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Review – Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty: The Resistance

The Star Wars hype has yet to die down (has it ever, though?), and what better way to keep it up than with another geek-tacular (this should be a real word) Smuggler’s Bounty review! So, what exactly is Smuggler’s Bounty? Glad you asked! This is a bi-monthly subscription box in collaboration between the Star Wars franchise and Funko, with each one containing a bunch of exclusive items! These items are available only through this subscription.The contents of this second box revolves around The Resistance. From the reviews I’ve read following its release, all recipients got the exact same items, unlike the first which contained variations on the shirts and Pop! figures. The only exception for this one was the t-shirt, which came in 4 colors.


star wars smugglers bounty the resistance

What’s inside? (starting clockwise from left)

Pop! The Force Awakens t-shirt – Got this in black (My favorite color. Darth Vader would be proud.) I’ve been very pleased with the quality of the shirts with these boxes. Of course, I wouldn’t want to expect anything less. Adding this one to my growing arsenal of Con-friendly gear.

Pop! C-3PO ceramic mug – “If only you’d attached my legs, I wouldn’t be in this ridiculous position.” No, buddy! Your current position is a kick a** mug. Deal with it. Now to have this hold either my hot beverage or my pen collection? That is the question.

Pop! Flocked Chewbacca vinyl bobble-head – Punch it, Chewie! I honestly think this is how all his figures should be presented. Very nice detail on this on, and it’s fuzzy. Enough said.

Poe Dameron pin – Because an excellent Starfighter commander deserves some recognition. Now if only I could find his jacket…

BB-8 patch – I would have definitely been disappointed if I didn’t see anything in this box that had TFA’s featured droid. The patch has very nice detail. Who knew he was so photogenic?

Having a wearable, household item, and collectible added a little more versatility to this theme, which I liked. I have yet to use either of the shirts that I’ve received, but surely they will be worn in the near future. Overall, this box earns a solid 5/5 review from me. How can anyone not like what came in this box?! Call me biased if you will, but although the Dark side intrigues me, I’m all for #TeamResistance. The third box in the series will release in March, and its theme will be Cantina. Looking forward to receiving this one. Stay tuned for the review!

Feel free to also check out my post on what came with their first box. And if you’re interested in subscribing for the next one, you can visit their site here.

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