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Delivered! WELCOME TO DYSTOPIA Loot Crate June 2016

I heard that June’s Loot Crate was going to have a Dystopia theme. I did my best again to not be spoiled by anything I saw online besides the theme reveal. I really didn’t have high hopes for this Welcome to Dystopia Loot Crate as the theme itself is pretty negative. Boy was I wrong! In this crate, we get items from, The Terminator, Fallout, The Matrix, Robocop, and Bioshock. I was surprised when I opened the box.

Video Unboxing

Check out my Welcome to Dystopia Loot Crate Unboxing below:

Welcome to Dystopia Loot Crate Contents

Fallout 4 Power Armor Dorbz by Funko – This figure is a great looking dorbz figure. It is the first one I own. He’s gonna live in the awesome Fallout 4 display box.

Welcome to Dystopia
Power Armor Dorbz


Bioshock Infinite Key Blank by A Crowded Coop – I never knew one could get key blanks outside hardware store key copying kiosks. This makes me want to get several iterations of my house key alone. I wonder what other key blanks are out there.

There are two sides to this Bioshock themed key blank



Terminator 2 Metal Print by Loot Crate Labs – I was surprised when I saw a terminator staring at me from the bottom of the box. This 3D metal print would go perfect on my door.

This is one of the good Terminators


Robocop T-shirt by Grey Matter Art – I’m glad that this Robocop is the 80’s one and not the newer one. This is the Robocop I remember. How did my parent allow me to watch this as a kid?!?

Robocop is here to serve and protect you!


The Matrix Puzzle by Cardinal Games – Put the matrix back together with this 300 piece puzzle! The completed puzzle is 11″x14″ big.

Welcome to Dystopia
Can you put the matrix back together?



Loot Crate Zine and Pin – This month’s zine had great articles on the psychology of dystopia and the different types of dystopia as well as ways to dress. This pin unlocks the mobile game Fallout shelter where you build your own vault and protect and provide for your citizens.

Welcome to Dystopia
Zine and da bomb pin!


The Box – This months box opens up to a great Fallout 4 display that even includes Dogmeat on the side.

Dogmeat stares off into the distance


Welcome to Dystopia Loot Crate Final Thoughts


This is one of my favorite crates yet. It included items from old and new franchises that I LOVE. The Robocop t-shirt is awesome! the 3D Terminator print jumps right out at you. The Power Armor Dorbz is adorbs! I can’t wait to put the Matrix together either.

I’ll give this crate 5 nukes out of 5! Kabooom!


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