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NASCAR Heat Evolution is coming!

NASCAR HEAT EVOLUTION,  a new NASCAR licensed title that is looking to be coming to a next gen console AND Windows PC near you (via Steam). After Dusenberry Martin Racing acquired the NASCAR’s simulation video game license for console from  Eutechnyx Limited, there’s been hope amongst us in the racing game genre that a quality NASCAR game will once again be born. If it all stays on target, perhaps our wishes will come true in September 13, 2016. NASCAR Heat Evolution intends to put fans right in the middle of door to door action of stock car racing, and let them experience the thrill of grabbing that checkered flag. The title is touted as dynamically adapting to a players skill level, whether that be rookie or seasoned veteran of racing sims, and offer an experience as real to life as possible. The new title will follow the now expected route of including recognizable drivers and their teams. Emphasis is being put on extremely detailed tracks and environments to drive home the feeling of really being in a Nascar race. their licensing agreement carries them all the way into 2020. Having partnered with Monster Games who have created successful NASCAR titles in the past, DMR is confident that they have a clear vision of how and what to bring to the table. Already 18 months into development they feel NASCAR Heat Evolution will be well worth the wait.

DMR has also partnered with Toyota’s NASCAR program and has created what they are referring to as a “unique video game cover competition” One of NASCAR’s biggest events is the Sprint All-Star race from Charlotte. They’ve elected to award the cover art of their game to the first Toyota driver that crosses the line in that event. This is the first of it’s kind competition in video game history. It will also be the first time a Toyota has ever graced the cover of a NASCAR licensed game.

Current Cover Art concepts

 NHE_PosterGIF1 NHE_PosterCE

NHE_Posterdh NHE_PosterKB

NHE_PosterMK NHE_PosterMTjr



Once again, NASCAR Heat Evolution is scheduled for release on September 13, 2016 in North America. If you want more information head over to the official website for to get more details. If you want a more steady flow of information, head over to Twitter and follow @DMRNASCARHeat and @DMRacingGames.

NHE_Poster end


I’m curious to check this title out. I have high standards when it comes to a NASCAR title. Based on who’s working on this, I don’t think I’ll be disappointed. So until it’s first green flag drops in NASCAR Heat Evolution, we are left with this little teaser. See you on the track!


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