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DSC3505 - Should you Go To Penny Arcade Expo (PAX)?

Should you Go To Penny Arcade Expo (PAX)?

PAX east and the other PAX conventions!

The world of gaming has increased exponentially with technology, bringing new ideas and opening the eyes of many other people to new ways of living and entertainment. Video Games has existed since the 70s and as the ages passed video games grew. Games have been created and developed over the years providing entertainment with amazing and realistic visuals and jaw-dropping stories. It has been hard to keep up with how many games are being developed and released. The question most people ask is  

How can I know about new games in a better way?!

Sure there are magazines which tell you a very detailed version of what is to come from the newest game lineup; but why not go check it out for yourself? This method has been possible thanks to Penny Arcade Expo, also known as Pax, this Expo convention has been up ever since 2004 and has only grown to be a bigger success than ever! PAX East and the other PAX conventions offer everything known nerd/geek culture which will include gaming tabletop board games, mobile games, card games, video games and etc. Penny Arcade Expo is located in more places now but was originally born in Seattle, Washington. Penny Arcade Expo can now also found in Boston, Massachusetts, San Antonio, Texas, Melbourne, Vic in Australia.  There are more opportunities for PAX coming in the future.

What is PAX?

Penny Arcade Expo is an exposition hall convention that offers many of its attendees the chance to see and test new games. Games that are introduced are of such variety between the big box showcase names like Sony and Nintendo or even from new developers and solo entrepreneurs that created new games which are called indie games. Indie games are currently growing within the gaming community and offer amazing potential. Penny Arcade Expo also offers tabletop board games and even the ideas for new ones. This gives a chance to check out what ideas are coming up and what ideas are no longer available. Gaming wise Penny Arcade Expo variety of games are displayed by the exhibitors which are from a long list of names, for example, being Blizzard, Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Gearbox and much much more. Penny Arcade Expo allows the opportunity to test these new games before release. Special events, discounts on products, and event only exclusive items that you can only purchase or obtain there makes the factor of attending these conventions sometimes a must. There are even collectible pins called Pinny Arcade pins which I collect even myself. These pins are actually quite addictive and these pins are made of outstanding quality which also helps the community trade within itself strengthing the nerd community. PAX is different every year and at every location giving the experience of each one a different and exciting result. There are currently five different PAX Conventions that exist and each one offers something that other one does not!

PAX Sounds cool I want to go!

Sometimes getting to any PAX can be quite difficult depending on your location. It is best to see if you could obtain tickets to the closest convention near you. If you don’t mind flying overseas or different states then try whichever PAX event is best in your interest. I recommend PAX West as it is the original PAX location and from experience was offered more at that convention. Sure each one is different and every year is different but without a doubt every time it I went to PAX West it was the best one for me. Getting PAX tickets are quite difficult and a lot of people don’t know the simple and less stressful way to obtain these either. Well, do not worry because here I will list a secret technique that I have used for years. I highly recommend following PAX on Twitter which is where they usually announce their ticket sales to and when they are up right away. There’s also another way to obtain these tickets and to obtain a fair amount of two tickets for yourself and friend. ClubPA is where you can also easily get the tickets with an email notification but it is at a cost a six-month fee of $30. You will get a private email which allows you to purchase two PAX tickets to whichever convention is starting soon.  This no stress method has been my way of making sure I go to PAX every year. I will post the links to both the Twitter, and Club PA through here and the official Pax website as well in the next sentence. ClubPA:, Twitter:, and the Main Pax Site:

Why should I go to pax?

There are many reasons to go to Pax and if you do not go you will miss out packs offers the ability to play most of these games before they even come out it could be months or even years while these games are in development but you get to try them before anyone else also there are exclusive party streamers as well as famous Gamers even a sports gamers and you can’t pass that up and the chance to see new board games new games and you any games sometimes you can even purchase some of these games before they are even announced Pax gives you the opportunity to be the true gamer you are and explore to your heart’s content sometimes packs and so quickly and you feel like you haven’t done enough but there’s just so much to do can be hectic so it’s best to always plan ahead even a day ahead that way you know what you game plan and what you really want it to focus on.


How can I be ready for PAX?

Sometimes getting ready for these conventions can be a hassle but PAX makes it simple in a way where everything is in within itself. I recommend you to go to the office PAX website as listed above which will mention all the available PAX conventions for the year. When you head to PAX I strongly urge you to plan your day according to the planner received upon getting your ticket as this can help aid you in see everything you wish to do. Best to also check the Twitter and always pay attention to which convention is next and check your Twitter frequently or have notifications specifically from PAX Twitter that way you know when to purchase tickets. Hotels is within the Pax site itself as well giving it an easy 1-2-3 purchase right after you purchase your tickets. If you are interested in adventure and learning about new games, technology, and other nerdy stuff I recommend to check PAX at least once in your lifetime!

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