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Rogue One and The Death Star Review

Journey to the Dark Side in The Death Star (shipped in September) and get acquainted with Rogue One (shipped in November). These are the 6th and 7th installments of the Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty subscription.


Smuggler’s Bounty – What’s In It?

– Subscribers receive exclusive Star Wars merchandise delivered to their door every 2 months.

– Boxes contain merchandise with a total value of $50.

– Ships throughout the US and internationally.


Inside The Death Star:

The Death Star crate

Darth Vader patch – Who better to represent this box than Luke’s father himself? He’s featured three times, starting with this awesome patch.

Darth Vader Bespin Pop! figure – In homage to the battle fought with Luke prior to him spilling the beans that they are in fact related, Vader strikes a signature pose in this figure.

Death Star luggage tag – This is the first ever travel item that Funko has created. I’d say keep a good eye on this if you actually plan to use it, as  The Force may be used to take it away. Why? Because it looks pretty darn cool.

Grand Moff Tarkin Pop! figure – One of the first Pop! figures to deviate head shape, the sunken cheeks were added to look similar to how the character appeared on film. The end result is an excellent creation of the mastermind behind Alderaan’s unfortunate destruction.

Sith versus Jedi tee – One final appearance for Vader, this time depicting his famous lightsaber battle with Obi-Wan Kenobi. Wear it and have your friends figure out which side you’re really on.

Inside Rogue One:

I was excited to receive this prior to watching the movie, which is now playing. Do so if you haven’t already. This was a great introduction to some of the characters in the movie, and also features a new figure concept for Funko.

Cassian Andor patch – This serves as a nice presentation for this Rebel Alliance officer and one of the key characters in the film.

Darth Vader Mini Hikari figure – Lord Vader appears in this box for a reason (no spoilers here), mainly because this is the first mini figure of this type to ever be featured in the Smuggler’s Bounty subscription. Each subscriber received this in one of 5 colors. I was lucky enough to get the black one. I also have to mention that it’s glittery. Not something you’d expect from the Dark Lord of the Sith, but it works for a Hikari figure.

Imperial Death Trooper Pop! figure – This exclusive figure features the trooper in a unique pose. Lots of detail on this one with special attention paid to the ammunition belt with explosives.

Jyn Erso Pop! figure – The movie’s main character earns her rightful place as a collectible. Decked out in the gear worn during her mission for the Rebel Alliance, this is another Smuggler’s Bounty exclusive.

K-2SO enamel pin – An Imperial enforcer droid reprogrammed by Cassian Andor, this character might be one you’ll like if you have or plan to watch the movie. Or at least you’ll like it enough to want to wear this afterward.

Rogue One tee – I made the mistake of not wearing this to the theater (D’oh!). I seriously love how they depict the movie posters with these guys in their toy form.


Options for this subscription are either bi-monthly ($25 USD + tax and shipping) or yearly ($150 USD + tax and shipping). Be sure to check out the Smuggler’s Bounty website for a look at their past boxes and get a sneak peek of their January box The Empire Strikes Back, featuring an exclusive Deluxe Pop! figure.

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