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Star Wars Ice Cube Mold Review

Death Star Ice Cube Mold Review

May the cold force be with you.

Today we have the super functional and neat Death Star Ice Cube Mold Review for you!

Who makes Death Star Ice Cube Mold?

There are several different companies on Amazon that make the Dearth Star Ice mold. They all look about the same quality and level. Some come with extra funnels to help you pour liquid into the mold. You can choose based on your preferred price, the amount you need, and extras like funnels.

Death Star Ice Cube Mold Specifications

Each mold will split in half. Inside the mold is the pattern of the Death star. There will be a small notch on the inside of the top, so when you close the mold make sure that lines up with the bottom. Then you will simply fill with water from the hole in the top of the ice cube mold. You need to leave a small amount of room at the top for the ice to expand into. It should be about 90% full.  You can pour a little bit of water out if you need to. If you fill it too full the halves will expand and you will get a bad result.

Then place the Death star Ice mold in the freezer overnight. It should freeze into a sold ball. When you are ready to use the Ice mold, simply run some warm water over the outside of the mold. The sections should easily come apart. You can also use this mold for chocolate or gelatin. Death mold jello shots anyone? 🙂

Screenshot 2021 08 19T132912.723 - Death Star Ice Cube Mold Review

Death Star Ice Cube Mold Review

The Death Star ice cube mold does what you want it to do. Create a large ice cube in the shape of the death star. Depending on how the ice freezes, you may have several cracks or bumps in your finished product.  Overall, the Ice cube is large and looks great in a glass with some whiskey or scotch. It will melt pretty rapidly on the outside and the markings will disappear, but you will be left with a large solid ice cube after the effect has been shown.

220px Death star1 - Death Star Ice Cube Mold Review

What is the Death Star?

The Death star is from the fictional movie, Star Wars. It was an absolutely massive space station that was armed with a planet-destroying super laser.  It is a moon-sized space station, but because of this laser, it has the ability to destroy a planet. It was supposed to be 120km wide!

You can see the Death Star in the 1977 Star Wars film. The Second death star appears in Return of the Jedi and was even larger than the first. Both Death Stars were built by the Empire.

Most people are aware of the Death star and it has become a symbol of the Star Wars franchise. Many other fiction stories have since borrowed the idea of the Death Star from Star Wars and showcase similar weapons in their universe.

Final Thoughts on Death Star Ice Cube Mold Review

For fans of Star Wars movies, a death star ice cube is a no-brainer. It is an immediately recognizable icon that most people will enjoy. There will be some lines, bubbles, and cracks in the finished product, so do not expect perfection. It will also melt in your glass pretty quickly, so make sure you get the camera ready quickly to take your photo 🙂 It still makes a fun ice cube that is easy to make and can be reused many times.

It also looks much more detailed in chocolate or gelatin than the clear white-on-white ice mold. You could also try adding a small amount of food coloring to the ice mold to get more colored results.

It is a great conversation piece for any Star Wars party, social gathering with friends, or just a quirky fun use at home by yourself.

The device sells for roughly $7-$21 on Amazon, depending on which model, amount, and accessories you want. Click here to buy it on Amazon. 

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