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Horizon Zero Dawn Review

It’s Cadillac’s And Dinosaurs minus the automobiles. Horizon Zero Dawn is not just another open-world warrior quest but has the hallmarks to partake in it. Zero Dawn holds a torch in the darkness of well-crafted exclusives. From the Killzone developers comes a possible new Action RPG of self-discovery and triumph against the odds. There’s no multiplayer. There’s probably no DLCs. Zero Dawn stands on its’ own as much as the leading lady does against robotic beasts, brigands, and of course, haters. Let’s check out the Horizon Zero Dawn Review.

The Story So Far

As a decent amount of millennia has passed since our time, the world begins to take back its’ rightful spaces. Gone are cars and 90% of tech the world consumed. Tribes re-emerge from the depths of new world. Robotic beasts, known only as machines, scour the new Earth. Our story starts with two in a familiar point of North America (as a lot of people have baited out. SHAME ON YOU! SHAME, I SAY). Aloy is born and discarded by the society that she is brought into. As she grows, and trains for a ceremony known as “The Proving”, Aloy confronts the prejudice that she has to face head-on. The Proving serves as a rite to join a tribe and grants the winner a single desire. After her trial, Aloy continues her quest to find out who she is, which may be tied to the world itself.

The Far Future

Horizon Zero Dawn is majestic in its’ own right. Even on standard, the game’s world is vivid and vast. Both humans and machines are well-detailed with little precedence on either or in terms of graphical might. From tribal cities to the wildlands of the new land, everything fits. Seeing rusted cars overtaken by the earth was a treat and places Zero Dawn’s setting. The world can be a bit daunting, yet the fast travel map keeps things less hectic. Aloy’s story is relatable and her presence isn’t overshadowed by others because of it. She understands her place and quest to understand herself, without many sidetracks to block her. Aloy may be my favorite female game protagonist for this generation. Ashly Burch’s Aloy leads a massive voice cast with quips and a bit of sarcasm. Veterans and current actors, from The Wire to Super Girl, can be heard here.

Moving Around In Zero Dawn

Zero Dawn is quite adaptable in terms of game play. Fighting close range or long is easy to control without alot of tutorials, even though the game provides tutorials as quests for the different weapons. The currency/crafting system is an interesting concert. Both rely on each other to get the job done for Aloy in a clear fashion. Shards are collected for trading and weapon/ammo production. Acquiring ammo, even in clutch situations, is a great feeling and Zero Dawn allows it.

Shop and Craft Til You Drop(dead)

Currency isn’t an issue in Zero Dawn. The Metal Shards, and other parts, are collected from machines. From arrows to wire traps, Aloy has an arsenal and well suitable Armor. Aloy can also override machines to do her bidding to a point of altering their purpose and targets. Machines can fight or be mounted, for Aloy in this state, providing a companion. Various override programs can be acquired by venturing into cauldrons: dungeons that exist with more machines to shake a stick at and a boss at the end. The skill tree provides several options and buffs to Aloy’s cause. From Critical chances to silent takedowns. The user experience in the menus is clear.

Bots Don’t Play

Now for the creature feature. The Machines are relentless to a point of a good amount of unpredictability. Attacking a Longhorn(antelope) and a Snapjaw(crocodile) are two separate exploits that are diverse in approach. One might try to escape you while the other will go on an offensive push to kill you. Each beast differs in its actions, with missiles and lasers to back its rage. The Stalker is one of my vices. It’s a Liger and sharpshooter, looking to put down its’ prey from downtown. It can also cloak, too. The relentlessness, of these droids, enhance the danger of the environment. They have weaknesses and points where Aloy can dispatch them to gain parts.

Horizon Zero Dawn™ 20170305152603 - Horizon Zero Dawn Review

Much Ado About Zero Dawn

Like other open-world games, Aloy has a lot to accomplish, from Hunter quests to salvage machines to Bandit Hideout attacks similar to that of Watch_Dogs. Bandits still run around outside of the Cradle, but in gangs for Aloy, and/or the other machines, to pick off. For the Machines, both Meridan guards, hunters(or braves), and bandits have some challenges ahead of them. Nearly a bit of Lost Planet inside Zero Dawn.


Little A-dot

The game holds a couple of issues in its’ rocks-and-bone third person. In some respects, Horizon Zero Dawn is a stealth game. Yet there is very little one can achieve in this capacity. Aloy can sneak around in the bushes and various other surroundings, yet moving bodies is not allowed by the game rules. Clearly, this was a design oversight compared to other titles in the genre. Hitman lets me. Metal Gear Solid definitely permits me to leave no trace. Horizon Zero Dawn leaves the bodies to the road, where enemies can already figure out Aloy’s presence.

Loot hunting is definitely a task in Zero Dawn and drops might be thrice as difficult to undertake. Bandits and human enemies do feel more comical than as crafty as their robotic counterparts, leaving Aloy to knock them down with one hit from her base model spear. The weapon quests are not automatically counted, which is daunting to have to switch to while embarking on several other important quests. One thing I wished was to be able to mount nearly everything in Zero Dawn, yet there is a limitation to the overrides. Possibly two of those. There are small character glitches, but these are minor items on the plate of Zero Dawn’s main course.


The Final Though on Horizon Zero Dawn Review

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