a very detailed tutorial. The developers state that this is a great game to show people who are new to VR. It gets you familiar with moving around in the VR space and how to use the various menus to place city-building pieces.

Spacefolk City Review Gameplay

Spacefolk City is ridiculously fun. This is a game that you can pop your VR headset on and then next thing you know several hours have gone by.

The little characters have unique little personalities and everything has a very positive happy vibe to it. There is also some really great 80’s synth-pop-sounding music coming from the in-game radio.

spacefolk city review com.oculus.vrsh 6 - Spacefolk City Review

There are 8 different levels to progress through as well as a sandbox mode to create your endless city. As you progress through the levels things start to get harder.

Aliens can come in and steal your scrap that you have just sitting around for example. This allows for a gradual progression of challenge while still maintaining the fun vibe.

The overall point of the game is to make your little SpaceFolk Citizens happy so you can invite more characters into your world, get more items, build more defense and survive. Each of the levels also has specific objectives that you need to accomplish to advance.

What can you do In Spacefolk City?

The first thing you will be doing is gathering scrap. Tiny asteroids will float across your screen. Grab them and pull them apart. This will make scrap. You use scrap to create all the structures.

It really is quite fun to rip apart these little rocks to make things. The developers also did a really great job of having them appear pretty constantly. I was never waiting for one for too long when I wanted one.

There are 4 different building menus – City buildings, Transportation, Folk Facilities, and Character Decorations.

City buildings are the core buildings. Each character needs a home. The power grid, defense items, and storage items are also located here.

Transportation allows you to create paths, roads, slides, and ziplines to allow your characters to move from one location to another easily. The Zipline goes both up and down by the way!

Folk Facilities allow your citizen to get some extra buffs like speed, stamina, and skills.

Character Decorations are used to claim ownership of the various buildings. It also makes them happy. You unlock more character decorations from the sparkly asteroids you will occasionally see. Pull them apart to get a new character decoration.spacefolk city review com.oculus.vrsh 11 - Spacefolk City Review

Together you will use these items to create a magical city of Spacefolk City, with happy citizens.

How to Increase your Spacefolk City Happiness

Each character will have a list of “happiness requirements” and you work on completing them. This will involve building various buildings that fulfill various needs your Spacefolk citizens have, applying decorations that they will enjoy, and even a few extra fun things like – having a birthday party.

You figure out what you need to work on by picking a little guy up. Pushing up on your joystick and the left and right to see what they need to become happier. See what is missing a red heart and work on creating that for each character.

You can also press the X menu to see an overall objective next steps. There is also an easy to view the happiness for everyone in your city from this same menu. If you are lost on what to do next, look here.

Spacefolk City Graphics and Sound

The graphics are VERY CUTE! Everything is bright colors and with a cartoon feel. It looks like a fun spot to be. Then you decorate the houses and add all the little character-specific items. Your little city turns into something quite enjoyable to play. Frequently when the citizens are happy they will start dancing in place. It just makes you smile.

spacefolk city review radio1 - Spacefolk City Review

I really have to talk about the radio music in the background. There are 22 custom songs that are super fun and upbeat. They match the game perfectly and are the right amount of background noise while you are building away.

The songs are seriously catchy stuff. Before long I was humming along to those tunes and getting pumped up when my favorites came on again. It is a really great touch to the game. Of course, you can turn the radio off if you prefer.

Spacefolk City Tips and Tricks

There were a few tricks (and some issues) that I came across while playing Spacefolk City.

The main one is that even though there is a very detailed tutorial, at no point does it go over a VERY important point…..

Workers need access to the front door of buildings

If your little workers can not walk to the door on their own, they will NOT start construction on the building.

Each building has one main door. It may have other doors, but there is one main door. That door needs to have access to the main city path. You will have to spend time using ladders, staircases, and ledges to make a walkway.

It would be helpful if there was some kind of notification from the workers like “Can’t reach” instead of them just not building.

