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Blaston VR Review

Blaston VR Review

Duel other players in the ultimate futuristic showdown

Let’s get started on this Blaston VR Review.

What is Blaston VR?

Blasting VR is a totally different first-person dual shooting game. You stand in an arena and around you are various floating sci-fi guns. A countdown will happen and the duel starts. It’s like an old west cowboy showdown set in the future!

Duel and dodge against other players in this futuristic battle of guns and wits. Can you survive against bots and other real-life players?

ResolutionGames e1620448172989 - Blaston VR Review

Who Makes Blaston VR

Blaston VR is developed by Resolution Games. Resolution Games has created many VR games such as Bait, Cookout, Angry Birds, and many more! They are a professional developer and you can expect a quality game.

Which VR headset is Blaston VR for?

Blaston VR is available on Steam VR and Oculus Quest 2.

Steam Logo 1 - Blaston VR Review MetaQuestLogo - Blaston VR Review

blaston screenshots - Blaston VR Review

Blaston Tutorial

The tutorial starts off very simple and you face off against some robots who are pretty basic. The tutorial gets you familiar with how you use the guns and how you dodge.

Each of these guns you are presented with is significantly different from the other. Some guns have massive huge bullets that float extremely slowly, others shoot an extremely tiny spray of bullets that go very fast.1899 - Blaston VR Review

You need to grab the guns that are located around you and shoot your dueling opponent. Each gun has a limited number of bullets and each gun has its advantages and disadvantages. While you select your gun and shoot, you also need to dodge out of the way of the bullets coming at you from your opponent who is doing the same thing.

During the duel, there is a large Mortal Kombat like hit point bar above you where you can see if you are winning or losing the battle. Get your opponent to zero first and win the round. Do it twice and you are the champion!

1897 - Blaston VR Review

Needless to say, you will be seriously sweating playing this game. You need to duck, dodge and swerve out of the way of incoming bullets if you want to win.

After the tutorial and a few more bot battles, you will be thrust into playing multiplayer with other individuals. The real people are significantly harder than the robots of course. Get ready to sweat! Don’t worry though, most people in the first few matches are just as clueless as you. You will win some and lose some.

You need to stay in your 6 by 6 Play area pillar in the arena and use it to the fullest. This means you will need a slightly large play area than some other games, so you don’t hit any furniture.

Battle Of Wits in Blaston Review

There is a significant amount of strategy in the game. It’s not quite as simple as a first-person, player-versus-player shooter. Picking the right gun to do the right damage is the real challenge of the game. Kind of a mental chess match.

You also need to be thinking about where is your opponent is shooting, actually dodging, and shooting them all at the same time.

Most players will do some taunts at the start or end of the match. Although there is a mic on option, I left this off for gameplay.


There are many league levels. You start in Bronze but can make your way up to Overlord.Leagues - Blaston VR Review

How do you improve your league standing in Blaston? Each game you win gets you trophy points. If you lose the match, you lose some trophy points. Get enough trophy points and you will level up. This requires you to play against real players and not just bots.

There is a worldwide leaderboard that you can also try and achieve a spot on. For people who like competitive e-sports, this will be a great game.

Cosmetics and Upgrades

As you continue to play you will unlock “Credits”, a currency that will allow you to buy skins and additional guns. You also can pay and purchase “Blasts” currency. Blasts allow you to buy skins and cosmetic items only, not gun upgrades. There is no “pay to play” here.  You need to be certain levels before you can unlock the guns, so there is a significant grind here.

As you unlock more guns you get to choose before you start the match what you want your loadout to be and which guns you want to bring with you. There are also some shields and defensive items you can use to mix it up. Utilizing the various weapons to your advantage is a core part of this game.

Even the 6 core starter items are pretty good though. As I continued to level I saw most people still using the main combination of guns in their loadout with one or two new weapons.

Graphics of Blaston VR

The game is very bright and colorful. There is a definite futuristic feel. Everything has a neon punk mad max feel. All the character’s skins have a non-human mad max types feel to them. When you look to the side in the battle arena there are fans for both players hanging out cheering you on.

