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NatureTreksVRReview - Nature Treks VR Review

Nature Treks VR Review

Escape into a world of peace, calm and relaxation

Let’s get started on this Nature Treks VR Review.

What is Nature Treks VR?

Nature Treks VR is a VR experience that allows you to visit multiple, amazing worlds and explore beautiful locations and animals.

There are lots of fighting games and social experiences in VR, but what about relaxing, calming, and meditation environments?

GreenerGames - Nature Treks VR ReviewWho Makes Nature Treks VR?

Nature Treks VR is developed by GreenerGames. They are a small indie developer who wanted to create a different type of experience in VR.

Which Headset is Nature Treks VR Available On?

Nature Treks VR is available on Steam VR,  Oculus Rift, and Oculus Quest 2. Each version has different worlds, so keep that in mind when purchasing.

Steam Logo 1 - Nature Treks VR Review Oculus rift 2 - Nature Treks VR Review MetaQuestLogo - Nature Treks VR Review

Nature Treks VR Review Experience

First of all Nature Treks VR is not really a game, it is more of a VR experience.  There are no characters or stories to play through.  There is no top score to get. What Nature Treks VR is, is a really calm, relaxing experience, that you can turn to after you’ve done the rest of your VR socializing and VR working out.

This is one of those VR games you want to have in your pocket for when your friends come over and say “So what can you do on VR?”. It looks impressive and doesn’t require a lot of VR knowledge to move around.

Don’t let the non-game element fool you though. GreenerGames has added lots of elements to the experience to keep you entertained and relaxed. It’s helpful to remember though, the entire point of the experience is to take in your surroundings and do nothing but well…  be.

Nature Treks VR starts in a large room, where depending on which VR headset you have, you will be presented with a number of different experiences. On the Oculus Quest 2, there is Blue Ocean, Green Meadows, Red Savana, Blue Deep, Orange Sunset, Blue Moon, White Winter, Red Forest, and Black Beginning.
727 - Nature Treks VR Review

Each of these worlds will have a different play sphere/background, animals and creatures, sounds, and experiences. Depending on your mood, select one of the worlds from the main menu.

You could hop into Green Meadows. A bright relaxing spring meadow and play with some deer, birds, and bunnies.

The environments are stunning and beautiful to look at. Take a deep breath and relax. The ability to quickly travel to these various worlds and experience interacting with animals is really something else. It truly showcases what VR is capable of and shows some of those “can’t happen in real life” experiences.

As you move around the world, the animals and creatures move around too. There is also vegetation popping up around you. The sounds happening around you also fits what you see on the screen and it makes you feel like you really are sitting beside that babbling brook.1290 e1617594366500 - Nature Treks VR Review

You can also turn off the music if you prefer silence or select a different track.

It is obvious that this is a great game for kids and seniors to play and experience. There are no people to interact with, just some cool environments to explore. Younger kids seem to especially love chasing after the bunnies and birds and tigers. There is even a location where you can watch peaceful vegetation eating dinosaurs! (Although unfortunately, this one is not on the Oculus Quest 2 ) dinosaursnaturetrekvr - Nature Treks VR Review

What can you do in Nature Treks VR?

If just enjoying the virtual environments is not enough for you and you are looking for more, well, there IS more. The developer has added in a creator update. By clicking A or X buttons, you are able to bring up the creator menu and control the world in various ways.

Orbs will appear in front of you, which you grab and throw. You can make it rain, or place some seeds on the ground and make the animals rush over to you and eat them.

728 - Nature Treks VR Review

You can also find various light-colored branches around the world, pick them, and have birds fly right over into your hands. Talk about magic! You are living a fairytale and literally have birds singing to you in your hands! Love it.

You also get the ability to add trees, butterflies, flowers, rocks, and more into the world where ever you like. It can be fun creating your own little version of paradise in these worlds.1295 - Nature Treks VR Review

The space world is something else too, where you can throw full planets into a black hole and each other where they exploded in amazing cosmic stardust. It is something else to play with the planets like with relaxing music in the background.

Can you Meditate in Nature Treks VR?

For those who are truly looking for a meditative experience, Nature Treks VR gives you the ability to meditate in these peaceful places. You can optionally turn on a breathing flower. This outline flower will slowly open and close and you should match your breathing to it. Of course, you can just sit in any of these places and meditate without the flower, just letting nature walk and be around you.

Some Issues in Nature Trek VR

1287 - Nature Treks VR ReviewThis is not a flawless experience. Eventually, you will reach the edges of the world and not be able to explore any further. If you zoom extremely close into a tree or animal it will be clear that it is “not real” and it is a pixilated thing. The animals sometimes move in stiff mechanical ways too.

In certain scenes, the world can be quite dark. I imagine this is a limitation of the Oculus Quest 2 more than anything else. It can be really hard in some places to see any of the animals or things you create, regardless of day or night settings. Blue Moon and Red Savanna were particularly bad for this as you can see. I hope this gets addressed in the future.

gallery 08 large - Nature Treks VR Review

Nature Treks VR Multiplayer Experience

There is no multiplayer or party mode in Nature Treks VR. I don’t think there should be.

NoMultiplayer - Nature Treks VR Review

NoParty - Nature Treks VR Review

Does Nature Treks VR cause motion sickness?

MayCauseMotionSickness e1614128859295 - Nature Treks VR ReviewYou have two movement choices in Nature Treks VR. You move by the right controller and press RB and teleportation or left controller and LB where you move at a slow strolling pace. You have a choice between the two. You turn by snap turning. There is no option to turn in VR using your head. This can cause a bit of motion sickness issues for certain people.

Nature Treks VR may cause motion sickness issues so use provided teleportation to limit that effect

Final Thoughts On Nature Treks VR Review

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