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Shores Of Loci Review

Shores of Loci Review – Relax While Doing Beautiful Puzzles

3D puzzles in an absolutely stunning VR landscape

Let’s get started on this Shores of Loci Review.

What is Shores of Loci?

Shores of Loci is 3D Puzzle game. You will be transported to beautiful, cinematic, surreal worlds, where several pieces of a city will be placed in front of you. You will be required to flip, turn, and figure out where each of the pieces goes back together. Soothing music plays in the background while you figure it all out and relax. You’ve never done a puzzle like this before.

But can doing puzzles in VR actually be relaxing?

Ch. 1 Puzzle Fits - Shores of Loci Review - Relax While Doing Beautiful Puzzles

MikeTeeVee Logo - Shores of Loci Review - Relax While Doing Beautiful PuzzlesWho Makes Shores of Loci?

Shores of Loci is developed by MikeTeevee. They are a small Los Angelos, New York, and Netherland-based production company with a history in film, advertising, and design.

Shores of Loci is the flagship VR product.

4666 - Shores of Loci Review - Relax While Doing Beautiful Puzzles

Which VR Headsets Can You Play Shores of Loci On?

You can play Shores of Loci on Steam VR and Meta Quest 2.

Steam Logo 1 - Shores of Loci Review - Relax While Doing Beautiful Puzzles MetaQuestLogo - Shores of Loci Review - Relax While Doing Beautiful Puzzles

Shores of Loci Review Gameplay

Many people in VR are looking for something that is not a typical shooter game filled with violence, death, and destruction. There are lots of different VR experiences available that can calm your mind, and help you relax and chill after a long day too.

Enter Shores of Loci.

This VR game is a stunning and beautiful 3D puzzle game where you will be transported to magical surreal and fantasy worlds. In front of you will be many different pieces of a city or landscape. You will then flip, turn and move behind the pieces to figure out where they go.

Typical puzzle skills will be needed here. Finding an edge, different colors going together, and visual matching. What you will also experience in VR 3D puzzles is looking under, over, around, and behind a puzzle piece.

This is a fabulous brain workout while still having a relaxing experience. Your entire brain gets used here. Visual memory, concentration, and logic. What is fabulous about Shores of Loci is that your brain gets this mental workout while you feel super relaxed and calm.

There is calming and soothing music playing in the background as you solve the puzzles.  It really is quite a magical experience.

Stars - Shores of Loci Review - Relax While Doing Beautiful Puzzles

Things will get increasingly more difficult. There is a hint system if you need it. Generally, with a little time, flipping the pieces or selecting a different piece will likely help get you back on the right track.

4659 - Shores of Loci Review - Relax While Doing Beautiful Puzzles

Shores of Loci is one of those games that you can pick up, play a bit, and realize time has flown by while you play.

Shores of Loci Tutorial

The game starts with a very basic tutorial, with some very basic puzzle pieces. It shows you how to grab items and move them around and how they go together. It is extremely easy and someone new to VR would have no problem with this concept.

Globs - Shores of Loci Review - Relax While Doing Beautiful Puzzles

Your hands appear as small reflective globes and are not distracting hands.

Before you know it though, those puzzle pieces will not be so simple. The game quickly ramps up its difficulty making each level harder and more challenging to figure out where the puzzle pieces go.

The top of the pieces may all sort of blend together, and that is where the ability to flip and look underneath becomes clear. Something on the back or bottom may help you determine where the piece needs to go.

4674 - Shores of Loci Review - Relax While Doing Beautiful Puzzles

Shores of Loci Controls

The controls are basic and simple. You simply reach out and grab the pieces and then turn them with your controllers. There is nothing else required.

Shores of Loci Graphics and Sound

This game is beautiful. You are truly transported into a surrealist magical world. I would occasionally just take a step back and have a look at the tiny little villages I created. It is a calming experience to just watch and have a look at the beauty around you once in a while.

These photos really don’t do the VR experience justice.

There is soft and ambient background music while you play. I found this added to the calming experience.

You are surrounded by nature, magical stars, and gentle water noises. The is also a clicking/scraping noise that happens when the pieces come together. I personally found it to be a satisfying clunk but could see some users not enjoying the extra sound. If you find the sound to be an annoying experience you can turn it off in the options menu.

Shores of Loci Bugs and Needs Improvement

Occasionally pieces would fly off or under the floor. You could attempt to reach under the floor with your controller. A foolproof fix is restarting the game and the pieces will reset. This would usually allow the pieces to return to you in order, but it’s something to keep in mind. Don’t be chucking the pieces around.

Shores of Loci Highlights and Really Cool Moments

When you finish a level and start a new one there is a small cinematic experience that happens. Characters appear, buildings move, and the sounds change. Really enjoyed these little sequences to transition into a new level.

There are lots of wondrous and beautiful effects that happen as you solve things. For example, as you solve parts of the puzzle, lights will come on and tiny “people” will appear and walk around on what you’ve created.

People - Shores of Loci Review - Relax While Doing Beautiful Puzzles

Who Will Enjoy Playing Shores of Loci?

EforEveryone - Shores of Loci Review - Relax While Doing Beautiful Puzzles

Shores of Loci is not rated but I imagine it would be E for Everyone. There are some fantasy themes but nothing really out there.

This is a fabulous game for younger children, older seniors, or anyone who is looking for a break from shooters and horror games in VR.

What Games are similar to Shores of Loci?

Shores of Loci is other relaxing experiences in VR like Tripp, Vermillion, and Nature Treks. All of these experiences can help you relax.

How long is Shores of Loci?

This is a relatively short experience. You get 5 different puzzles at this time included in the game and that works out to roughly 3 – 5 hours of puzzling time. The developers have stated that they are working on additional puzzles to add in the future.

Can you play Shores of Loci Sitting Down?

Yes! Shores of Loci can be played sitting down although you still need some room move the pieces around. You can also play it standing. You do not need a large play space or room movement.

SittingVR 1 - Shores of Loci Review - Relax While Doing Beautiful PuzzlesStandingVR 1 - Shores of Loci Review - Relax While Doing Beautiful Puzzles

Does Shores of Loci cause motion sickness?


Shores of Loci has no in-game movement. You are in a stationary position and will move the puzzle pieces around you.

Shores of Loci is Comfortable for Motion Sickness as there is no in-game movement. It should not cause motion sickness issues.

Is Shores of Loci Worth It? Final Thoughts On Shores of Loci Review.

Yes! Shores of Loci is Worth it.

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