The guns themselves don’t look like real guns. They have a nerf or super-soaker type feel to them.

Although there is a “shoot-out” to the game, it is rated E 10+ – Everyone 10+ so could be an ok game for younger players. Because most players play with the mic off there are only a few moments of gestures when the game starts and ends of interaction. Some players have reported some obscene gestures here, but I only experienced this one time. Most players give you a nod, clap, or thumbs up.

Multiplayer Experience

You play this game against other live opponents around the world. A problem I’ve seen in some VR games is that there might not be a huge active multiplayer base when you are trying to play. (I see you in the UK or 3 am insomniac VR players).

Blaston was great in this area. They have a feature that if some time goes by without matching you with a real person, the game can put you in a warm-up game with a bot while you wait. This allows you to keep playing and is a great little addition to make the multiplayer wait more fun.

You can also play this game with your Oculus Friends. You can create a friendly duel with a code. You can also give this code to other oculus friends and they can spectate the match. This is a fun way to battle it out with friends.

MultiPlayer - Blaston VR Review

Tips for Getting Better at Blaston VR

There is a definite learning curve to this game. Have fun and enjoy the experience. Here are some of my getting started at Blaston Tips.

  • You should try and focus on learning the guns and their cooldown times. This will take a while. The guns load randomly around you and in the heat of the moment, you will want to mad blast them out. Slowly you will get more familiar with the guns and be able to see which ones shoot faster and take longer to reload.
  • You can use both hands. You’ll learn this pretty quick but when starting out I saw way too many players only have 1 gun at a time. Grab two weapons for maximum effectivenessblaston screenshots 1 - Blaston VR Review
  • Throw your weapon at the player. It’s a good distraction. It also can do a tiny amount of damage if you hit them.
  • Force players into a corner. Then let loose the high damage weapons when they can’t move.  Players who do this well are usually the winners.
  • Shoot the same bullets into each other to remove them from play. If you notice the large bullets floating towards you, shoot them with your game gone to have them removed from play.

Ozo Lounge Extra

There is an extra section of Blaston that most people don’t seem to notice. If you look to the right in the main menu you will see a door for the Ozo Lounge. If you click to enter, it will take you to a plain-looking room. Move through that and you will see the elevator entrance to the Ozo Lounge.1884 - Blaston VR Review

There are 2 different floors where you can hang out with other players. Play darts, some mini-games and have a virtual drink. You can also start up duels in these locations with a fist bump.

When you enter these locations, your mic will be open and on. There can be some younger players in these areas depending on the time of day. But these are just a fun little extra included in the game to try out when you get tired of the duels.

Similar Games to Blaston VR?

This game is similar to Until You Fall. The difference here is that you can have multiplayer with a real-life friend. A true duel.

Until You Fall Review

Can you workout with Blaston? Is Blaston VR a Fitness Game?

Tennis 6 - Blaston VR Review

Yes. Blaston VR is definitely a fitness game. You will need to be constantly moving if you want to live. Think of Neo in the Matrix and that will be you. Duck, dodge and use your full 6 X 6 playspace area in order to win.

My fitness watch puts this in the category of Tennis. 6-8 Calories per min. I also found myself doing more squats than a round of Supernatural at the end of the day. To keep your heart rate up, jog in place between matches.

Does Blaston cause motion sickness?

NoMotionSickness e1614128840883 - Blaston VR ReviewThere is no in-game movement in the duels. Although you will use your 6 by 6 playspace to the maximum, you will physically be walking and moving around in that play space. You will not be teleporting or moving in the VR world.

If you go to the Ozo lounge there is teleportation movement, but this is not required at all as part of the game. Teleportation shouldn’t cause any motion sickness.

Because there is no in-game movement, Blaston VR should not cause motion sickness issues.

Final Thoughts On Blaston Review. Is Blaston Worth It? blaston screenshots 5 - Blaston VR Review

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