There is a delicate balance between placing items in the Green power square and making sure the door is accessible.

Buildings Need to Turn Blue before you Let Go

spacefolk city review com.oculus.vrsh 10 - Spacefolk City Review

Several people I let play the tutorial had issues here. You need to place the building in the green power square AND have it be blue before you let go of the trigger. If you don’t it will snap back to its original starter location.

Just because you get the building to turn blue, doesn’t mean the front door has access as mentioned above. You probably will still need to build some kind of path to the door.

The same thing can be said about the various ladders and platforms. They are sometimes tricky to get them to snap where you want them to. I also found that the winding stairs would never line up with the rest of the blocks as I wanted them to.

You can not expand the Power Area

You get one power spot per cloud. You will need to utilize building up and down if you want to squeeze all your buildings in. Many buildings have doors on the roof and floor that will allow you to build right on top of another building. Spin around your city and see if there is another door you can build off of.spacefolk city review 2879 - Spacefolk City Review

There will also likely be more than one power cloud per level. You can use those other clouds to make another little city.

The Skilled Characters will Create Items You can Use to Decorate

One of the buildings you can make is “skills”. These little guys will eventually get a skill and then likely start walking around with different items. You can grab the items out of their hands and use the newly created item to decorate things, saving yourself precious scrap.

Buildings with 3 characters are 3 Different Characters Types.

If you see a building that you have decorated, but it still is showing decorate – You probably need to add a DIFFERENT type of character. For example, if you made the building hot dog, you will need to add a birthday party as the second and lemon as the third type.spacefolk city review 2896 - Spacefolk City Review

You can make decorations Bigger and Smaller by pulling them

Just like you do with the asteroids you can make the decoration bigger or smaller.

There are lots more things to explore in this game so take some time to get to know all the Spacefolk city tips and tricks.

EforEveryone - Spacefolk City Review

Who Will Enjoy Playing Spacefolk City?

Spacefolk City is rated E for Everyone. There are fantasy themes. This game is GREAT for people who are pretty new to VR. There is a real sense of wonder moving around in the bright, light, colorful, spaces and helping to create the perfect city for your Spacefolk.

This is also a good game for kids and for seniors as well. Anyone who enjoys simulations or city-building games will enjoy this. If you have never played one before, this is a great one to start with.

What Games are similar to Spacefolk City?

Spacefolk City is a city-building game, so anyone who likes games like Minecraft, Sim City, or Tropico will enjoy this. Similar VR Games would be Township Tale, and Cookout A Sandwhich Tale.

How long is Spacefolk City?

There are many, many, many, hours of gameplay here. I had a few people do the tutorial with different levels of VR experience, some took 45 mins and some took almost 2 hours. People really get sucked into this game when creating little worlds. Everyone enjoyed it and had a similar “oh my was I playing it that long” response…. and that was just the first level.spacefolk city review 2895 - Spacefolk City Review


There are 8 different levels and an endless sandbox mode to create your perfect world. Lots of replay value.

Can you play Spacefolk City Sitting Down?

Yes! Spacefolk City can be played sitting down. You move in the game by grabbing air and moving around so sitting defiantly works with this game.  You can also play it standing. You do not need a large play space or room movement.

SittingVR - Spacefolk City ReviewStandingVR - Spacefolk City Review

Does Spacefolk City cause motion sickness?

NoMotionSickness e1614128840883 - Spacefolk City ReviewYou play this game in mostly a stationary environment. You will grab the air and move around the city with your grip controller. You can use both controllers to turn the entire environment. This may cause a slightly uneasy feeling. Try to turn your head in the same direction as your grab turning.

Turning around isn’t something that frequently needs to happen in this game. Several people I let play the game never turned once. This means for most people there should not be motion sickness issues.

Spacefolk City should not cause any motion sickness issues.

Final Thoughts On Spacefolk City Review

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