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Shazam! Review A hilarious triumph for DC

George Sartiano
Shazam! (2019) Bar: Set pretty low.  This is a DC movie after all. Expectations: Shazam! killed it. One-Liner: I don’t think that I will see a more fun movie all year. Background: Shazam is really a pretty old character.  He was originally introduced in Fawcett Comics in the 1940s.  Since then, the character’s rights have been transferred to DC.  Over the years, there have been a few lawsuits over him concerning copyright infringement with Superman,......
Video Games

How does CW’s Black Lightning TV Show Stack Up?

Kevin Kelly
Jefferson Pierce has done what many super heroes surmise as a Herculean task to accomplish. After his first goal was met, his surroundings took more of a stance for peace, allowing him to undertake such an endeavor. That is, until his family became victims of a whimper of a time long past. With several clues, blantant hints, and a city to protect yet again, Black Lightning rolls out once again out of the very thing......

Delivered! Villains 2 Loot Crate August 2015

Benedict Corpuz
Villains 2 Loot Crate August 2015 Delivered! It seems like only yesterday that I got my last delivery. This month’s Loot Crate theme, Villains 2, is a sequel to last years popular Villains crate. I was excited upon hearing Villains 2. Heroes 2 was a pretty good sequel crate last month. This is a crate I really looked forward to. Video Unboxing! The Villains 2 Loot Crate came with a bunch of cool stuff inside.......