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Street Fighter V’s Getting Cinematics

13 days until the scene explodes with Street Fighter’s fifth canon fisticuffs sequel and producer Yoshinori Ono is already spilling beans. Street Fighter V’s getting cinematics. Last week, SFV was given a promising cinematic mode, downloadable this June as a free DLC. For years, fans young, old, legally binded, and utterly through passion, have been filling the gaps between the various titles. From Street Fighter to Third Strike, Assassin’s Fist, the two animes(one being REALLY good) , and several other forms of media are able to piece together some sort of tale. Alpha being the binder of Street Fighter and Street Fighter II. IV being something more of a sequel to II. And of course, III series being on its’ own. Ono, taking a cue from Mortal Kombat’s latest instalment, will look to bridge IV and III together with V. Horrible math on Capcom’s part, but follow him on this VentureBeat interview:

“The concept for Street Fighter V is to finally bring together the events that happened between Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter III.
In the timeline, it goes Alpha, then Street Fighter II, then Street Fighter IV, then Street Fighter III. We’ll bridge the gap between the events of IV and III in the timeline. That will finally close in all the gaps and create a nice, clear story across the board.”

— Ono

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The interview is entertaining and tells alot about the upcoming Street Fighter chapter. With longtime drawing Capcom vet, Bengus, back at the penwork, the prologues will look their damndest while the rest of the cinematics will be full motion. A step up from other Japanese fighters these days(Soul Calibur V’s 25% included). Quite the work, Capcom. UDON has still released comics based on the phenomenon as Ono compares the task to Star Wars’ storytelling. Especially for a console exclusive that just ushered in a new standard. Especially for the 2016 Evolution Championships, which now only serves V as the Street Fighter of choice this round. There’s an uproar amongst the community since Smash Bros and Tekken(kind of) has two spots. The competitive scene is finally getting a Street Fighter dedicated to them. Great news for those who kept up with Udon Comics’ run. It’s a treat especially for those guys from Capcom.

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Still, a great question to answer since Shadowloo and the Illuminati never really had a start or end in the Street Fighter tale. 10 years between almost all of those sub-series and a near what? 3 decade reign? There’s alot of questions to answer and history to cover. Does Gouken really die? Does Chun Li extract her revenge she needed since “last Tuesday”. The interview won’t pressure a Sony sale, but it’s pretty damn close to doing so with Street Fighter V’s imminent launch. I’m looking forward to this tale more than a first grader to a Robert Munsch bedtime tale.

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So, are you ready for Capcom’s Street Fighter V, coming out February 16th on the PlayStation 4 and PC? Cross console fighting never looked so good. Now, story included.

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