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loot crate quest 175950 - Delivered! Quest Loot Crate April 2016

Delivered! Quest Loot Crate April 2016

Lots of fun wearables!

Loot Crate April 2016 – I was excited to receive this shipment when the Quest Loot Crate Theme was announced and we found out that it was to include items from Labyrinth, Harry Potter, and other franchises I really enjoy. The theme announcement continued the excitement from the day before when we posted about a Labyrinth board game being made. Let’s check out what’s inside.

Video Unboxing

Quest Loot Crate Contents

Exclusive D20 Ice Mold by Loot Crate Labs – I raised my next drink to adventure after I filled this up with water to make an ice dice. It worked about how most of these ice molds work. Average.


Quest Loot Crate
Vikings Horn Cup Replica

Exclusive Vikings Drinking Horn with Strap by Chronicle Collectibles – This awesome collectible is one that I’ve seen people wearing around their necks at conventions and have always wanted one. Now I have my own. The horn is plastic with a painted black tip and is detailed with ornamentation to mimic a metal band for reinforcement. I should have had my bourbon and ice 20D in this thing.

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Quest Loot Crate
Harry Potter Horcrux Socks

Exclusive Harry Potter Horcrux Socks by Hyp Hosiery – Experience Harry’s total adventure on your feet. All of the horcruxes that Harry needed to find and destroy are featured on both socks. These socks will keep my feet warm while I play Quidditch. Socks are a nice neat touch.




Quest Loot Crate
Uncharted 4 Poster

Exclusive Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Poster by Sony Playstation – This is a neat little poster, but I wish it was a little bigger. It is still neat though. We have written a very detailed review of Uncharted 4 so if you are a fan of the Playstation franchise you should check that out here.

Quest Loot Crate
Jareth, the Goblin King, peers into your soul.

Exclusive Labyrinth T-Shirt by Ripple Junction – This might be my new favorite Loot Crate T-Shirt. It features many of the characters from the classic movie, Labyrinth. It’s also a great tribute to the late David Bowie, our favorite Goblin King. Who doesn’t love Labyrinth? It’s just such a classic movie and experience that everyone loves. What a great shirt though! The purple in it is very nice as well.

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Quest Loot Crate
Zine and Variant Pin

Quest Loot Crate Zine & Pin – This month’s Zine features letters from a couple of our favorite quest companions such as Ludo (Labyrinth), Sloth (The Goonies), and Sora (Kingdom Hearts).

There are a couple of recipes for different mythic drinks. The item descriptions were great.

I learned that I got the variant pin this month and that it unlocks digital content for Neverwinter. There were a little too many ad pages for the other Loot Crate boxes for my tastes. 6 pages out of the 28 were ads. That is pretty excessive.

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Final Thoughts on Loot Crate April 2016

I really loved this month’s crate. Even though I like Uncharted, I wasn’t a big fan of the poster. The positives of the awesome wearable items like the Labyrinth t-shirt and Harry Potter socks more than makeup for the poster. I froze some water in the D20 ice mold right away and had myself some bourbon while writing this. After I poured my drink I realized that I should have used the horn. I’ll use that to drink something neat next time. Overall a pretty interesting little box this time around on the Loot Crate April 2016.

Quest Loot Crate
Quest Loot Crate April 2016


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