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Azure Reflections Review

Bullets Everywhere and Kawaii Girls here and there

What the heck is Azure Reflections you are probably wondering huh? Remember Galaga and Raiden and many other games where you are dodging millions of bullets and shooting your target at the same time? Unties and the creators of Touhou Project work together to bring you Azure Reflections and this game can bring those memories back.

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Azure Reflections Review Gameplay

This anime bullet hell-based game without a doubt covers that experience. Azure Reflections takes you back to the world of the Touhou Girls who are from other previous titles like Rondo Bullet and Genso Wanderer and throws you into another manic shooter with this lovely crew. Who doesn’t love bullets everywhere and kawaii girls here and there?


The story is quite straightforward a mist surrounds the world and the only one who can possibly be the cause is at the Manor which you will be traveling to. Reimu (the first playable character and the Protagonist) heads to the Manor to find out the cause and put an end to this mist that can endanger the world. It appears you start with one character but you can unlock multiple ones. This game seems to have multiple endings as well depending on the performance and paths.

The bullet hell style in this game does have great mechanics. The rush mode makes it seem like a head-to-head clash and the cutscenes in the battles make it feel more intense than it is for example. This game keeps you on your toes though so don’t let that cute cast and a silly, simple story fool you.  The core activities of the game is never-ending and the patterns tend to change. If you never played a manic shooter, also known as a bullet hell game, Azure Reflections has the option to make the game more enjoyable for newcomers. Azure Reflections offers Easy Mode, Story Mode, and Hard Mode (which I will never touch haha) . With all these modes any level of gamer can hop into the game and not be held back from the content. There is also a very hefty accessory menu that lets you customize your characters in whatever way you see fit.

Azure Reflections adds plenty of content so that way the replayability is there. Each gameplay ends up being different. There are alternative endings, multiple characters and stories, and a large accessory shop that allows you to play Azure Reflections for quite some time. I myself as a perfectionist at times, love to unlock all the good juicy contents of the game because it makes me feel rewarded. As a big plus, each accessory and story adds to the result of the game.

If you haven’t checked out Azure reflections and have a little cash to blow the game is quite inexpensive. You will end up getting your money’s worth as you can play multiple times. Sadly, one thing I did dislike about Azure Reflections is that it is only a one-player game. Sometimes I would like a little backup, if I end up being shot at from different places and tons of bullets are headed towards me. It is a fun experience and I enjoyed playing it.

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Nevertheless, Azure Reflections does provide in the category of Bullet Hell games and is worth the experience. Azure Reflections review is out now in the PlayStation 4 Store and if you are a fan of the Touhou girls then definitely check it out, the characters will not disappoint and still remain the same cute, kawaii, silly cast as always. Great job Unties and Touhou Project the game was definitely a tough but fun ride.

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