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Woven The Game Review – Knit Your Way to Adventure

Woven the game is the latest PC game to come across my desk and boy am I glad I took a few moment to download, play and write a Woven the game review. The tagline sums it up –¬†Explore a seemingly safe and woven world where stuffed animals live. Re-knit and customize your character to get past obstacles.0fb959a4c90308180984d9de13d838e2_original

What Is Woven The Game About?

This game is so awesomely fun, that if you like any type of point and click adventure games (one that solves puzzles, and combine items to progress in story lines) you really need to check out this Kickstarter and Pre-Alpha Demo. The game opens as Glitch a little mechanical firefly type bug, who has lost his way. Then we meet Stuffy, our knitted hero elephant! The two team up on an epic adventure through the softest of words. The world is completely made out of yarn and other fabric materials, and everything is quite beautiful to look at. Just check out these screenshots. The ambiance of each little world you move through combines beautifully with the music and visuals you see.

There is beautiful narration that ‘rhymingly’ guides you along your way, as you progress through various puzzles involving different abilities. The goal of the game so far seem to be to collect the various “egg nuts” which contain a piece of Fabric. Soon you will get access to a strange machine that will actually ‘re-knit’ your character! You can change the color patterns to the fabrics you have collected and parts of your elephant body into other creatures that will help you progress. You can change everything from the toenails to ear colors into the bright and fun patterns that you collect. ¬†I’ve sure never played anything like this before, but I was immediately drawn into the quirky story and enjoyed the beautiful graphics. It is totally a positive and family friendly game too, and there are not many of those on the market these days. Kids, teens and adults a like will enjoy playing Woven the game.screenshot_18

How Is Woven’s The Game Review Demo?545e05e8142ecdcd408ed7ab8d2d8961_original

For a Pre Alpha game I found zero glitches and errors. Everything worked quite well. I felt like I was playing a very professionally high end game. There is even a short tutorial in the start that helps you to figure how what needs to be done. It was all pretty straight forward. I did find using the WASD keys a little hard to do, but thankfully you can look around with the Right Mouse button very easily. Might take you a few moments to get it though.I also recommend turning on run/jog so you can move around a little bit faster. Didn’t realize you could do that till half way through the game. I also might suggest adding in a ‘harder’ play style where glitch doesn’t provide hints on the next action. I played the whole demo in about an hour and I was really exploring and testing things out.

Woven is a Kickstarter So Support It!

I thoroughly enjoyed Woven the game and really hope the Kickstarter reaches its goals and this games gets finished off. Woven made it through Steam Greenlight in a week! There are quite a few early bird tiers going for fully copies of the completed game at roughly $10 USD (which is a total steal!) and some super amazing higher package tiers that allow you to get alpha, beta and even a real stuffed “Stuffy” elephant of your very own to enjoy. Check out the Video to get a good feel for the Woven Review. Woven the game does play exactly like this video!

Check out the demo and leave me a comment if you do and let me know your thoughts of my Woven Review.


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