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Mosaic Chronicles Review – Indie Game

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Let’s get started on this Mosaic Chronicles Review.

What is Mosaic Chronicles?

Mosaic Chronicles is an indie puzzle game with a great story that is revealed as you play. Beautiful pieces of stain glass art are split into many different pieces and you will put them back together in a typical jigsaw puzzle style.

Are you looking for a break from all the shooters out there, and instead are looking for a more relaxing fantasy puzzle experience?

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Who Makes Mosaic Chronicles?

Mosaic Chronicles is developed by Error 300. They are a really small developer who has created one other mobile game experience. This is their first PC product.

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Which Systems is Mosaic Chronicles On?

Mosaic Chronicles is available on Steam. It currently is in Early Access.

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Mosaic Chronicles Gameplay Review

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Inspired by the stories of Belarusian author Olga Gromyko, Mosaic Chronicles features two separate stories to play through, “A Bit of Horoscoping” and “The Lucky Knot.” She is a famous fantasy author in Belarus. You are presented with each chapter of the story and will need to solve a puzzle. Then you can read the next part of the story.

There is nothing overly complicated here. Each scene is a beautiful piece of stained glass art made into an online jigsaw puzzle. You take the pieces and move them to the correct spot.

All that being said, it is harder than it looks.

The pieces are not a typical jigsaw shape. Instead, they match the random pieces of a stained glass window. The pieces can also be rotated. The colors blend and many areas are shaded. The typical black lines of stained glass are visible throughout. But this sometimes makes it difficult to figure out what colors are in the next area that you need to work on next.

Although this is not an action-packed game, it was quite a relaxing experience to listen to the music and slowly work my way through the pieces and solve the puzzles.

Mosaic Chronicles Graphics and Sound

The artwork is really nice to look at. Each scene blends various colors and fantasy themes to create a literal work of art.2021 08 19 37 - Mosaic Chronicles Review - Indie Game

There is some custom background fantasy-type music. It changes for each puzzle that you do. It can get a little annoying after a while depending on how long it takes you to do a puzzle, so you may want to turn it off under the settings tab. Overall I found both the graphics and sound to be what I was expecting from a fantasy jigsaw puzzle game.

Who Will Enjoy Playing Mosaic Chronicles?

Mosaic Chronicles is currently in early access and has not yet been rated. I imagine it will be E for Everyone though.  Anyone who is looking for an online puzzle game or someone looking for puzzles and fantasy should enjoy Mosaic Chronicles.

What Games are similar to Mosaic Chronicles?

Any type of jigsaw puzzle game available on steam would be similar to Glass Masquerade,  Little Briar Rose, Dark Fantasy Jigsaw Puzzle,

How long is Mosaic Chronicles?

There will be 50 puzzles at the final release. Currently, there are 17 to try out. My first puzzle took me well over an hour to do. Then I got smart and started using some of these Mosaic Chronicles tips. 🙂

Mosaic Chronicles Tips

  • For my first puzzle, I didn’t want to use the hint system that is included. After a few moments of time, a question mark on the top left will vibrate and you will know you can select a hint. This hint will select a random piece and show you the location of that piece. You may need to rotate it to still fit. After another few moments, you can use the hint again for the next piece.  If you use the hint system constantly you can speed through puzzles very quickly, but where is the fun in that. I suggest you only use this if you really are feeling stuck.

2021 08 19 29 - Mosaic Chronicles Review - Indie Game

  • On the top-right menu, you have the option to Preview the original image again. You only see this image for a few moments before the puzzle starts so you can have a much harder time if you do not look at the image again. If you want a hint, but don’t want to use the hint system having a look at the completed image can be a good nudge. Kind of like looking at the top of the puzzle box.
  • Shapes are sometimes harder than colors. Working through all colors can help you complete a section before you move to the next one.
  • The pieces will click in place and you can’t move them after they are in the right spot.
  • There is a clean-up button at the top to sweep away the pieces that are not in the right spot. Sometimes it helps to use this and start over.

Final Thoughts On Mosaic Chronicles Review


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