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Divide By Sheep Review
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Divide By Sheep Review – Indie Game

Start off cute, ends on deadly

Let’s get started on this Divide By Sheep Review.

What is Divide By Sheep?

Divide By Sheep is a math puzzler game about friendship and slicing sheep in half with lasers. The Grim Reaper has an evil plan to make some sheepy friends, who unfortunately need to be dead. He started a flood to bring the sheep under. It is your job to help the sheep that are stuck on small islands reach safety and escape.

Can you save your sheepy friends from the Grim Reapers plans?

Who Makes Divide By Sheep?

Divide By Sheep is made by developers Victor Solodilov and Denis Novikov who make up the company BreadTeam. They are two indie developers from the Ukraine who have both worked on some pretty major games from Tiny Build. Divide by Sheep is their own indie project.

Which Platforms is Divide By Sheep On?

Divide By Sheep is available on Steam, Apple App Store, and Google Play Store.

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Divide By Sheep Gameplay Review

Don’t let that “math puzzler” wording get you down. There is no addition, or subtraction numbers floating across the screen. Instead, the game is quite simple. You think.

Sheep are on platforms. Dancing about. You need to get them to the life raft. Not all platforms are created equal unfortunately and you need to get the RIGHT amount of sheep to the platform each time. That makes it a little trickier. The order then becomes important, as well as the various dark comedy death traps that the game releases as you advance through the levels.

Think wolves. Think lasers. Sheep With Laserbeam Walls. Krakens? What could possibly go wrong?

I quickly found myself hoping through levels hoping for the magic 3 stars, retrying when I didn’t get it. Sheep will drown and disintegrate. Things will die. They sacrifice themselves so their friends can go on. Time flew by from a game I expected to only check out for a few minutes. I do believe that is the point.  That background song will catch in your head too.

The artwork is really quite cute, but can quickly get quite disturbing. this game is actually pretty dark. Not for children in my opinion. The more you play the darker the comedy elements it throws at you. Starts off cute, Ends on deadly. 🙂


TForTeen - Divide By Sheep Review - Indie Game

Who Will Enjoy Playing Divide By Sheep?

There is no official rating on Divide By Sheep. There are some creepy themes, violence, and minor blood. I would expect it would be T for Teen. If you like puzzle games with cute graphics then you will like Divide By Sheep.

What Games are similar to Divide By Sheep?

Puzzle abound and cute graphics is what we get here, so some similar games would be Unpacking, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, and Arctictopia.

How long is Divide By Sheep?

There are currently over 120 puzzles available across 4 different worlds. Some puzzles will take you a few minutes, others a while with some taking me over 10 minutes to finish. There are easily 8 hours of gameplay here.

Comment to Win A Steam Copy Of Divide By Sheep

If you would like to get a free copy on Steam of Divide By Sheep, Leave a comment about sheep … anything to do with sheep... and I’ll pick one lucky winner. or you can purchase it right now on Steam – You’ll be addicted to this dark, sheep jumping fun in no time.

You can check out the official Youtube trailer here –

Final Thoughts On Divide By Sheep Review

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