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Mushroom Wars 2 Review
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Mushroom Wars 2 Review

No More Mr.Fungi

Mushroom Wars 2 is a mobile-based strategy game requiring wits, patience, understanding of your battlefield, oh and don’t forget your little mushroom buddies. The basis of the game is to conquer all who oppose you and take control of everything on the battlefield. If you ever played any games like Clash of Clans, or Warcraft 3 you will have a decent understanding of the concept and play style of the game. So, let’s break this cute Mushroom Wars 2 Review down.

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Campaign for Mushroom Wars 2

The Story of Mushroom Wars 2 is about how a peaceful kingdom was ransacked by an opposing threat. Many mushroom kingdoms were affected and now it is time for you to fight back. The campaign story provides many characters as you proceed through the levels. This mode helps give you a better understanding of how to play, also provides cool tips and tricks that can turn the tides for you in battle.

If you are new to this style of gameplay it is quite an easy pickup to just dive into battle with your mush-capped friends. The story doesn’t seem to have words, it tries to depict all the information through just visuals. The artwork is pretty and cute, but the pictures do help with understanding what is going on. As you continue throughout the story you go against bosses that are fun as well.

Mushroom wars 2 is created by Zillion Whales.

Multiplayer Shroom Battle

Mushroom Wars 2 focuses heavily on its multiplayer aspect more so than its campaign. This model provides you with multiple modes such as free for all, or team battles. It can get quite intense if you have no idea what you are doing so I suggest knocking in some campaign levels before facing people in multiplayer, player versus player. The multiplayer also has a ranking systems setup, so you can flaunt to your friends about how great of a mushroom you grew into. Other players won’t show any mercy I fought one of the best and she destroyed me so definitely get some practice in.

The characters in Mushroom Wars 2 are quite fun, and each comes with its own special abilities. Some can slow time, while others can resurrect a partial amount of their dead armies. You also get game-changing techniques that if done properly can quickly turn the battle in your favor. I suggest you play each character to test the skills out and read the effect to fully grasp the benefits of the skills. Multiplayer is great and yeah sometimes you can’t win them all, but the battles are intense and quick. 15 minutes for a longer one,  but usually less. There is no stress about being in a game for an hour. Let’s continue this mushroom wars 2 review.

Why on the Nintendo switch?

Mushroom Wars is on various platforms and mobile, so why play on the Switch?  I myself always prefer to play games on a console or pc, it displays the pictures and quality of the game more vividly than a phone ever would. Also having the controller to navigate and handle gameplay actions is great and comfortable. Sad you won’t be able to play with your friends on the phone version? Well, Mushroom Wars 2 is cross-platform. Meaning you can play with your friends on the mobile and on the switch so you won’t have to be separated from kicking some mushroom butt based on the console.

The Verdict

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