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The Raven VR Review – A great little VR Experience

For Edgar Allen Poe and poetry fans

Let’s get started on this The Raven VR Review.

What is The Raven VR?

The Raven VR is a movie experience and not a game. It isn’t even very interactive. It is a very beautiful reading of Edgar Allan Poe’s poem “The Raven”. You know that one you studied in high school and didn’t understand. 😉 Well, now you can watch it play out in all its horror in VR.

This is an experience that was released in August 2017. Does it still hold up?

Who created The Raven VR?

The Raven VR is created by Thomas Pasieka. He is a freelance developer who has worked on many different VR and 3D projects over the years. The Raven VR was actually a Patreon project!

Which VR Headsets is The Raven VR On?

You can play The Raven VR on Oculus Rift.

The Raven VR Review Experience

As mentioned The Raven VR is not a game, it is not even very interactive and that is completely OK but it will not appeal to everyone. For the rest of us…. as the developer puts it –

“Picture you are sitting in Edgar Allan Poe’s sitting room in December 1845.  It is late and the fire is crackling. Poe reads aloud his story “The Raven”.”

That is what you are experiencing in VR. With amazing original artworks, musical score, and spooky deep narration.

The narrator will read through the entire “The Raven” poem with great emphasis so that even those who didn’t pay attention in high school can gather what this classic poem is about. There are a few moments of animation and you are able to teleport to a few spots on the floor to take in the experience from a different angle.

Overall this is an early VR experience so there is not a whole lot to it. It would be nice if there were a few more things to interact with, but that wasn’t really what the developer was shooting for at the time.  He just wanted you to experience what it would be like hearing the classic poem “The Raven”.

It is very beautiful, sounds great and it is free!

Who Will Enjoy Playing The Raven VR?

The Raven VR is rated E for Everyone. This is a great experience for people looking for a beautiful and slightly spooky narrative experience in VR. It is for people who love poetry, Edgar Allan Poe, and those who are just looking for a neat experience to show people new to VR.

What Experiences are similar to The Raven VR?

The Raven VR is similar to Abe VR, Madrid Noir, and Night of Living Dead VR. These are all mostly minimal interactive experiences that are beautiful to watch. Some have more interaction than others like Madrid Noir.


How long is The Raven VR?

The Raven VR is about 12 minutes from the start of the poem to the end.

Can you play The Raven VR Sitting Down?

Yes! The Raven VR can easily be played sitting down as there is next to no in-game movement. I would say that seated is the preferred way to play this. You can also play it standing. You do not need a large play space or room movement.

Does The Raven VR cause motion sickness?

You play The Raven VR in a completely stationary environment. There is the ability to teleport to various spots on the floor but otherwise, there is ZERO in-game movement. This is a great game for people new to VR to get comfortable with the experience.

The Raven VR should not cause any motion sickness issues.

Final Thoughts On The Raven VR Review. Is The Raven VR Worth It?

Yes, It is worth it! It is FREE so all you are investing is 12 minutes of your time to watch the haunting experience.

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